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Take Back Your Crown Fr. Mbaka Declares

Take Back Your Crown Fr. Mbaka Declares

Because of the fall of man in Gen. 3, God allowed the devil to tamper with the crowns of the children of God. But thank God for Jesus who came and brought back our crown for us. He redeemed man from the punishment of sin and brought him to eternal salvation. During baptism, we are made to understand that we are being anointed to be priests, kings and prophets. We have been called up to overcome and endure the challenges of life so that God can give us a crown. Once received, we are required to resist, and endure those things that can cause us   to lose our crown. we must work tirelessly to abstain from any kind of sin and continuously strive to live a righteous life.

In this message, Fr. Mbaka displays the ways to receive back our crowns and enjoins the people of God to always focus on God in order to maintain their crowns.

Almighty God, we thank and magnify your name for the gift of this day. We thank you for the opportunity to hear your word. I pray that as I minister your word to your people here, let  the demons responsible for their lost crown be destroyed and let their crown be restored back to them in Jesus name, Amen.

The bible talks about different crowns that will be given to some of God’s people when they enter into heaven. If you look very closely at what these crowns are going to be for, they will be for work that is done for God that is beyond the normal scope of what the average Christians may attempt to do.  Just like trophies are given to sports heroes or winning teams in sports, God apparently is going to be doing the same thing. He will be giving out certain types of crowns for the people who were willing to give that extra special effort in whatever God has called them to do. This crown will be a special reward. It will be rewarding excellent and maximum efforts.

“ For those who have been truly called out by God the Father and have actually received God’s Holy spirit, there is a crown of righteousness set aside and held in the third heaven to be awarded at the second coming of Jesus Christ at the wedding super of the lamb”(2 Tim.4:8). The crown of righteousness that is laid up for God’s people must be paramount in our minds. You have been called up to overcome and endure the challenges of life so that God can give you a crown. Once received, this crown is an eternal reward and office for those who receive it. But in this life, you are required to resist, and endure those things that can cause you   to lose your crown.

You should no longer allow yourselves to submit or bend to the negative pulls and standard of this world. You must now be ever vigilant and constantly live according to the standards of God. Your focus and actions must be based on God’s word. You must work tirelessly to abstain from any kind of sin and continuously strive to live a righteous life.   You must be yielded to God’s power and authority in your live through daily prayer, bible study, meditation and occasional fasting. All of these give you the constant right perspective necessary to receive back the crown, and in case they have been taken away from you through one way or the other. Rev. 3: 11 says, ‘’behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown’’.

You are responsible to God not to let anything or man take your crown. You must always look to the standard of Jesus Christ, not at the best man has to offer, and understand our personal responsibility to overcome and grow up to the level God wants you to reach.

If you do not allow any man or anything to take the precious crown of life from you, then be ready to receive your reward from God. He reminds us in Rev 22: 12’’ and behold, I am coming quickly, and my reward is with me, to give to anyone according to his work’’.

Receive your crown of righteousness        

The crown of righteousness will be given to those who have lived a good and righteous life for God while living down here on this earth. To live a good and righteous life for God will really be worthwhile, as you will definitely be given this crown by God Himself. There are Christians who are righteous before God as a result of being saved through the blood of Jesus Christ, but they are not living righteous lives in their actions, words and behaviors. They are out there committing different kinds of sins, and God is not happy with the way they are living their lives.

Actually, no one is perfect. We have our character flaws, weaknesses and certain temptation that we have a hard time dealing with. God is not looking for total perfection. The bible says in Romans 3: 23 that all men have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. But what God does want from you is at least some kind of concerted effort to try and live your live right, to stay out of the heavier sins like adultery, stealing, cheating, and abuse of alcohol and drugs etc. God just wants you to choose to do the right thing when faced with certain temptations.  When you are having a hard time in trying to do the right thing, you have the power of the Holy Spirit on the inside of you to help you out.

There are also Christians who are righteous down the very cores of their personalities. These are the people who never have anything bad to say about anyone else. They never joined the crowd. They are willing to be laughed at and ridiculed by others for not joining in with the rest of the world. They have always stayed true to themselves and to their basic conviction and would never go against their basic sense of right.

These are the people you will be seeing wearing crowns of righteousness. These are the people that God is going to be rewarding   because of the godly and righteous lives they have lived. These types of righteous people just make the world we live in a better place to live because they are just so pleasant to be around and work with. These types of Christians will probably be receiving some of the greatest rewards that God can hand out once they enter into heaven. These people will end up having the last laugh on all of those who have made fun of them in this life time for always wanting to do the right thing. Paul said in 2Timothy 4:7-8,’’ I have fought the good fight , I have  finished the race, I have kept the faith. Finally, there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness which the lord, the righteous judge will give to me on that day, and not to me only but also to all who have loved His appearing’’.

