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For those who are inquisitive to know the secret of the power of Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, the rare opportunity is here. AMEN Super News beams its investigative searchlight on this very crucial aspect of the life of Fr. Mbaka and here serves our avid readers with the insight he gave us in this regard. He gave a revelation of his secrets and anchored on the Power in the Eucharist as the ultimate: Excerpts:


“God’s promise in Deut 11:12 led me to this secret. God said ‘the Land where I give you is where my presence will abide and remain from the beginning of the year to the end of the year’. The first music God taught me in this my musical gift when I was in Primary two, is a music of invocation of Divine Presence. In Luke 24:29, when Jesus rose from the dead the people of Emmaus saw Him and filled with glory, but they don’t know whom He was.  When He wanted to leave they asked Him to abide in them. The Bible says He went and stayed with them.

“There is a great secret power in lifting our hands to God and praying to God to come and abide with us. I tell you that this your ugly situation will disappear if God is with you. We will wear glory as cloth when He comes from heaven. I join my hand with you and decree that you receive the presence of God. All we need is divine presence. In Mathew 28:20 Jesus said: “I will be with you always till the end of time”. When God told Moses to go for a mission, in Exodus 33, Moses said, Lord, I cannot go unless your presence will go with me. And God told him, I will go with you. The presence of God in my life is the secret of my power. The Presence of God in the adoration Ministry is the secret of the miracles in the ministry.

Jesus went and abided with Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus in the grave was raised back to life. When He was with the Centurion by His words, his servant was healed. When He were with the woman with issue of blood she was healed. When he was with the cripple at the Pool of Bethsaida, he began to walk. Psalm 16:11 says, ‘You will show me his path that leads to life”. In God’s presence there is fullness of Joy’.

Whatever you are passing through when God is with you, you will have a miracle for testimony. God, was with Hannah and she begot Samuel. God was with Elizabeth and she begot John the Baptist, God was with Ruth and she begot Obed, God was with Sarah and she gave birth to Isaac. God was with Rebecca and she begot twins, Esau and Jacob.

There is a secret power in 2nd Corinthians 3:18, where it is written that all of us who stay in His presence and gaze  on to Him without covering our faces with veil are constantly  transformed from one glory to another glory until we become like Him whom we behold. If God is with you, you have gotten all you need in your life; for one with God is majority. All those who did exploit in the Bible, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, etc all did so because God was with them.  The presence of God in my life is the secret of my power.


Something happened in the Bible that touched my life. Each time I go through 2nd Chronicle 20:2. When the Ammonites and other enemies from many countries came to fight one city, the Israelite were panicking and panting, Jehosphat gathered his praise team and told them to start praises of thanks to God.  They started to thank God in praises for his good works; non of them asked God to come and fight for them, they just started praising God for his good deeds and grace upon them. Immediately they began their praises and the instrumentalists began to use their instruments of praise to praise God, the heaven went into action. God laid ambush for the enemies and did what is called self- slaughter. The enemies began to kill one another. Now there is a secret power in praises to God , that is my secret.  It was the secret Paul and Barnabas applied when they were locked up in the prison. The Bible says that they sang and praised God to the hearing of other prisoners. That praise attracted the divine presence and the Angel of God came broke the prison bars.


“Prayer can Change everything; there is no condition prayer cannot change.  One of my musical album says “Prayer ooo Prayer, Payer ooo prayer, might divine power prayer, prayer is my power prayer. “In Mathew 7: 7 the Bible says ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened for you. In Jeremiah 33:3 God said call upon me and I shall answer you. Amplified version puts it this way “Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, fenced in and hidden which you do not know (do not distinguish and recognize, have knowledge of and understand) ” . Your own condition will be changed with prayer. You will have to pray to the extent that you will begin to emit the fragrance of prayer and aroma of heaven. You will not be the one living but the spirit of God will be dwelling in you. Even when you groan, Romans 8:26 says, the Spirit of God will understand your groaning. Even when you raise your hand, your hand will be a hand of prayer.  In Joshua 1:3 wherever you set your feet shall become God’s own. When you shake your cloth like Paul’s handkerchief, anyone who touches it will receive healing. Your shadow will be a shadow of prayer like that of Peter; when Peter passed by, and his shadow touches the sick, he will be healed.


