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Still basking in the euphoria of the triumph of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ over death by His resurrection from death on Easter day recently celebrated,  the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria Rev Fr Ejike Camilus Mbaka, captures the essence of the mood of the season in this message titled from tears to cheers. It is a message directed to all those who are passing through excruciating and challenging circumstances that has made their lives sorrowful and miserable. It is a message of consolation to those who are feeding with tears of midnight sorrow in agony and trials. A message of hope and a life-changing bill of joy to the weeping children of God who are dying in silent excruciating torments. Excerpts:


“May your lives be filed with Divine Joy? May the joy of the Lord never lack in your lives.  Today I pray for restoration of joy and I minister it to you in Jeremiah 31:7 concerning you who have lived in tears for so long a time. This is message is for those who are passing through terrible situations that is excruciating to them, those who are being crushed by ugly situations, those who have been feeding with tears of mid night sorrow. This is what the Lord says concerning you, “Sing with joy for Jacob, Shout for the foremost of the nation, make your praises to be heard and say ‘the Lord save your people, the remnant of Israel  ”.

“Whenever you hear God tell someone to sing with joy, know that God is about to do a mighty miracle for that person. So God has certainly decided to do a might miracle to you that will make you to sing with joy. You are going to sing with joy. I can see you wake up one morning and your mouth is filled with laughter. For Psalm 30:5 says that sorrow will endure for a night but your morning will come with joy. Your joy will follow the coming morning and the morning will trigger off your joy.  If you believe that God will turn your tears to cheers say


In Acts 15:15 the Bible says that the word of the Prophet is in agreement with this. In Jeremiah 31:7 the words of Prophet Jeremiah are in agreement that you are going to sing with joy and you are going to shout. What will make you to shout is the miracles of God, the signs of God and the wonders of God. In Isaiah 8:18, you are for signs wonders and miracles. That’s why in Psalm 66:1 the bible says, make a joyful noise to the Lord of Host. Yes the words of the prophets are in agreement with this.

People shall hear you shouting and they will run to ask you what is happening. God is turning your sorrow into joy. Anyone who askS you why you are shouting jut tell him that you are standing in Acts 15:15 to declare that the word s of the Prophets are in agreement with this.


In Jeremiah 31:38 the Bible says, “See I will bring them from the land of the North and gather them from the ends of the earth.” The vital question is, what must have scattered the people that God is saying He will gather from the ends of earth? It could be sickness, wretchedness, poverty or hunger

There is a situation that appears not have solution. This message is meant for that type of situation because the words of the Prophets are in agreement with this. Every Prophesy of God must come to pass. It is a matter of time. Habakkuk 2 says “wait for it even if it tarries, it must surely come to pass”

After the Assyrians took the Israelites as slave, they came out from the hands of Assyrians and another nation, Babylon, took them away again to slavery.  God said, “among them will be the blind and the lame, expectant mothers and women in labour. They will come with weeping. They will pray as I will bring them back.   I will lead them besides streams of water on a level path where they will not stumble.”

There are some people who anytime they carry blessings would stumble and the blessing would fall. This time God is saying because you are pregnant with blessing or in labour of it, He will lead you to where you will not stumble. There are some of you who by prophetic power are impregnated with new houses that they shall build. There are those who are pregnant with long life, there are those who are pregnant with healing and there are those who are pregnant with wealth. There are those who are pregnant with success, there are those who are pregnant with deliverances and there are those who are pregnant with miracles. And the Bible says, “I will lead you”.

God assures that as those people are returning they will be filled with tears of Joy.  There is something that will happen to you and tears of joy will flow from you. Yes it will come to pass.

Continuing, the Bible says, “Because I am Israel’s father, they will not stumble and Ephraim is my first born”. In verse 11 the Bible says “For the; Lord will deliver Jacob and redeem them from the hand of those stronger than them”. From that wretchedness that is boasting to be stronger than you, and from that sickness that is boasting to be stronger than you, God will deliver you from them.


