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It has become worrisome the increased height of the use of the name of  Fr. Mbaka by fraudsters in social media who had continued to dupe people of money and make unwholesome  demands of donations in some bank accounts under the guise of Fr Mbaka.  The perpetrators of this act had continued to feast on the goodwill and integrity of Fr Mbaka and Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria to reap off their unsuspecting victims. While some of the perpetrators had been tracked down would not live to tell the story of  how they were decisively dealt with by the security machinery set to monitor this illicit activities, it is disheartening to note that some are still hell bent on continuing in the act.

AMEN SuperNews with a renewed vigour of their mandate to see to the end of this in a recent meeting with Cornelius Obodoechi, an adorer who is obsessed with the activities of these fraudsters made available the following report to us. In his words “Truly truly I don’t know where or how to start writing on this because for a long time now I and other top members of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN)-Facebook Group Page have been fighting and doing everything possible to stop this very act of impersonation and deceit against the man of God by letting this people (those on facebook) to know and believe us that REV FR. EJIKE MBAKA is not on facebook neither does he have ANYTHING to do with facebook. He  said this last year and for umpteenth times when he heard that some people are using his name to do all sorts of things on facebook, claiming to be him (Mbaka) saying,. He had made the announcement in adoration and at every opportunity to the entire world saying ‘I am not on facebook, I don’t even know what facebook is all about let alone knowing how to use it”. He has being praying and pleading that those behind such should desist from it or face the consequences.

The issue of impersonation these present days is a very worrisome development that is usually targeted at high profile personalities in the society. Events in recent times have shown that even the Clergy and Men of God are not spared. Investigations into this activities reveals the use of the following names as Fr Mbaka on the face book,

  1. Rev. Fr  Ejike Mbaka
  2. Revn. Fr  Ejike Mbaka
  3. Rev. Fr. Mbaka
  4. RevFr  Ejike Mbaka
  5. Rev   Fr. Ejike Mbaka
  6. Rev Fr  Ejike Mbaka-Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria
  7. Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka-Adoration Ministries
  8. Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka-Prayer Group
  9. Rev. Fr  Ejike Mbaka group
  10. Rev.  Fr. Ejike Mbaka Ministry by Apostle Titus Boniface
  11. Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria-AMEN Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka
  12. Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria. AMEN (Rev.  Fr. Ejike .Mbaka God) and another two orphanage homes they claimed to be owned by Mbaka which are
  13. Perpetual Love Orphanage Home Borno State
  14. Divine Grace Orphanage Home  Enugu State

It is true that the name of one man of God should be used variously up to 14 times to open 14 facebook accounts and pages. Apart from the above, we still find out that one Emerald Obianuju is one of them that created the number 12 above, a page with Mbaka’s name

Below again is one of the conversations between one of the fake pages and his unsuspecting victim. After the victim had commented on his post, the impostor replied saying,

”My God is about to change your story but you must follow my instruction diligently for the manifestation of God plan for you this month and for the rest of 2014 .Start expecting God’s blessing in your life, family and work in Jesus name ….Amen, I want you to tap from this week and month great blessings meant for people that so much believe in God for divine miracle in their lives in this month of June, this must be a secret between you and your God. God is about to do another  wonderful miracle in your life in Jesus name, God will promote you from  your present level today, that God plans for you before the end of June this is what God needs from you to do for a multiple open doors get financial seed  good enough to attract open heaven to your life, pray over it for a full day asking God to bless you just as he has blessed REV. FR. EJIKE MBAKA and favor you as he has favored REV. FR. EJIKE MBAKA and enrich you more as he has enriched REV. FR. EJIKE MBAKA, ask God to  bless you and your family with long life and good health. The prayer should be done by you alone; nobody should know about the seed even your best friend. The seed must be sent to an orphanage home in Nigeria, not to me or any church, I will be praying to God for him to reveal the particular orphanage home that you will bless with the seed. I will pray for you now and ask God to open the Windows of heaven on you, the good work he has started, I can’t wait to hear your multiple testimonies. God bless you”

(That was on May 27th and on June 3rd, five days later, he then replied with the following words)

Your seed must be sown to the Perpetual Love Orphanage Home in Maiduguiri, Borno State; Rev. Fr Uche Philip is the spiritual director of the PERPETUAL LOVE ORPHANAGE HOME IN MAIDUGUIRI, BORNO STATE, CALL REV. FR. UCHE PHILIP PHONE NUMBER ON 08162777176, GOD BLESS YOU.