“When you look at the Apostles of Jesus, they will always spend not less than three hours in Chain prayers. See how Jesus while in Gethsemane entered into his own prayer. Jesus is a man of prayer. In Luke chapter 4 he started his ministry through prayer. Before he overcame the temptation of the devil, to turn stone into bread, jump down from the synagogue and worship the devil, he was in prayer and fasting. Without prayer, you cannot conquer any temptation. A person of prayer is a victorious person. It is at that point when you are in prayer that Zeph 3:14 tells you “Daughter of Zion, rejoice and sing” and Zechariah 9:9 tells you “for your king is coming home, victoriously and triumphantly.” When you are in prayer you daughter of Zion, victory shall be yours. Esther saved the Jews with prayer; you are a woman like her. What has happened to your own prayer power? You spend all your time chewing gum and looking after your hairs and fingers.

“The time you spent in sending text messages, the time you spent in pinging with your phone, the time you spend on face book, Whatsapp, twitter and 2 go, where your  hand is on your phone 24hours, spend it in prayers and you will be surprised to know what you are losing. There is a level you are supposed to be by now if you have the prayer strength.  Change your prayer pattern and change your level.  That is my secret.  ‘I must take my breakfast, I must take my lunch, I must take my dinner’, are you into a covenant with food?  The more you eat, the lazier you become. Go and watch anyone that is great; the great ones are not gluttons.  In Matthew 17, when Jesus was with his disciples, the disciples wanted to cast out demon and the demon refused to flee. They must have been praying and shouting, “I cast you out in Jesus name” but the demon refused to go out. The man who was possessed by the demon just kept gazing at them while they prayed. In the end, that possessed man was led to Jesus and Jesus, with the prayer power in him, cast out the demon. Then the Apostles asked him why were we not able to cast the demon out? And Jesus replied them in Matthew 17:21 that this kind of demon cannot be cast out except by prayer and fasting.

It is possible that that type of husband you want will not come except by prayer and fasting. Use prayer and find that good husband.    It is not when any passerby tells you “I love you, will you come to see me at Abakpa?” You will reply him “when do you want me to come?” And when he tells you he wants you to come next week you would tell him you are available today and even now.  Another passerby will tell you “let’s go to Shoprite” and you will begin to trip, “E-E Shoprite?” He will take you there and give you rice of maggi, half cooked rice, and when you come out you will start telling your friend, “do you know he took me to Shoprite?” Do you see the level you are because you are not a person of prayer? Anyone who is not a prayerful person is a carnal person; the devil can snuff you out. Let your prayer level hike up in Jesus name.

People of prayer are on the mountain, they cannot come down. After Jesus had performed the miracle of multiplication in Mathew 14, the multitudes were filled up and there were left over. He dismissed them and when the multitude had gone and even his disciple boarded a boat as they departed, in Mathew 14: 23, Jesus climbed up to the mountain and went into prayers. Now go into prayers. Are you preparing for exams?  Go into prayers. Are you preparing for Ordination? Go into prayers. Even after you have been ordained, go into prayers. Do you want to marry? Go into prayers. Do you want to do any business? Go into prayers. Do you want to build a house?  Go into prayers. Are you pregnant?  Go into prayers. Are you looking for a child? Go into prayers. Are you looking for employment? Go into prayers. Are you married, employed or through with child bearing? Go into prayers.

They said you will not build a house and now you have started to build the house, go into prayers. That is why the Bible says in Zechariah 4:9 “Go and tell Zerubbabel, because your hand has laid on the foundation, you shall finish it. It is prayer that you will use to finish the house. Even after you have finished the house, go into prayers because it is one thing to build and another to inhabit the house because Isaiah 65:21 says that he that builds a house shall inhabit in it. You shall not build and another person shall chase you away and go and live there. Death will not chase you away and live in that house. Your corpse shall not inhabit the house; rather you shall be alive and live in the house you have built.


In Job 1, the Bible says that the Devil went to the face of God and prayed to God that he may go and destroy the house of Job. Devil praying to God? Do you know if there is devil praying to God for the destruction of your own family? The Bible did not tell us what Job was doing at that time the devil was making that prayer upon his household, but my spirit is telling me that if Job himself was in prayer at that time,  if the devil prays that he wants this, Job himself will use prayer to counter it , that it will not happen. There was nobody cancelling the prayer of Satan. Who is cancelling the prayer of Satan for you? By then Jesus has not come, because at our time, Jesus is now at the right hand of God praying for us. Even as He is there we have to ask Him to receive. Remember that the Bible says whatever you ask in my name, I will do it for you. Occult people can ask, Satan can ask, if you like be silent and they will ask for what will happen to you.  In Mathew 8:31 after Jesus had cast our demon, they prayed to Jesus to allow them enter into swine and he answered their prayer by granting their request after which he destroyed them in the waters.