In Acts 28 there was miracle that happened there. Paul came out of the boat to a Cold Island, He and his fellow gathered some firewood to make fire and warm up their bodies , in the process a snake came out of the wood and encircled Paul at his hand and bite him. Paul waved his hand in the air and the snake was thrown into the fire. Instead of Paul dying, the snake died. Then the People expected Paul to swell up or suddenly fall dead saying that may be the evil spirit wanted to bite him to death. They hurled all sorts of curses at him saying he was a murderer. When they saw that nothing to Paul after waiting for a long time, they changed their minds and started saying that Paul was a god.  Listen, for something good is about happening to you soon. I don’t know the evil snake that tied you. I don’t know the enemies that have tied you up. I don’t know what put you into tears and sorrow. But what God is telling you is that you shall not die in that situation.  This ugly condition will not eat you. You are going to triumph over it.

People will be expecting you to die but you will not die in this situation. They will be expecting you to perish but you will not perish in this situation.  Instead the snake will die and you will live. Let the snake die now. Let the snake fall inside the fire in the Holy Ghost fire! Is the snake around your wedding ring, around your womb or your destiny? Let it fall into the fire. Is the snake around your business? let it fall inside the fire. Is the snake around your leg and is slowing your speed? Let it fall inside the fire .There is liberty for the Children of God. There is freedom for you. God is turning your tears into cheers. You are moving from tears to cheers. You are undergoing a supernatural migration.

Paul filled by the Holy Spirit cannot be destroyed by snake because in Mark 3:16-17 ff, the Bible says that “this signs shall follow those who believe in me. They shall cast out demons, they shall speak in tongues, even if they drink deadly poison they shall not die. They shall trample on serpent and it shall not destroy them.  We are in the season of Holy Ghost anointing. That snake will not destroy you. Now we are shaking off that snake in your business, that snake in your destiny that make you to remain unmarried, that snake tying your spirituality and your holiness of life, let them fall into the fire now.  You snake must die today; snake of sorrow that is tying a child of God, I stand under the prophetic power and shake you off. You snake, did you tie the brain of this student child of God that he would not understand whatever he reads? Did you tie the womb of this woman child of God that she would not conceive? Now be gone, you snake. This barren woman must be mother of children. The Children of God shall conceive and come back and go into labour. I minster divine anointing upon you for this is the labour period of your blessings. The gestation period has come, the EDD time is now.

You are returning. That family that is not inhabited by people, people are going to live there. These families that have no great people, great people are arising from them because the snake is gone. We are now sucking away any poison injected into you by this occultic or satanic serpent, Cobra, shrewd rats and snakes. I minister from Acts 28:5 that just like Paul didn’t die of the serpent bite, you will not die by the bite of the serpent.


I decree life for you. In Job 10:12 I decree life and favour for you. In Psalm 133:3 I decree life and blessing for you. In John 14:19 I say because Jesus lives, you too will live. In Ephesians 2:1, you are going to enjoy a new life in Jesus. In Col 3:4 you will have new life of Christ Jesus. I minister the life of God inside your veins, arteries and neurological system. In John 10:10 you are going to have life in abundance even though the thief has come to steal you, kill you and destroy you. Life is now your portion because you are going to return with testimonies.  You are going to shout to joy.  In Psalm 16:11 He will show you the path of life. You that are on the path of death, a path of life shall be shown to you for in John 14:6 He said “I am the way the truth and the life”.   I stand in Heb 7:16 and call on the power of life that cannot be destroyed and invoke it upon your life, in your family, in your enterprises and destiny from today.


From today, all the tongues that wagged against you accusing you falsely are going to change their minds because something unusual is going to happen in your life. Expect something that is unusual. A Phenomenon that is unusual is going to happen to you in no distant time because I pray for you in the name of JESUS.

I still pray with you that the words of the Prophets are in agreement with this.  Prophet Mark said it well In Mark 16:17-18 that one of the signs that will follow those who believe in God is that they shall take up serpent and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them. Child of God, people think you are going to die but you shall live on. The same mouths that spoke against you shall speak for you. They shall later say that you a god because you didn’t die when they expected you to die.  I take you to Psalm 126 where it is written that the day the Lord delivered Zion from bondage it was like a dream. This is your own season of restoration and it will be like a dream to you. When the belly of you barren woman begins to protrude with pregnancy it shall be like a dream to you.  When in this your poverty, someone God has blessed shall supply you with immeasurable wealth, it shall be to you like a dream.  Your situation has been bad but it is going to change for good.  You are going to sing with Joy to the Lord. The world is going to hear your laughter.  By the time your incurable sickness will be healed, your mouth shall be filled with laughter.  When you see that you are healed,

When you will go for confirmatory test and your cancer that was diagnosed would not be seen again, your mouth shall be filled with laughter.  When your business you think has fallen shall arise, your mouth shall be filled with laughter.

