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For many who want to know the secret laws of receiving from God, this ministration of Rev Fr Ejike Camillus Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria , has the answer; Read on and uncover this secret from this power packed message:
“THE WORD OF God says in 2nd Corinthians 9:6 “Remember this, He who sow sparingly and grudgingly will also reap sparingly and grudgingly, and he who sow generously, that blessing may come to him who will also reap generously and with blessings”. As we preach this message titled, divine provisions and multiplication, may it please you oh Lord to bless with heavenly blessing and provisions, those who are Listening to this and may the power of multiplication come upon any blessing that you will receive in Jesus name.
If you want to be great, if you want to be prosperous, if you want to be a king and you don’t know how to give, that cannot be possible. It is only in the house of Satan that such is possible. In this house of God, this is one of the secret of greatness; if you give sparingly you will receive sparingly. When you are given you should give. There is no body that doesn’t have what to give. There are different levels of giving but the important point is that if you give sparingly and grudgingly, that spirit that brings what you will receive will bring it sparingly and grudgingly. The perfect giver is God himself. In Proverb 10:22 the bible says that the gift of God makes one rich and adds no sorrow. You are not the owner of that thing you are giving. It is what God gave you that you are giving. That thing you think you have that is making you to become proud, arrogant and rude and you are using to deal with the widows, the poor and the orphans thinking that you are all and all, once God tells you “pens up” that is the end of you. You do not have anything, God has everything. In Acts 17:25 the Bible says, it is God” who gives us life air and everything.”
I pray that within the context of this message, the Lord will impart in us, the spirit of giving generously without grudging so that we can reap generously and flamboyantly. You are not a Christian until you learn how to give because in John 3:10, God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son. So, the first giver and the highest giver is God who donated His only son to die for us that whoever believeth in Him shall not perish but shall have eternal life. Be a cheerful giver.
How can you sow grudgingly? One may ask. You can give grudgingly by murmuring while you are giving. For instance when you give someone a cloth and you see the person dancing you will begin to mutter to the hearing of on lookers saying “that man or lady should be careful with the way he or she is dancing so as not to spoil that cloth gave him or her”. Or you may say to the hearing of everyone that the person you gave shoe should be careful because if the shoe spoils you wouldn’t be able to give him or her one. Who gave you the strength for such an advertisement?
How do you sow sparing? You can sow sparingly by giving out little and little. When you sow a gain of maize, don’t expect to reap a mango or pear. You can’t sow a maize and expect to harvest a palm bunch. You can’t buy a hen and after the hen had laid eggs, during the hatching process, you will be expecting an elephant to emerge from the egg of the hen. It is not a natural or zoological possibility. The divine law is “What you sow is what you reap” Gal 6:7.
The bible says that as the earth remained, there must be a planting season and a reaping season, Gen 8:22. What will then happen when you sow generously? My bible says “If you sow generously that blessing will come to someone….”This qualification “that blessing will come to someone” is important because nowadays some people go to native doctor to get something which they would put in what they would give you so that it will cause trouble to the person they would give it to as a gift. That is not the kind of giving that we are talking about here, we are talking of giving with a clean heart. Give according to the measure of what you have. If you are a poultry farmer, use the chicken while giving don’t go to the bush and begin to look for a grasshopper that you will catch and give to a poor person. When you cook delicious rice garnished with salad and meat, you will reserve for your children while you will give your domestic servants the rice that was cooked some days ago that is undergoing fermentation. And you call yourself a Christian? Repent.
My bible says, “If you sow generously that blessing will come to someone, you will reap generously and with blessings”. Note that the bible didn’t say that what will come to you is “blessing” the bible says is “blessings”.
Go to Psalm 145:16 and you will see how God gives. He is the giver per excellence. The word of God in that passage says “The eyes of all wait for you, looking, watching and expecting, and you give them food in due season”. There is no one who is a giver that believes in God that will die of hunger. John 6:35. Whoever believes in me shall never go hungry and who ever puts his trust on me shall never be thirsty.
