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My name is NGOZI Okafor and my phone no is +234(0) 806 5340 327. My lovely brothers & sisters in the Lord. Our God is so faithful and a covenant God who is always here and there for all His children He really fought for me and I came out so victoriously more than I expected. ‘I call Him my Faithful Lover’. It was 4:45am early hours of another working day just as I always make it early from my bed for morning devotion; I heard a strange soft voice that asked me to check my right lower abdomen … which I did as I was told… to my greatest surprise I noticed I felt a metal piece like an object in my stomach just then the picture started playing out that I dreamt that I was offered some food in my dream the previous night though never took this part of the dream too serious but proceeded with my normal daily devotion like I used to. While time elapsed, I noticed strange changes in my body system drastically. Which made me to pay a visit to my doctor… after carrying out several test prescribed some malaria intakes for me. Then after I finished my malaria treatment I felt good again without knowing that this was just the beginning of yet another journey to the unknown. Within this period I lost my (granny) mum the reason why I travelled,

on reaching home my parents were unable to recognise me… they got so worried about the dilapidating state of my health which propelled them to rush me to ‘Park lane Hospital’ Enugu … believe it my story just turn to a Nollywood movie … one week off permission granted to me to mourn my granny now lasted for a stretch of five solid years.My stomach started bulging out every second, as well as my legs that started swelling also; with some strange darker patches. My brothers &sisters in Christ my God is a faithful Father that keeps to His words.We started moving from one medical institution to another in search of a lasting solution. Virtually every professional medical doctor we consulted had no answer nor better explanation to my strange illness instead they kept on referring me or should I say… ‘Passing me on to the next medical personnel just as though am a relay stick on some medical track & field.’

Hmmm… huge sum of monies was being spent which was not an issue but talk of the pains and emotional hurts, my parents and I were passing through. Our prayers was when and how will this nightmare come to an end still solutions were far-fetched every passing day. Anyone around me could see that I was slowly crossing over from the land of the living. While these happenings continued, I was equally faced with spiritual and physical attacks  strange people walking up to me both on the streets, in hospitals, at home, even in the Church- ‘at Chapel’ (Satan no get fear oh!) and in my dreams … warning me that; I quote: you’ve been a thorn on our flesh… that they’ve been assigned to kill themselves not me. Now the big picture became crystal clear to me. I realized that unknowingly, my little quiet prayer life has been making some huge impacts somewhere. So, Instead of these strange visits infusing fear in me I became more stubborn and head strong in my spiritual life … one   thing I assured myself,   (Just as the gentle meek and humble voice telling me that I should be still and know that He is GOD: … Psalm 46:10)   that, I am not alone in this battle the entire host of Heaven is on myside in this very case. While in search of solution; I got admitted at one Chiukwuebuka private hospital in Abakaliki town where I spent two good years without a solution instead my case turned from bad to worse. Later, I was moved to the Benedictine Monastery Awhum Enugu state, for prayers and counselling by the monks. I spent another six months there, while going through all these turmoil Mother Mary kept visiting me from time to time by directing and protecting me from the spirit of death which has made efforts to steal me away. At this stage, I decided to focus my visit to the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (Amen).

My aim, was to participate fully in every activity. It so happened that whenever Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka (Daddy) is giving a sermon or ministration it was as if it was directing to me concerning my presentchallenges as of that time. Then one beautiful day, Heaven orchestrated my meeting with him Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka (Daddy) one on one without a struggle. On this very day, was the beginning of my prayers answered  … the same day he (Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka (Daddy) conducted  some heavy deliverance prayers for me and quickly sent me to Annunciation hospital also, in Enugu with a latter instructing that I should be treated  under his- Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka’s bills. After some diagnosis was carried out, these took over a period of a month and finally, a specialist surgeon was invited who billed the surgery for the sum of 3 million naira. But in the end he was unable to carry out the surgery reasons; that it was so complicated- he went on to challenge any doctor who could be able to carry out such major surgery successfully, without the loss of life should come and take his practicing medical license.

Though, when I was shown the test findings on the computer screen my beloved brothers & sisters what I saw scared the dying life out of me imagine  me carrying  a look alike transformer  with inter-woven wires twisted and demonically attached with my body organs according to the specialist this was some demonic veins!.