You spinster that has been having serial disappointment with suitors, when the real suitor will come, you mouth will be filled with laughter. In this your family where anyone that want to rise would fall, you are going to breakthrough and your mouth will be filed with laughter and your tongues with songs of joy.

You shall sing a song of joy. What you are looking for at the sky, you shall find within you.  In Psalm 126:2b the Bible says, ”It shall be said among nations, the Lord has done great things for them.” God shall be called the doer of great things on account of what he shall do for you. He shall do great things for you and shall do it again and again.  Be filled with joy now for the Lord has done great things for you. In Psalm 50:12 God will restore for you, the joy of your salvation. In Nehemiah 10:8 the joy of the Lord is your strength. And in Psalm 100:1  you  will make a joyful noise to the Lord.


God will do more great things for you. Wait on God; He will do great things for you. Are you looking for fruit of the fruit of womb, job, money, healing etc, He will do greater things than this to you. What kind of joy will you have on that day? Start to have the joy now. God will bless you. He will lead you out and in. stop being afraid. I stand in Psalm 30:7 and bless you, the Bible says, “Lord when you favoured me, you made your royal mountain stand firm and when you removed your face I was dismayed”. I stand in Psalm 30:11 and bless you, repeat after me, “God, you are turning my wailing and my sorrow into dancing. You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy”. God is turning your barrenness into dancing. God is turning you ugly conditions into dancing.


God will turn around this situation that is weighing you down.  This condition shall be a thing of dancing unto the Lord.  He removed your sackcloth and clothed you with joy. Receive a garment of joy now. God is changing your wardrobes with garments of joy. May the lord bless you with the blessings of good things with the crown of gold upon your head.

As I told you in Psalm 30:11, He will turn your sorrows into dancing. By the time God will accomplished what He has promised to you, you shall be dancing without anyone beating any music for you. You will be in your house and will just be dancing. My prayer for you is that dancing shall not depart from your legs. Let the good thing that will make dancing not to lack in your legs come to manifestation. Prepare your legs for a dance.


I bless you in the power of His words of Psalm 126:4ff the Bible says “Restore our fortunes O Lord like the streams in the Negev. Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy”. Those married in tears, those who are studying in tears, those are toiling in tears are all sowing in tears and the Bible says that they shall reap with songs of joy.

I am blessing your reaping time. I lift my hands to bless all your efforts. I implore God to come and crown you. I implore God to come and put the signet ring in your finger. You shall be enjoying supernatural coronation. This is in confirmation with the words of the Prophet. I bless your hands and pray God to come and give you a crown of victory.

I minister upon your lives, miracles that will provoke joy. I invite miracles that will provoke joy upon your life. I pray for restoration anointing for you in the name of Jesus.

The Bible says that every high priest is selected among his people and is appointed to represent the people in matters relating to God to offer gifts and sacrifices for sins. Who are we talking about? The High Priest here is Jesus Christ. This High priest was appointed after the order of Melchizedek.  What the High Priest does is to represent you. You have a representative in Heaven. In the Spiritual you have a representative. In your family, the forces of darkness cannot harass you anymore because Jesus is your High Priest. As human high priest will offer gifts for you, and will sacrifice for your sins and is able to deal gently with those who are ignorant and are going astray since he himself is subject to weakness.

In Heb 5:7ff the Bible says, during the days of Jesus life on earth, He offered up prayers with fervent cry to the One who could save Him from death… son though He was, He learnt obedience by what He suffered. And once made perfect He became the eternal source of eternal salvation for all who obey him and was designated by God to be High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek.

When Jesus cries, you will laugh. That is what happed in John 11:35. “Jesus wept”. Immediately he wept, Lazarus laughed in the grave. He did it again on the cross in Mark 15:35. Jesus cried with a loud voice, and immediately the veil in the temple was torn in laughter, May every veil of sorrow upon your life tear now that your tears be turned into joy in Jesus name. Amen.

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