In a related development there is one page created with an  orphanage home by name    DIVINE GRACE ORPHANAGE HOME ENUGU STATE which the architects of the fraud are telling people that it belongs to Fr Mbaka and soliciting for financial donations. One David Ekwueme a victim of this ploy was seen writing to this page ;

”Pls REV. FR. EJIKE MBAKA, if there is any way you want me to be helping in sponsoring any of these kids (Orphans). Let me know, my email is, I live in Houston, Texas now and was a member of the Adoration Prayer Ground (Christ the King Parish Enugu) when I was in Nigeria. Thanks, yours Sir David Ekwueme (Knight of Saint Columbus, Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston Texas USA ).

There is also another Orphanage home called Bright Child Orphanage home with the following contacts 08097664955, 08085764787 and 081110270658. The fraudsters behind this nonexistent Orphanage homes are presenting in social media as belonging to Fr Mbaka  to defraud people.

Furthermore the following illegal website were created with the name of Fr. Mbaka and the Ministry, they include,,,, and so on

In a related development one Mr Okwukeze Nicholas, who maintains the following account details: BANK= GTBANK, ACCOUNT NAME= OKWUKEZE NICHOLAS. O ACCOUNT NUMBER= 0117937090 has been fraudulently using the name of the adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria and the Spiritual Director of the Ministry Rev Fr Mbaka on the internet and social media to enrich himself.

The said Nicholas maintains the site “” where he, without authorization, approval or consent of the Ministry, uploads the said Fr Mbaka’s music and messages for people to download and pay for.  He also in the same website created a donation portal for people to make donations into his account in support of his illegitimate business while giving the false information and impression that the site has the Support of the Ministry. He also linked this site to facebook with address, and runs a Gmail, Email account with it.

We also made discoveries of the following Bank account details which these impostors are using to dupe people

ACC Name    Egharevba Osagie

Acc N0 3080775112


ACC Name          Aliagwu Frank

Acc N0 3831174754

BANK    Eco Bank

Phone   08153890094.

Adorers must rise up to this malady going on in the social networks with the name of our spiritual director. It is a collective task of all others that know how to use the social media to broadcast the fact that Fr Mbaka doesn’t have a face book account or an orphanage home. Those who do have the privilege getting the true information about adoration Ministry and Fr Mbaka are encouraged to direct their inquires to AMEN Super News, the official media outfit of the ministry. They can read our news paper reports of the goings-on in the Ministry through our website or send Emails


  1. Fr. Pls remember me in your prayers. Pls some fraudsters claimed to be you on Facebook soliciting for help for one orphanage home at jos. They claimed the the home our Lady of Fatima was burnt by bokoharam some of the children that survived are currently in coma. The name of there care takers are Rev fr. Franklin chukwuemeka Aliagwa(08128055135).

  2. Pls how can i get the account number of Adoration Ministry Enugn Nigeria.

  3. Fr. Some fraudsters sent me an orphanage home to pay money for kids novena prayers when I sent a mail for advise and prayer to an address .com . The name they sent to was bright child ophanage home and phone number

  4. Pls father can u send me ur direct email address they are things I want to tell u about my life for advise and prayer

  5. I write to inform you that the fraudsters are still active. I sent a friend request on facebook to Rev fr Ejike Mbaka. after a while a prayer was sent to me. I enquired to go further on the prayers point. A phone number 08157937399 with the name Fr Christopher Ikenna was to me. that he is to direct me on two days fasting and prayers. but first I should sow seed to Our Lady orphanage home into an account number Anorue Chimezie M. Access bank 0047082739 after which I should forward my prayer point him. I was not comfortable with the personal account number. I then went on line for more findings only to discover that it is fraudsters. please help to save innocent followers of Fr Mbaka from these devils.
    Dated 15/8/2017.

  6. They are still very active, one of them even sent a message yesterday that he got a revelation for me that I have to 2days fasting and prayers but before then I have to sow a seed to one orphanage home at Jo’s our lady of success orphanage home Jo’s which got burnt last month and children are in coma and that I will be my prayer point of contact.

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