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“It shall be showers of blessings of healing. Let the sick here receive their healing. Healing  eye problems, healing of incurable diseases, healing of infectious diseases. They shall be showers of blessing of healing of cancer, showers of blessings of healing of leukemia, showers of blessings of healings of all kinds, physical healings, spiritual healing, physio-psycho -pneumatic healing, even ecological healing.

Receive now the blessings of God.  In the book of Haggai 2:19, the Bible says from this day onwards I will bless you. May the Lord bless you from this day onwards. God says He has blessed you forever.

May you be blessed beyond your imaginations. Remain blessed. Let me tell you, you are blessed to bless. Look at  what the bible says concerning you in this season, because this is your season of blessing. In Psalm 133:3 he says ‘this God commands blessings and life to you’. They are twins, one is blessing the other in life. This is because many are blessed but do not have life, many have life but are not blessed. In your own case, you will have life and you will be blessed. Remember what He says in Psalm 128:5 that your blessing will come from Mountain Zion. This time around it is not going to come from just Obollor-Afor or Obollo-Eke, it is not just going to be a blessing coming from Ituku or from Amala or Amaelu, or from Ebonyi  or from the North so that if the Boko Haram disengages you, you will no longer be blessed. No. Where this blessing will come from, nobody can block its gateway.  It cannot be blocked. Not even the prince of Persia or the prince of Greece can stop it from coming. The Forces of darkness that used to block your former blessings cannot block this one.

In Rev 5:12, Riches, power and blessing given to Jesus are being released to you. Receive them now  and back them with seven hot Amen.  I am standing in the epicenter of the planet to bless you this time; this blessing coming to your is going to be a planet-shaking and planet-quaking blessing. His word says in Psalm 3:8, salvation belongs to the Lord and His blessing up on His people. May the blessings of God be upon you.  Our God is the Helper of the poor. I bless you in His name. In Psalm 21: 3, He says that the Blessing of good things will come upon you. I claim the blessings of good things for you. Receive the blessings of good things.  The Bible added, “with a crown of pure gold on your head”. You are being crowned with the crown of pure gold. Place you hand on your head and say ‘I claim the crown of pure gold.’.

My mind took me to 1st Chronicle 14:14, how God blessed the house hold of Obegedom. Remember the word “Obe” means a servant. A servant received blessing through his acts of service. The Bible says that God blessed him and his whole families. May such blessing come upon you and your families. Showers of blessings. I stand in Psalm I32 to bless you. And the holy book confirms you as a member of this covenant blessing in verse 15 saying ‘ I will surely and abundantly bless your provisions. I will satisfy the poor with bread. In Mark 7:27, the Bibles says You do not give Children’s bread to the dogs. Receive your own bread of healing, bread of fruitfulness and bread of blessing in Jesus name.

In Gen 27:27 the Word of God declared here you a member of this supernatural blessing. Isaac came near and kissed Jacob, smelled his clothing and blessed him. The Champion is upon the altar blessing you now.  And Isaac said, ‘the fragrance of my son is like the fragrance of a field which the Lord has blessed. In Genesis 27:28, he says ‘May the Lord give you of the dews of heaven and the fatness of the earth and abundance of grain and new wine”. May God give you the dews of the heaven.  Your farm shall bring forth abundant harvest. I bless your farm. I bless your business and whatever you lay your hands upon. I myself, I a born farmer.  I lift my hand and bless all the farmers including myself. Abundance of grain and fatness of the earth be your portion in Jesus name. Amen.

Psalm 127:5 says that your Children shall not be put to shame at the city’s gate. In the gathering of people, your children shall not be ashamed.

Father I bless your people.  In the book of Psalm 145:14-15, the Lord upholds all those of His own who are fallen and raises up all those who are bowed down. The eyes of the Lord wait for, looking, watching and expecting, and you give them their food in due season. In Verse 16you open your hand and satisfy every living thing with  your favour”. Father at this hour open your hand and satisfy your people with the showers of blessings of favour.

Once more we declare upon our students Showers of blessings of success. May you all be successfully, miraculously and supernaturally in the name of Jesus.

Showers of Miracles

May this dews be the showers of blessings of miracles upon your life. In Hebrew 2:4, may there be wonderful miracles in your life. In Job 5:9 may the Lord inundate you with the showers of miracles. In Job 9:10 may the Lord give you the showers of signs and wonders that cannot be counted in Jesus name.

I locate you in Mark 16:20 and bless you wherever you are now with the showers of the blessings of miracles. Wherever you are now, let there be an injection and inoculation with the power of miracles.

God will bless you as he blessed Abraham, he will bless you as he blessed Isaac and will bless you as he blessed Jacob. In the case of Abraham, remember Genesis 12:2-3 then he was still Abram and God said to him, “I will make you great.” God is going to make you great. May the anointing for greatness come into your family. Be great in Jesus name. We are children of Abraham and what follows our father Abraham shall follow us. God blessed Abraham in all tings. May God bless you in all things too. In Genesis 12:3 He said, I will bless you and I will make you a blessing such that whoever blesses you shall be blessed; whoever curses you shall be cursed. May this be your portion in Jesus name. In Genesis 13:2 He said “he made Abraham extensively rich in gold, in cattle in silver” May your family be the palace of Kings, may this ministry be the palace of kings.

God will bless you as he blessed Abraham, he will bless you as he blessed Isaac and Jacob. He will bless you as he blessed Esther. He will bless you with extra ordinary favours for a life time of Psalm 30:5. In the Book of Deuteronomy 33:23 like Naphtali, He will satisfy you with favour.

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