In Ezra 6:14, the Bible says because Zechariah the son of Iddo and Haggai were prophesying, people were able to build and prosper.  There must be people who are at work in praying and prophesy during the time of building and after the building. There is a prayer for building and there is a prayer for inhabiting the house, the prayer of protection that is the prayer of Psalm 91.  When the battle becomes fierce, you enter into the prayer of Psalm 35, “May God battle against those that battle against you?” When you need the spirit of life, you go to Psalm 21 where it was said that the King asked for life and life was given to him. When they gather to meet and persecute you, open Psalm 2 for them and tell them “why are the nations making noise, why are they gathering against the Lord’s anointed?” When they said they will not rest until they kill you, enter Psalm 34 where the Angel of the Lord will encamp around you. If you say you are poor, pray on with Psalm 34 and you will see where it is written that this poor man called and the Lord answered. If the spirit of death is determined to kill you, key into the prayer weapon of Psalm 118  and when you get to verse 17 begin to decree “I shall not die I shall live and recount the deeds of the Lord”. I bless your life, child of God, and command your prayer power to return.


Charity is one of the greatest secret of my power.  It is a Christian virtue with great reward. The Bible says in Heb 13:2 be kind to strangers for many has welcome angels unawares. In Mark 12:29 -30 The Bible says love your neighbour as you love yourself.  1st Cor 13;13  says that three things abide, love, hope and faith but the greatest is love which is charity.  Romans 13:8 says owe no man anything but to love for he who loves has fulfilled the law.

During the recent trying moment of this ministry as a result of the 31st night message that Good luck’s sit let another take, at that point when it was boiling, Charity was one of the weapons with which we fought the battle. Remember it was at the that time that we demonstrated charity to our brethren from who were displaced by the Boko Haram Insurgence at the North East, few days latter they ended in our favour as God vindicated us. Good luck lost his seat to Buhari. There is power in Charity. When the battle becomes fierce in your life, do charity and God will do the rest for you.


“It is shocking that many of us had prayed down our miracles but have not received our miracle. After you have prayed very well, fasted very well, something is still missing- Gratitude and appreciation- Jesus’ own method. The highest person that has prayed since the history of Humanity is Jesus. When you go to Matthew 14 when the Apostle said these people have stayed here for three days and they are famished, dismiss them, let them go. , Jesus told them no, ‘you give them something to eat’. In the end they gave him five loaves and two fishes, Jesus did something that touched me. In Mathew 14:19, he raised up the bread and said “Father I thank you,” after thanking God he blessed the bread and told them to share it. It is the power of ‘thank you’ that multiplied that bread. This is one the secret of my powers. If you want your money to be multiplied, that money you think is little money is not a little money, you have not thanked God over it.  You have not thanked God over that your cheque and over that your salary.  You are still complaining and grumbling that it is little. That little can turn into mighty if you can thank God over it. So thousands of people fed to their satisfaction and twelve baskets were left because they thanked God over five loaves and two fishes. If it is only one cloth you have, thank God over it, stop grumbling. That few result you have seen thank God over it. You are living in one room, thank God over it, you are still breathing have you thanked God for that your life? Anything you thank God over will multiply.


Joy is the secret of the prayer battle unto victory. In Nehemiah 8:10 the Bible says, “The joy of the Lord is my strength”. In Isaiah 12:3 he says “With joy we shall draw water from the well of salvation”. It is this type of joy that they call ‘rena’ in Hebrew. In Habakkuk 3:17 he says that no matter what happens, I will be joyful in the Lord. In Gal 5:22 the Bible says that the fruits of the Holy Spirit are love, joy…the one called Chara in Hebrew. When this joy is in you, whatever you are passing through shouldn’t matter to you and while you are joyful, you will attract the blessings and favour of God. Joy is one of the secret of my power. If the devil cannot steal your joy, it cannot steal your blessings.

When you begin to thank God with joy, your miracles will come faster. Don’t allow any body to annoy you.  Before you start thanking God, first of all count your blessings, you must remember one thing that will make you joyful, stand there and begin to thank and praise God. Count your blessing and thank God for them, your health, your wealth, your children, your office, your work, your promotions, your success, your eyes, your nose, your hand, all parts of your body that are complete, your house, your parents, your relative, your friends etc, thank God for all these.


