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Testimonies from the Recently Concluded Youth Week Programme

Testimonies from the Recently Concluded Youth Week Programme

The good Lord has not failed to manifest his undoubting love and goodness in the lives of his faithful because His love knows no bound. The month of October was actually a month of pursue, overtake and total recovery in Adoration ministry. Adorers come out en mass, lining up with this zeal to tell the world how the Lord empowered them to pursue their wants, overtake and recover all that the devil wants to steal or have stolen from them. One can see their faces beaming with smiles as they exude an attitude of gratitude towards God. However, AMEN Supernews was able to pick few of these testimonies.


My brother was imprisoned in Brazil; I came to Adoration with his pictures asking God for mercies. Right now, he is in Nigeria doing well.

Then, after my WAEC in 2011, I travelled to the village and from that day, I started having convulsion. And for 7 years that was my story. Several times I have fell from upstairs, storey buildings. How God saves me is what I cannot explain. Once, the convulsion starts, I will neither be conscious of myself nor my environment for like 3 hours. My condition had seemed to defy all medical treatment, even the cause of the convulsion could not be explained by medical experts.

I never lose faith in the healing power of Christ, and I kept coming to Adoration. One day, I came to Adoration and bought a carton of Rapha yoghurt. Actually, my condition was the actual reason why I bought the yoghurt. I believed that if it pleases God, he will show forth his mercy and heal me through the yoghurt. For long, I have heard people testifying how God healed or delivered them from a particular sickness or problem using Adoration product.

Funny enough, before I could settle down on my chair, people around me whom I came to the programme with have already started struggling for the yoghurt without even knowing why I bought the yoghurt. I managed to get one for myself. I drank that one with faith. After that night, I did not experience any ugly situation that calls itself convulsion for a long time. It was too good to believe that am healed, so I ran to the hospital for a medical check-up, lo and behold, the laboratory results proved that am no longer under the bondage of convulsion. I was certified free and healthy. Praiseeeeeeeeeeee God!!!


My father fell sick last two years ago and he was diagnosed of a prostate cancer. Since then, things had not been the same. My dad kept talking about death. He had already lost hope despite our support and encouragement.  I managed to convince him and he allowed me to bring him to Adoration ground. He participated actively in the prayers despite the fact that he is not a strong Christian believer. Afterwards, we bought lots of Adoration products for him and most times we use Rapha yogurt and Aqua rapha  pure water as his diet and drug. Gradually, the symptoms instead of increasing began to disappear. Out of curiosity, we went we went for a medical test and it was confirmed that my father is healed. I am so grateful to God.

HIS ABIDING PRESENCE IN MY MARRIAGE Ezekiel Udogu from Affa-Udi, 07037829035.

Yes! His supremacy is beyond human comprehension. I was planning for a traditional marriage, I received a threat from the native doctors from that of my in-law’s community that I should come and settle them before the D-day otherwise a heavy rain will embarrass me. I refused to yield to their threat. I brought to their notice that am an adorer and for that reason, I don’t yield to devil’s threat. I came to adoration and book mass praying for a successful event. The goodnews is that the traditional marriage went well and there was not even a drop of rain from morning till evening. In fact, the weather was cool and friendly the whole of that day.

My wife on delivery developed complications, God of Adoration came to our rescue and she delivered successfully and my baby survived the after effect of the complications.

EMPLOYMENT FAVOUR Fidelia Ugwu from Ibagwa, 08063828310.

I attended an Adoration program the day Fr. Mbaka prayed for anointing for prosperity, I faithfully keyed in into that prayer. After my graduation, I prayed that God will give me a job immediately after my NYSC. I called someone to help me but he said that I should exercise patience. One faithful day, I received a call from a family friend asking me to immediately send in my credentials for a post that just opened up at immigration Abuja. I complied even though the news was too sudden and good to be true. Before I knew it, I was called up for training. Right now, I am working with immigration. I am forever grateful to God.

DIVINE INTERVENTION FOR THE FRIUT OF THE WOMB Chinelo Oguejiofor from Ugwuoba, 08037385381.

I became an adorer from childhood but at a time, I relocated to Onitsha and later got married. After my first child I started having all forms of attack. It continued for 4yrs and thus I couldn’t conceive. I ran back to my root (Adoration ground) and ask God to manifest His power in my life. After sometime, I conceived and delivered a set of twins. It did not stop there ooo! Within a space of 8 years, God blessed me with three set of twins. It was indeed amazing before the eyes of many.

God who remembered Hannah remembered me and blessed me beyond my expectation to the disgrace of my adversaries.


There was a thoroughly screening in Nigeria police force for promotion of officers. It happened that I was below the cut off mark for the promotion. I came to Adoration and asked God for His uncommon favor. Out of 15,000 police officers screened, I was among the 8,000 that got the promotion despite the low mark. God is wonderful.


Ugwoke Frances from Nsukka, 09038660255.

My sister in-law couldn`t give birth after her first child who was already 7yrs. I started praying for she and the husband at Adoration ground with their pictures. Occasionally, I would send adoration recharge card, but because they despise catholic doctrine she refused to make proper use of these cards. I then take it upon myself to load the card and intercede for them. After one year, she safely delivered a bouncing baby.


Christian Prisca from Nsukka,  07034839369.

I came to Adoration to ask God to deliver my sister from incessant chronic sickness; she kept complaining of heart problem and swollen legs. I brought her to Adoration. She did not only receive her healing but also marital favor; and was blessed with twins. I also prayed for a double blessing of admission and marital favor in 2013. The answer to my prayer was given and immediately after my graduation, I got a job.


Ezeagba Mary Chinaza from Isiuzo, 0817036706840.

I heard a rumor about N-power from my friends. I asked them to apply for me even though I don’t even know what the N-power is all about. They applied for me despite the fact that I am an SSCE holder. I prayed during 2017 crusade for awesome miracle from Awesome God. Grace broke all the protocols that would have screened me out during their rigorous screening exercise. I kept on getting favour from any table my file was placed on. It was unbelievable. What I was doing as trying luck turned out to be real. God answered my prayers miraculously and mysteriously, I am now working with N-power.


Onyia Jartrus from Udi, 08063893790.

My 3 children had been praying for the fruit of the womb, 9 years, 6 years, and 2 years. I brought the case to Adoration night and prayed using their pictures. Right now I am a joyful grandmother of three grandchildren. To God be the glory.


Comfort Mbupi from Nkanu, 0819619998.

My son won a visa lottery but kept having disappointment in terms of processing the passport and other necessary document that is needed, I brought his case to Adoration and ask God to send a helper; God heard my supplication and showed me His grace. A man met my son and during an interaction with him, my son told him of his financial plight which seems to be a challenge to his enjoying the lottery visa. The man took pity on my son and processed those necessary documents for him free of charge. Our God is indeed wonderful.


Luke Chinyere from Imo state-08037604345.

I am thanking God who grant safe delivery to my three daughters almost at same time, and also made it possible for my last born in male to travel to Europe with ease.


Agu Veronica from Udi, 08105876636.

I bought Adoration recharge card and in one of the prayer sessions, Fr Mbaka prophesied that I will overcome challenges that will be coming my way. Few days after, our house collapsed while the kids were preparing for school but there was no casualty which was a mystery to everybody.

My daughter who heard of the recent development came to visit and plan on the next line of action on going back had an accident, but God was with her, she did not sustain any injury. God in his infinite mercy provided for my in-law who rebuilt the house for me. I am really grateful to God who did not give room to devil’s plan.

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