I stand here in the gap to plead for mercy and pardon if there is any way you have fallen short of the glory of God  that has resulted to your crown been taken away from you, that God in His infinite goodness should have mercy on you , grant you pardon and grace of righteousness in order to claim back your crown in Jesus name, Amen.

Moreover, St Paul stated that those who run in any kind of race, all run with the goal of obtaining some kind of prize. There is a lot they have to give up in order to be in proper condition to run that race. Professional athletes are a good example. They have to go through training camp to get ready for the match. They have to watch their diet and weight in order to be able to successfully compete in the sport they are in. They have to give up a lot of their social life in order to stay in shape. They sometimes lose time away from their families. Paul then goes on to state that the people who run in these types of races and are forced to be temperate in the way they live their lives, all do it to obtain a perishable crown. Paul then tells us that we should all run the race of this life to receive what will be an incorruptible or imperishable crown that obviously can only be given by God.

The point to get is that God calls some of his people to do things that will require some sacrifice in the way they will live and conduct their lives. Some people may be called to be a bible teacher, sometimes in a far off and poor country. They will literally be working for pennies a day. They will have to sacrifice the bigger money they could have made had they stayed home and taught.

I believe God is telling us in this passage that if He does put this kind of special call on your life that will require you to give up many of the normal things of this life, that you will  be greatly rewarded for this sacrifice  This verse also seems to be implying that these people will also receive this imperishable crown for the sacrifices they were willing to make for God in order to successfully complete the call and mission that God had called them to do.

Most people would not want to go through the rigors of trying to be a professional athlete, much less be willing to give up and sacrifice what athletes have to give up in order to  be able to successfully compete in a professional sport. Just as we respect, honor, and pay these athletes for performing for us, God the Father will also be rewarding some of his own spiritual athletes if they are willing to go that extra mile for Him to complete what may be a difficult mission and call.

‘’Do you know that those who run in a race all run, but one receive the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it. And every one who competes for the prize is temperate in all things.  Now they do it to obtain a perishable crown, but we for an imperishable crown. Therefore I run thus: not with uncertainty. This I fight, not as one who beats the air. but I discipline my body and bring it into subjection , lest, when I have  preached to other, I myself should become disqualified’’,( 1Cor.9:24-27).

Run whatever race or call that God has set out for you. Run that race with certainty, purpose and intensity. Run that race to win. Run that race to be the best you can be for God at the position that He has called you to be on his team. Be willing to make whatever sacrifices it may take to successfully complete the mission, and call God has set out for you. If you are willing to do this for the lord, you just may receive an incorruptible victors’ crown, for going the extra mile for God and accomplishing for Him what many Christians would be too lazy to do.

If in one way or the, you have deviated from the call of God to serve Him in any capacity, or fail to make some sacrifices for the sake of the gospel, and you are about losing this imperishable crown, I pray the grace to serve be made available in your life, in Jesus name, Amen. I claim back your crown for you.

Again, Jesus himself says that He will give the crown of life to those who undergo severe hardship, testing, tribulation and physical death on his behalf. Rev.2:10 says, ‘’Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life’’.  I believe that all the Christians who have been martyred for their faith in God and Jesus through history will not only be given the crown of life, but also will be given some real special reward once they enter into heaven

Also, 1 peter 5:2-4 says, ‘’I appeal to you to be shepherd of the flock that God gave you and to take care of it willingly , as God wants you to , and not unwillingly. Do your work, not for mere pay, but from a real desire to serve. Do not try to rule over those who have been put in your care, but be examples to the flock, and when the chief shepherd appears, you will receive the glorious crown which will never lose its brightness’’. Once you get saved, God wants you to grow in His knowledge and grace by reading from the bible and learning as much as you can about Him so that you can bring up others into the knowledge and ways of God. However, part of the problem is that the bible is hard for some people to understand when they first try and read it on their own. This is why teachers and shepherds are needed. Most of the new born may not be able to understand the bible very well. They need immediate help after they are saved and are trying to learn more about God and all of his ways.

I believe God is always looking for teachers and shepherd to help teach and educate His flock. However, you have to spend some good quality time in the bible and have a good understanding of the basis before He can really use you to teach and educate others. Try to study the word and make yourself available to be used in order to receive that glorious crown

For those of you who have been in the word for quite some time and have a real good understanding of all the basics, I really believe that God can use you to help teach and shepherd other people. Getting someone saved is obviously the greatest thing you can do for another person, because with the gift of salvation comes the gift of eternal life. When you get someone else saved and brought him to the lord, you have just been the vessel used by God to give that person eternal salvation and life. God will simply be judging you by your willingness and desire to be used by Him to witness to others. This implies that a crown will be giving to those who are instrumental in getting others saved and into the presence of Jesus.

I pray that God grant you the grace to study and understand His words, and to be able to put it into practice so that you can be used in a special way to witness to others, and consequently receive an incorruptible crown from God.