“Prayer is what I am talking about, don’t be tired of praying.  You must be booking mass from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Power of the Mass has no equal. Eucharistic prayer is the ultimate because there we join Israelite to celebrate our pass over. There is power on the altar. Before the Israelites were able to come out of the land of Egypt; they had to celebrate their Passover. It was that night they immolated the lamb and killed the spotless lamb and marked the blood on their houses in Ex12:7. God said in Ex 12:13 “when I see the blood I will pass over you”. They stood in the spiritual altar of the Jews and performed the sacrifice after which they went inside and locked up their house and that night a mighty thing happened in Egypt; all the Egyptian firstborns died in one night by the power of the prayer Passover. It is that sacrifice that we perform in mass in the new Order. In the Eucharist, we celebrate the Passover lamb not of the old but Jesus the son of God. Jn1:29 call him the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the World. As you celebrate or participate in mass, you will hear the news that the forces of darkness that are pursuing you are no more. There is power on the altar of Passover; it is where Jesus is the Object of the sacrifice, the subject of the sacrifice and the Altar of the sacrifice, a mystery.

“There is power in the Eucharist.  The Blessed Sacrament is incomparable. Who is like Jesus in the Eucharist?  There is power in the body and blood of Jesus. Whether you believe it or not, the Eucharist is real. I am not here to describe oranalys the Eucharistic significance but want to communicate to you in a very simple way that Jesus Christ who in Acts 10:38 was anointed with Holy Ghost and power and because God was with him, he went about doing good, is still real. When in Matt 28:20 he says I will be with you always till the end of time. He has been with us, is with us and will continue to be with us in the various ways but spectacularly and significantly in the Eucharist.

“The Eucharist we celebrate is a sacrament. It is the sweetest and healthiest food in heaven and on earth.  We dogmatically believe in it and there is no doubt about it. There is no question about it whether Jesus is in the Eucharist.  Immediately the priest validly consecrates through the prayers of transubstantiation the bread on the altar, the bread will be no longer ordinary bread, but becomes the body and blood of Jesus Christ instantly. With our visible eyes and mind, we will be seeing ordinary bread but spiritually what we receive is the blood and body of Jesus from his head to his leg. It is a mystery.

“I want to minister to your faith. May you never be too familiarized with the Eucharist that you lose the impact, the meaningfulness and that significance of what the Eucharist connotes, implies and means for us.

“In psalm 116:13 the Bible says “I will raise the cup of my salvation and I will call on God’s name.” that is what the priest does when he lifts up the Challis of salvation. In psalm 130:7 the Bible says in him there is plenteous redemption, sozo or sotoria.  What the priest lifts up is the wine in the challis but after the prayers of transubstantiation, ‘Take this and drink, this is my blood, the blood of the new and everlasting covenant, it is shed for all men that sins be forgiven, do this in memory of me”. This is not the prayer of the priest that he constructs by himself. It is exactly the prayers of Jesus Christ that the priest is repeating. In this prayer of the Eucharist, the priest becomes an altar Christoscapito and we become the members of his body.  Since the head alone cannot exist without the chest, the heart and the legs we the congregations are all members of the sacrament.  You are Eucharistic members in deed

“What I am trying to say and define is that there is power in the Eucharist. If I go into the etymology excursions and the dogmatic dimension, one week might not be enough for us, so let me just preach it and bless you.

“The Catholic Church is a sacrificing church. The power in the Eucharist controls the whole universe. Within the context of space and time, the Eucharist becomes the magnetic point, the definitive point, the actualizing point and the point of meaningfulness and sustenance unto space and time. In the  Iris tine’s four dimension you cannot negate the mystical power of the Eucharistic, though invisible yet realistic and ever dynamic.   In the book of Luke 22:19, 20 21, 22, and in Matthews 26:26,27,28, we anchor on the prayers of Jesus during the last supper. He took the bread and broke it, gave thanks. The Eucharist becomes sacrament of thanksgiving, a sacrifice of praise. That is why in Heb 13:15 the Bible says, I will offer the Lord Sacrifice of praise. In Psalm 50:14, the Bible says I will offer to the Lord sacrifice of praise then I will call on the Lord. He will answer me and deliver me from all my troubles.  The deliverance from all trouble will come after the sacrifice of this Eucharistia. If you need deliverance, anchor in the power of the Eucharist and your salvation and deliverance will come.

“Then continuing Jesus said: “Take this all of you and eat it, this is my body”. Jesus did not say this is like my body. He says this is my body. It is the body of Jesus intoto. It is the body of Jesus in all ramifications. His eyes, nose, neck, hairs, brain, heart, liver, kidney, DNA molecules, hands, legs are all in it. This is for you to know that there is life in what you are receiving and you do not joke with it or trivialize it or reduce it to a level of no significance. By receiving the Eucharist, you are receiving the most Very Important Personality on earth.  What you are receiving is the bread of the angels,

“And he lifts the cup and gave thanks and said in Mathwe26:28 this is my blood, in Luke 22:20 he said this is my blood, the blood of the new covenant, everlasting covenant which will be shared for you and for all for the remission of sin, do this in memory of me.

