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By Charles C. Opara and Bernice James
The Enugu State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID have arrested an 18 year old man, Mr. Joseph Ijeh from Aniocha Local Area of Delta State who allegedly smashed his employer’s head, a 65 year old mother and Grandmother, Mrs. Agnes Nneka Elue with a pestle has confessed to be a member of the Aiye confraternity.
It was gathered that Mrs Agnes Elue owns a shop (a joint) located at-number 293b Agbani Road by one day road, and that the dastardly act was allegedly committed by Joseph who has been living with her for years. Mrs. Elue on that fateful day confronted Joseph to give her the accurate amount made on sales for that day, and this provoked him. When the woman in her living room waiting for Joseph to render the account, Joseph took pestle from the kitchen and smashed her head. This allegedly caused the woman’s death. The suspect later dragged the woman’s body into one of the rooms, left it there, and after four days, the corpse was discovered and reported to the police.
Mrs Elue hails from Aniocha Local Government Area of Delta State, who lives at No.293B Agbani Road was a teacher with Federal Government College Enugu and a business woman.
An eyewitness, Mrs Ngozi Eze, who told Amen Super News that Joseph allegedly killed her employer with a pestle. She said that Mrs. Elue’s husband travelled when the crime was committed. She stated that Joseph started living with Mrs. Elue when Joseph was 10 years old; she took him as one of her children. She had five children, four boys and one girl, the only daughter lives in Port Harcourt, Rivers State while the other four live in USA. Mrs Eze also stated that “I am not happy how Joseph used pestle to kill Mrs. Elue who cared and took him as her son. The dead of Mrs. Elue is a shock to me.”She said. Mr. Raphael Okoh a mechanic around her house who heard the voice of the woman said that On Sunday 3rd May, 2015, Joseph was told to give an account of what he sold, he did not give the correct account because he removed N6,000 out of the money he gave to Mrs.Elue, she then demanded the N6,000, Joseph denied removing any money, she then took her shoe to beat him, Joseph then rushed to the kitchen, took the pestle, rushed back to her and used the pestle to smash her head and that led to her dead.
According to one of the neigbours, Mr. Yinka Oladeosu said, “Nwayi Maraogwu as we normally call her was a very good woman to me and to those that are around her.
In the morning of Wednesday 6th May, 2015 by 10am, I came up to see Mrs. Elue since I have not seen her for 4 days, I asked Joseph, where about of Mrs. Elue, that for 4 days I have not seen her, where did she go to? Joseph answered me that she traveled to Port Harcourt, Rivers State to see her daughter Florence, I saw her shoe in the living room, when ever she wants to travel, she puts all her things inside her room and lock it up with her key. The whole house was stinking as if a rat died in the house, I demanded to see her, but Joseph still insisted that she traveled to Port Harcourt. I suspected that something is wrong, I decided to call her cell phone number and it rang inside her car. When I asked Joseph what her phone was doing inside her car? He told me that she forgot it, he then decided to charge it for her.
I wanted to enter inside the visitor’s room that Joseph locked, where they foul smelling was coming out from, he refused me an entrance, then I have to call two of my friends to come up to Mrs. Elue’s flat, that something is wrong. When they came, I narrated what happened, they wanted to force the door open, I told them not to, we need to call the police and the husband to come.
I called the police and her husband, when the police came, they have to force the door open and behold Mrs. Elue was lying down dead on the bed covered with blanket. Police had to arrest Joseph and they took him to Police Divisional Headquarters Aukwunamad Enugu.”
Another eyewitness, Miss Ebere Okorie said “The dead of Nwayi Maragwu as we call her was horrible and terrible, Joseph sleeps with the Corpse in the flat, he is a real beast, he doesn’t need to live.”
Miss Florence Elue, Mrs Elue’s daughter, who was grieved over her mother’s dead said: “We never knew that Joseph is a beast and my prayer is that the Police should take the case to court. Sunday 11th May, my mother suppose to go to USA for Omugwo in my elder brother’s house.”
Activities of cultists in Nigeria have made the area restive; it has become an alarming situation, as no single week passes by without a cult clash in Nigeria. I am not happy over my mothers dead, it still look like a film to me,” she added.
The husband of Mrs. Elue said, “Joseph I took as my son, has disappointed me, I never knew he belongs to a confraternity. I see him as a young man whose future is bright, not knowing that he is a demon.
He commended his neigbours for sharing information with the Police. He lauded Enugu State Criminal Investigation Department, SEID, for their efforts at keeping criminals at bag and appealed to them to sustain their efforts.”
During the investigation, some items were recovered from Joseph, one cheque book belonging to Mrs. Elue, her 3 under wears and part of her hair, tied in a small black paper bag.
Joseph in his statement said “I started living with Mrs. Elue at the age of 10 years old; she was the one that trained me in Primary and Secondary School. After I completed my Secondary School, she told me that she will employ me, give me one room to live and help me to get admission into one of the colleges of Education.
I am a member of a group called the Aiye confraternity, I would not have killed Mrs. Elue, my master was attacking me to remind me that it was my turn to bring three female human heads for the ritual. My group called the Aiye (Black Axe) is considered the strongest across the country.
I was also instructed to bring along Mrs Elue’s 3 under wears and part of her hair. It was too rigorous for me, being into ritual. I was told if I don’t bring the three female heads, I will die since I know their secrets.
When I killed Mrs. Elue with a pestle, after we had misunderstanding over the money gotten from Sunday sales in her bear polour, she told me that, the money I gave her is not complete after she checked the goods sold, that N6,000 was missing in the money I gave her, she took her shoe, wanting to beat me, I rushed to the kitchen, took the pestle and rushed back to her and smash her head, when I realized that she was dead I drag her to the visitor’s room and locked her up there. I was instructed by my master to have sex with her corpse for five days and at the fifth day I should cut of her head and bring it to our meeting ground.
I only had sex with the corpse for 4 days from Sunday to Wednesday before I was arrested.
Removing the N6,000 from the sales was the only way I could kill her. After killing her, I had to visit one of her neigbours that lives in the same compound (upstairs) to demand for N2,000 which the woman said she did not have, so I tried to strangle her but the woman had to force herself out of my hand and used a stick on me, so I did not succeeded in killing her.
He also said that on April 28, 2015, he approached one of the female students who was on her way back from school in Agbani Road Enugu, asked her for friendship, and she accepted. The next day, we met in a hotel, I bought snacks and malt for her, I promised her that I will take care of her. After taken the snacks and malt, she follow me to our meeting place at Ituku, close to UNTH Enugu, where she was killed. I was told to bring two more female heads which will complete my requirements and the conditions given to me for me to be wealthy and rich.
My employer was the next target according to my master and that was why I killed her, because my employer in the spirit realm was very strong, the only way I can subdue her in the spirit realm is to have sex with her Corpse, for five days.
If that I succeeded in bringing the head of my employer to my group, I will have only one head to bring and after that the rituals will be conducted and I will be wealthy and rich within two months.”
The suspect who is now helping the police in their investigation confirmed committing the crime and attributed it the devil’s influence.
The Police Public Relation Officer, Mr. Ebere Amaraize confirmed the arrest and said that police is still investigating the matter.

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