Concerning my situation which was clear that no one would be capable to do anything in my case, though I refused to give in to such report inwardly; well I had no option but to return back to Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka (Daddy)  which I did but he said I should give him some time to pray over it after which; he asked me of  my stand concerning my poor state this was when I seized the opportunity, and quoted with faith Matt 15:13 … ‘Every plant which my heavenly Father has not planted shall  be uprooted!… and also,  Psalm 118: 17… I shall not die but shall live to proclaim what the Lord has done’… these were my replies; beaming with smiles and over joyed he then claimed life for me and blessed me.

Brothers and sisters it was not up to one week after my meeting with Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka (Daddy), that I started receiving strange calls directing me to go to one Balm of Gilead hospital in Maryland here in

Enugu. When I got there, I met with a tall dark complexioned elderly man the Chief consultant Dr. Gerald Generally nicknamed ‘Daddy’.  Who without much questions examined me; he was indeed a man of few words … then he asked: if I would want him to carry out the surgery..?  I replied yes doctor… then he asked again pick a date for your surgery! Then I said December 25th this was the year 2012 (Jubilee Year) but we later had the surgery on the 26th of December 2012.

On that very day the surgery was carried out. It was actually a marked day for both spiritual / physical battle … while laying helplessly at theatre table with every shape and sizes of knives cutting through me.

I blasted in tongues followed with songs of praises at some point the surgeons joined-in; and while they kept on cutting out chunks of this demonic engine and it’s demonic intertwined demonic veins attached to my body organs.These demonic chunks sounded like some large pieces of iron-metals as they were thrown into the bucket.

As it was time to stitch me up; when suddenly the Chief consultant Dr.Gerald himself asked his colleagues to make a round check again to be sure… then there it was! the demonic vein in the hiding amongst my intestines Dr. Gerald got hold of it and pulled at it instead, it shot off straight into my heart region as I choked, he quickly followed its direction pulled it out and chopped it from the roots.

Then there was the second demonic vein the mother of them all; which had a deceiving replica of my body parts and also, caused a heated argument amongst the team of surgeons. It was all odds against Dr.Gerald that he was wrong concerning the last vein until before their very eyes a surgery knife got broken and a second one (new knife) that was brought in while trying to cut off the mother demonic vein, they had to believe since they witnessed every step of the strange ordeal… but finally God the all-knowing physician used Dr. Gerald to get rid of it all.


Again, as though the battle was just about to begin all over but, God was still in charge this was the very day I was being discharged I encountered yet another attack I fainted out of a sharp pain that was piercing me and pulling my heart downwards – concerning my health, state it was noticed that the blood in my body, without some unexplainable reasons dried up which remained a big surprise to every doctor in the hospital. This became a curious case because they started sending for more and more pints of blood that was transfused into my body system. In the cause of this event, before the very eyes, of everyone present, it appeared as though the blood was being sucked away into thin air. Well, THE JOY OF THE LORD IS ALWAYS MY STRENGTH – May God be glorified of his faithfulness because he came to my rescue again. So, because of the new developments of lack of blood and an abscess that was later discovered under my abdomen I ended up spending an extra one year on hospital bed because a pipe was inserted through my nostrils and all the way down to my abdomen to suck out the fluid from

the abscess. While these were going on I lost my beloved father but God being so faithful took control of all the situations and God rebranded me as though as I never went through these trials and travails.

Thanks be to God that today am back full of life after five solid years of horrible experiences only to come back to face another trial of human wickedness to another. First and foremost, all my belongings were gone coming to my work place, where I was supposed to resume an office which I helped to planand set-up; my very close and trusted blood relation and boss whom I suffered and sweated for back in the days when I was physically fit; I thought he was helping and standing out for me as well, but he turned out to be a cold hearted betrayer! With empty flimsy reasons and excuses, he left me out in the cold streets of the labour market. On the other hand, my old office an Israeli company (Hire Pacific International Nig.Ltd.) refused me my due salaries and benefits from August 2009 till date; where I worked with my boss while we teamed up to set up the other new outfit (Gilgal Concept Ltd.) .Thanks be to God for HE has been so faithful that HE used a family of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Okeke to bless me with a beautiful apartment, and God himself has been taking good care of my every situations all this time… May all Glory, Blessings, Adorations, Praises and Thanksgivings always be ascribed to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit (The Holy Trinity) now and for ever and ever Amen.

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