“If you have ever committed sin, if your family ever committed sin, if your father or mother has ever committed sin, this is the blood that was shed for its remittance. In Mathew 1:21 the Bible says that his name shall be called Jesus because he will deliver his people from all their sins. He will save the people from their sins by the power in his blood by the fact of this Eucharist.  In Luke 23:36, when the blood of Jesus dropped on the ground, he cried and said in Luke 23:34, father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing. Corpus Christi means the body of Christ. That ancestral sin that has been in your family since the time of great grand fathers which they say is responsible for what is happening in your life now, the faith you have in the body and blood of Jesus will change that situation and wash that sin and your family. When the blood of Jesus dropped on the Calvary, it flowed to all the families, including your own family. That was why the entire ground shook. It flowed to your business areas and wherever you have your undertakings.

“The devil is afraid anytime this type of revelation is going on because it has in itself the revelation of the power that saved the vitiated universe. The power in the body and blood of Jesus has no end.  It is a salvivic power, it is an efficacious power, it is a vivacious power, it is a therapeutic power and it penetrates the veins and nerves and the nucleus of your family unto filtration and detoxification. In 1st Peter 1:18 -19, the Bible says that you were purchased not with anything priceless or polluted but with precious blood of Jesus Christ. In Col 1:14, this blood is called the blood of redemption. In Rev 1:5, it is the blood of redemption. In Col 1:20, the Blood in the Eucharist becomes the blood of the cross, so we are recapitulating what Jesus did on Calvary.

“It is a mystery. It has no philosophical or political or sociological or psychological explanation.  There is power in the Eucharist.  You can be here celebrating the Eucharist, and the power in the blood would move into battle for you at your family. Nobody can lock you spiritually once you are a Eucharistic child of God.  In Luke 24:29ff the Bible says that the apostle of Emmaus saw him after the resurrection and they never knew it was Jesus. They begged him to come and stay with them and he went and stayed with them. As he was with them, they gave him bread and he broke it after he had given thanks to God and he gave them the bread in verse 30-31; the Bibles says that at that point they recognized him at the breaking of the bread. The moment they shouted Jesus, He disappeared from there and appeared in Adoration Ground.

“All the miracles you see and you hear about in the Adoration Ministry, the Secret is the Eucharist.  Adoration Ministry is a Eucharistic ministry. It is the Eucharist that makes the lame to walk in the adoration ground. It is the Eucharist that makes the bind to see in the adoration ground.  I have being a witness to the dead being raised back to life in the adoration ground. The secret is the Eucharist. There is power in the Eucharist.  I am happy I am Eucharistic. It shall be well with you the Eucharist.

In Heb 13:8 Christ Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever.  He has not changed since he died. The same Jesus who was walking in the land of Nazareth doing miracles is the same Jesus on the altar as Eucharist. He is the same Jesus in the tabernacle as the Eucharist. When you receive the Eucharist, the Bible says in 1st John 4:4 Little Children fear not, you have overcome them for greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world. Any time you receive Jesus and he is inside you, you can go and conquer the occult forces, you can go and conquer the ancestral forces, you can go and bulldoze in the spiritual, you can go and excavate in the spiritual, you can go and begin to perform what God has ordained you to perform in John 14:12 when Jesus says the works I did you shall do and greater works you shall do because I go to my father.


Any time when I go to crusade and it appears the sick cannot be healed, I will lift the Eucharist up. Go and ask them what happened at St Cecelia in Los Angeles. The night I raised the Blessed Sacrament up, not less than three lame people lifted their wheel chairs. There is power in the Eucharist.  At my Crusade at Ogidi t came to a point when the native rain makers wanted to mess up the activities, the rain was already falling down, there was no shelter, everybody was scampering, I lifted the Blessed Sacrament up and told the rain “In the power of Him whom  am carrying up,  Stop,” and the rain stopped. There is power in the Eucharist.  Demons and occult forces are afraid of anybody who is in the Eucharist.

In the Eucharist there is power that is unfathomable, power that is indefatigable, power that is indestructible, Power that is indomitable, power that is vivacious, power that is ever dynamic, power that can damage anything the devil can do or has done in your Life.  You have the supreme power in the Eucharist. Amen.

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