In Mark 4:4 the bible says that the sower went out to sow, as he was sowing, some seed fell along the path and birds came and ate it up. I pray for those who are sowing seed in people’s life that the bird will not come to take it away. I stand in this verse and come against every picking bird, there is one they call anita in Ituku dialect. It usually perches around the wall where someone is about to die to utter its wield cry then people would know that someone is about to die. It is an ominous bird. Whether you pursue it or not, it has come and delivered its message. Wherever that bird that come to pick people’s life is , we command it to be devoured by Holy Ghost fire. God is going to provide something for you and if you are not careful the birds may come and devour it. Sometimes it can happen to a student. After all your studies in preparation for exam, the bird would come and pick your WAEC, NECO or JAMB result. We come against that bird that is picking your Mathematics, English or any subject with Holy Ghost fire. Sometime it may happen to a pregnant woman in form of miscarriage.
We come against any devouring birds around your families and our country. Look at the wealth of Nigeria for years, a country that was flowing with rich oil resources, selling one barrel over $140. But the devouring bird came inform of politicians and scavenged the wealth of the nation. They represent these satanic birds. Look at the effect now. Everybody is suffering it. The president doesn’t know where to start from. If this where a military regime, Nigerians will be smiling because Buhari will beat a drum on all of them and dance upon them. All of them would be imprisoned. Look at how they were joking with budget padding, making caricature with robbery and theft. Corruption has become a part and parcel of our culture.
You can be a devouring bird. Your local government Chairman can be a devouring bird, so can your councilor, legislator. The past leaders of this country could be devouring birds that devoured everything that could have been used to build the nation. No job opportunities. No diversification of our economy and resources. We went to a football match with only one player while others went with eleven players. Now that our lone player has a problem, the country is doomed. No matter how professional Messi may be, he can’t do it alone. I have observed that for those who stole our national wealth, God allowed each of them to have one or two hooligans in their families. That hooligan will be a drug addict, smoking cocaine and lavishing that money they think they have acquired. One of his children will just one day forge his father’s signature and carry his money. Money that is not made through righteous means are devoured by certain unrighteous things. You can’t do it alone. One missing wing can cause disaster.

Now I want to sow the seed of provisions. I come against all things that devour people’s blessings. The priest may be at the altar dishing out blessing and as the blessings are moving out, satanic birds and predators may be picking them. As the blessings of fertility may be coming down, a particular bird may come and be picking them. That is why ministers of God will make it a point of duty to pray against satanic predators, vultures, swindlers and every devouring demon before they begin to release blessings. These evil agents come to pick blessings at prayer arena. You may go for a healing prayer and when the healing comes to the prayer arena, the birds of the air from the satanic kingdom may come and begin to pick them. The blessings will come but the children of God may be too cold to receive them before the devourer devour them. So invoke the Holy Ghost fire upon every devourer in Jesus name.
Somebody prayed for you and told you that it shall be well with you but a particular demon perched upon that blessing and messed it up. This will not be your portion
And the Bible continues to talk of the seed of the sower that fell upon thorns and were choked up by the thorns. May all the thorns that are choking up your blessings be set ablaze now by the Holy Ghost fire.
There was some seeds that fell upon rocks and because it couldn’t find moisture it was scorched away. If you are a child of God that is in thorns or your blessing is in thorns, we pray for your deliverance in Jesus name.
In Luke 4:8 the bible says there was some seed that fell on the good soil. I want to sow seeds that will fall on the good soil. God loves a cheerful giver so the seed I am going to sow in your life now I am cheerful as I am doing it. I am going to sow joyously and generously. After sowing this seed before the end of this month, you shall join me to give testimonies.
And the Bible continues in verse 7. “Let each one give as he has made up his own mind and purposed in his heart, not reluctantly, not sorrowfully, not under compulsion; for God loves a cheerful giver. God loves, takes pleasure in, prices above other things and is unwilling to abandon or do without a cheerful, joyous and prompt-to-do-it giver whose heart is in his giving”
So once you have purposed in your heart to give abundant things, don’t grudge especially during bazaar and begin to think that you should give a little like other so that people will not think you are showing off. No. Give exceedingly as you have purposed. While others are contributing one kobo, if you have hundred naira, put it there. When you exceed others in giving to God, you will receive more exceedingly from God than others.