Take back your crown

On the day of your baptism, you were given a crown. As one is being   anointed on the head on the day of baptism, we were made to understand that one receives the grace to become kings, priest and prophets.  Crowns are meant for the kings, they are not meant to be on the head of just anybody.  If by chance, commission or omission, you have lost your crown, I claim it back to you and to every member of your family today, so that all the members of your family will become kings and queens. We are moving in search of your stolen crown. Who or what stole your crown?  Why is your crown no longer there? Why are you comfortable that your crown has been stolen? You are not bordered whether you are performing or not, after all you are comfortable to be an average child of God. Why should you be an average child of God when God has created you to be a peak performer? For how long have you worshiped God and you are still in the elementary level of subsistence lifestyle? Why have you struggled to get every good things of life?  Why are you very low on the ground when God has created you to be an eagle? These are because your crown has been taken away from you.

With your crown, you can reach to the highest level. You are going to fly like eagle to where you belong and be who God created you to be. You are going to take your crown by force, from whoever is in position of it. I claim back your crown in Jesus name, Amen. The bible says that since John the Baptist came, the kingdom of God suffered violence, and the violent ones take it by force. Gen.20: 40 say, ‘’when the yoke becomes unbearable, you resist it’’. This is the time of liberation, resist the yoke. Eph 6: 12 says, we wrestle not against the flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.

One word from God will change your history. Live a righteous life, pray and fast to take back your crown. Also, it is through patience and endurance that you shall conquer. You need to wait for your crown to arrive. God’s time is the best. Don’t be too in a hurry to get your crown. Isa 40: 21 says, for them that wait on the lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount on the wings of eagle, they shall walk and run but they will never be tired.

When God begins to prosper you, enemies will arise: a friend will turn to be an enemy. But the lord said, ‘’you should not be afraid, that not even a single hair will fall off from your head’, (Luke 21: 18). If you allow the devil: he will not only take your crown but your head. So you don’t even supposed to allow him come close. Many people are associating with you now because you are in partnership with them in one problem or the other: maybe partners in wretchedness, poverty, sickness, barrenness. When God singles you out and bless you among them, they will begin to hate you.  They will try every satanic projection, but we have the lord of Host in our camp. He is going to defeat all those who are warring against you. In Isa 27: 21 on this day, the lord Most High with great and cruel sharp sword cut off the head of a leviathan, that ancient serpent, the devil who is trying to take away your crown.  Isaiah 54: 17, says ‘’no weapon fashion against you shall prosper’’. Mathew 10: 30, I have counted all the hair in your head. He who counted all the hair on our head will make sure that none of the hair will fall off. Ps. 21: 3, blessing of God things will come to you and crown of pure gold will be on your head.

Your missing crown is coming back.  God is going to command whoever is having your crown to bring it back and it has to obey. In Jonah 2:10, God commanded the whale to vomit Jonah and the whale obeyed immediately. The beast carrying your crown is going to say, ‘yes’ at the command of Jesus. Because in phil. 2:9, God has given Jesus the name above every other names so that when His name is mentioned every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is lord.

God is the solution master and a great restorer.   Joel 2:25, says, ‘’I will restore for you all the years the locust destroy’’. In Ps.23:3, God restores your soul for His name sake.  John 10:10 says, ‘’ the thief come to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come to give you life in abundant’’. We know that Satan, the thief stole the crown.  And so, Proverb 6: 31 says, when the thief is found, he will pay back seven times.  The strong hand of God will bring back the crown.

Time of gaining back your lost opportunity is here. The time of regaining back your health, your fertility blessings, promotion, marriage, appointment, favor has come. At a time of redemption, your stolen crown must be redeemed. In Mark 10:25, Jesus has paid the ransom. In Gen 3, because of the fall of man, God allowed the devil to tamper with the crowns of the children of God. But thank God for Jesus who came and brought back our crown for us. He redeemed man from the punishment of sin and brought him to eternal salvation. So if here is any debt you are owing or may be your ancestors owe that you did not know or that there is anything you committed in the past that warranted  to stolen your crown, the ransom has been paid by Jesus through the sacrifice on the cross . He said ‘it is finished’ in John 19:30. Whatever curse that led to your crown been stolen, Jesus came and reversed every curse. Romans 8: 1 says, ‘’therefore now there is no more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. And in 2Cor. 5:17, all in Christ Jesus are new creature, old things have passed away, now everything is new.  Rev. 21:5 says, behold I have come to make all things new. .

Today, you are counted among the victorious. Romans 8:38 says, if God is for us, who can be against us? In all these, you are more than conquerors. Fear not you have overcome them for greater is He that is in you than He who is in the world. Your crown of good health, healing, victories, success, deliverance, promotion, marriage, fruitfulness is coming back.

As a king and queens, take back your crown of beauty, crown of healing, success, fruitfulness, deliverance, marriage etc. God is crowning you with mercy and favor, righteousness, healing, break though, promotion. and all the good things of life. I cover you with the precious blood of Jesus. The strong hand of God has brought back the crown, alleluia………



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