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My name is Anyanwu Angela from (Nsukka): I am thanking God of Adoration who made me deliver four bouncing babies successfully without operation I was pregnant not knowing I was carrying four babies. I went for scan and the scan never showed multiple children but on the  day of delivery, the first one came out.  As I was still waiting for the placenta, the second one followed.  Still waiting for the placenta, again the third baby followed.   As the was coming out, the four baby followed up with the placenta.  To the glory of God, I delivered bouncing baby girls, all in good condition…Thank you Jesus.  My Number is 07019288152.


My name is Davis Onyinyechi from (Ebonyi State):  I am thanking God of Adoration who delivered me and my sister from the hands of our wicked uncles who swore that I and my sister will never get married.  Our own father is dead and it happened that any man who comes for our hand in marriage must meet our uncle first.   It happened that each time any man came for our hand in marriage and we took the person to met our uncle as the tradition demanded, we noticed that after meeting with our uncle the man would not like to see our faces again.  This happened on several occasions, until the man whom I am married to now came. I decided not to take him to my uncle at the initial stage until some weeks before my traditional marriage.  After, he came to me and said that it was over his dead body that my traditional marriage ceremony would come to pass.  I replied him, Amen. Each time I come to Adoration, I petition the case to God. A week before the traditional marriage ceremony, my uncle died.  The other elders said it would not end in getting married, that I should come and give birth.  I told them God of Adoration never sleeps. Few months after, I noticed I was pregnant and during delivery, God gave me a bouncing baby girl I asked for… Praise!!! God… My Number is 08035435330.


davis onyinyechi

Davis Onyinyechi

My name is Omeji Chioma, from (Nsukka):  I am thanking God of Adoration who gave my little cousin healing through Rapha Oil. Emmanuel, my cousin, had a serious health challenge that almost turned him into an imbecile and made him cripple.  We have carried him to so many places but all treatment proved abortive, till the day I talked to myself.  I do come to Adoration and hear other people’s testimonies. I said to myself: “Have you not been hearing the miracles God has been performing through Rapha Oil? I brought the Rapha Oil. We  prayed and robbed the oil all over Emmanuel’s body, and said, “God, I have been hearing of other people’s testimonies. This time, I want them to hear mine. Brethren, as I was coming back from market that very day, there was a mighty noise in our house. So many people gathered in front of our house.  I was wondering what the problem could be.  Low and behold, I came in and saw Emmanuel walking with his two legs.  I saw a different Emmanuel and not the old Emmanuel I left and went to market…Thank you Jesus.   07064617532.


My name is Ifeoma Ekechi, from (Ebonyi  State): I am thanking God of Adoration on behalf of my sister.  My sister was pregnant with multiple fibroid inside her womb.  At a time, the pains became too much.  She went to the hospital.  The doctor told her to remove the baby because the fibroid was much and it will affect the baby, that the baby cannot  survive with the fibroid.  She called and told me what the doctor said.  I told her not to remove the baby, that I will carry her case to God of Adoration.

On Sunday, I rushed to CKP GRA Enugu for Sunday service.  I petitioned her case to God.  I bought Rapha Oil.  While Rev. Fr. Mbaka was blessing the oil, he declared that the sick will use the oil and be healed and that the pregnant women shall use it and deliver safely.  I claimed it.  I sent the oil to her and told her what Daddy said about the oil…

On the day of delivery, the doctors from different hospitals confirmed that she will deliver through operation and it’s only the baby that can come out, that the fibroid will still be there.  But through the help of Rapha Oil she took, before they could all knew it, my sister delivered her baby and as the baby was coming out, the multiple fibroid came out too, to the glory of God…Praise Master Jesus…Thank you Jesus… My Number is 08066499366.


My name is Ugwu Maureen, from (Udi-Nsude): I am thanking God of Adoration who blessed me with a bouncing baby boy when I asked for it. It happened that each time I conceive, if I should go for scan, the scan will show a male child but during delivery, I will give birth to a baby girl.  This happened up to 3 times.  After I gave birth to my third child, I went the hospital and complained to the doctors that I want a baby boy. This time, the doctors said I will wait for 3 years for my circle to be re-circled but I came to Adoration that same month, and conceived that very month.  On the day of delivery, God gave me a bouncing baby boy, to the glory of God…Thank you Jesus.  My Number is 08108892097.


My name is Nweke Samuel Tochukwu, from (Nkanu Ozara): I am thanking God who gave me healing.  It was in April this year.  I came back from school and went straight to shop and all of a sudden, my breath starting  ceasing.  I tried to rush home with Keke but the next place I saw myself was at the Mother of Christ Hospital. They fixed oxygen. They were giving me injection every 3 hrs but all to no avail. I was carried to Nsukka, to one herbalist.  The man looked at  me and saw that the case was beyond him and asked us to go and come back in 7 days time.  That was on Tuesday. Very early in morning on Wednesday, two of my brothers, Chinedu and Kenneth, carried me to E NO DEY AGAIN programme.  While all these were happening, I don’t know, because they are the people telling me what happened after I regained myself. Immediately we stepped into the church, Rev. Fr. Mbaka made a prophesy that the person carried to this place that was about to die, will not die again.  My brothers claimed it for me, and before the programme ended that day, I got healed totally. They carried me to this place but I went home on my own, to the glory of God…Thank you Jesus. My Number is 07032911152.


My name is Nwabinike Somadina Joseph, from (Anambra  State): I am thanking God of Adoration who gave my sister divine healing. My sister was diagnosed of cancer in the womb, but after I attended Adoration programme, my sister was healed.  On that day, Daddy preached on MIRACULOUS RESTORATION.  I petitioned my sister’s case to God. After the day, my sister went back to hospital.  The same doctors and nurses who saw cancer in the womb, noticed again the disappearance of the cancer.  Both the doctors and the nurses were surprised…Secondly, God of Adoration surprised me with admission after attending Adoration programme, the day daddy preached on A-Z blessings…Thank you Jesus. My Number is 07035647184.


My name is Nweke Eucharia, from (Anambra-State).  I had a serious sore throat to the extent that I was coughing out blood. So, I came to Adoration Bazaar and ate the boiled egg that Rev. Fr. Mbaka shared to Adorers free of charge.  I collected one egg and ate and drank Aqua Rapha water.

On Monday, something fell out of my throat and that was how I got healed, to the glory of God.  Praise God…08165826761.

Open doors for our NGO after thanksgiving blessings by Fr. Mbaka


emmanuel okezie

emmanuel okezie

I want to sincerely thank the Almighty God who has been using our Daddy, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka to do miraculous work in the life of the people and particularly, our NGO-IMPART-CARE FOUNDATION.

On December 6, 2014, we went for a thanksgiving service in our Daddy’s parish, Christ The King and after his prayers and blessings, many doors were opened for our NGO.

As a matter of fact, God blessed our NGO with a plot of land in Enugu State.

As if that was not enough, God brought many good spirited and large hearted Nigerians to share in the vision of NGO and today, they are partners of our NGO.

Finally, God has been consistently providing all the resources needed to take care of the widows, less-privileged, orphans etc who are under our NGO.

Praise thy Lord!  Phone Number 08064538591.

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