God cannot do without a cheerful giver. It is not just a giver but cheerful giver. Ask yourself what type of a giver are you? Are you a grudging giver or a stingy giver? Or are you a cheerful and generous giver? Why not today abide with this cheerful giving. Even if it is cheque that you are giving out to people, smile upon that cheque so that it shall be useful to that person.
When that poor person you are giving a gift agrees to accept it from you, thank God. There was a day I was passing through Abakailiki road in the night, I saw one mad person in a dustbin scattering things there and eating rubbish there. So I drove passed him and the Spirit of God told me to go back to him.
I reversed and came back to where he was and parked my car beside him. I brought some money and gave him. I was putting on mufti that day. He looked at what I was giving him and asked me “What is that?”I told him that it was money. He asked me, “How much is it? Use your hand to count the money and tell me how much it is”. So I counted the money, it was about three thousand naira. He asked me “So you think I don’t know that you are the Fr Mbaka? See, three thousand is all you are giving me. Go and add it up.”
I went back to the car, added two thousand naira to it making it five thousand naira. I took it back to him and he asked me how much is there. I told him it was five thousand. He asked me to wait for him to inquire if he would collect it from me. After sometimes he told me ‘Fr Mbaka, this thing you are giving me doesn’t fit you o. Add more.’ So I went back to my car and fortunately I saw a bundle of money and I called him and told him to take it. He told me that he wanted to discuss something with me. He was looking awful. The person that I was carrying in the car advised me that we should run away from there but I told him no. I went to the mad man and he told me to go and thank God that he accepted this money from me.
He told me that there is a big temptation that is coming to me and that if I had bypassed him, it would have been terrible for me. I asked him “who are you?” . He started laughing and told me, “you should know me now or do you just want to ask questions? Since I know you, you ought to know me as well”. At that stage my mind told me that this might not be a human being. As he spoke my body was filled with goose pimple. He told me that when I go home, I should start getting prepared because I am going to be relocated soon from that place I was living. By then, I have never had any information about the last posting or transfer of priest in this diocese. He told me that attacks are coming to me but that he is moving to go and share that money I gave him to those that will work with him.
I didn’t know whom he was. So I asked him when shall we see again? He told me that whenever I like we can see again. I asked him can we see the following day being Sunday. He said if I want of course. I told him okay can you see me after mass that Sunday in the church? He replied me that if we didn’t see in the church we shall meet that place they are going to relocate me. I went home that night and began to think about what the man told me.
One week later under the Ebeno tunnel, I met another mad person lying down there. I hooted my horn to him but he refused to stand up. I alighted from the car and went and tapped him. He asked me “what is that?” Unlike the first one I encountered who was lanky; this one was plump and huge. I told him take this money and feed today. He asked me “Do I look like someone that is hungry? That one you gave to us last time, we are still working with it”. He told me keep it up. I pleaded with him to accept the money but he told me to go back into my car that he was coming after. He came to my car and told me that he has come to pray for me. He told me that I used to pray for other but now, I need to be prayed for more than others. And he began to pray for me, for God to protect me, that the God of the poor will not allow a scratch near me. That they want me to be put to shame but the God of the poor people will not allow me to be put to shame. He started crying as he prayed and told me to go and it shall be well with me. I didn’t know whom he was.
Some of us do charity only to those we know. You count out anyone you don’t know among the list of those you would help. That is wrong. Whenever you are giving, have the mind of God blessing to that person through your gift.
It is our duty to sow generously. God needs that person that will be smiling as he is giving. Even if its zonal levy that you are paying, you shouldn’t do it grudgingly. Any one that you cannot give with cheers is a waste. In 2nd Corinthians 9:8, the Bible says that God is able to make all grace, every favour and earthy blessings come to you in abundance. This promise is for those who are giving generously. I bless your hands with which you are sowing, that your seed shall not be devoured by the devouring bird. Neither the cotyledon shall not be attacked ferociously. God will protect your seed from attack that they will grow and bears seeds in abundance in Jesus name. Psalm 126 says, they go out, they go out full of sorrow, they come back they come back full of cheers. What you sowed in your child that you trained, you shall reap in several proportions in Jesus name. I can see blessings coming to you, moving in procession. The pattern of your sowing determines the manner of receiving

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