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The Power of Resurrection Still at Work

The Power of Resurrection Still at Work

Our government might change, weather might change, circumstances might change and even our family and friends might change towards us but God’s word and his promises never change.

After a divine encounter with the Greatest Physician of all ages on Good Friday and Holy Saturday night, adorers kept rushing to the stage mostly with tears of joy to testify God’s goodness and mercy in their life. They always line up with each and every one of them praying and hoping that the testimony session lasts longer than it should be.

There is always this attitude of gratitude and total surrender to God by someone whose hopeless situation was turned around for good and to the glory of God. That is the attitude we see in most people who flung to the stage to share their experiences. Our God is awesome.

AMEN Super News is ever committed to her promise in sharing this Good news with the world at large. Here are few of the testimonies:

Divine Healing

Eze Onyinyechi from Udi. Phone number is 09033372360

For more than five months now, I have been experiencing acute pain on my breast. It was so severe that I do carry my breast on my hands or look for a good support for it while walking around. I went for a surgery after which it disappeared. After a while, the symptoms resurfaced again.

On Good Friday night while prayers was going on, I noticed that the pain was leaving gradually. Right now, my breast is now very light. I can even dance freely now.

Divine Healing

Igweze Maryrose from Anambra. Phone number is 09039655595

My son Chidiebere who is 8 years old started having epilepsy right from birth, and from then, I started bringing him to Adoration. To the glory of God, after prayers on Good Friday night, the symptoms stopped.

Uncle Saved From Assasins

Chinyere Chiedo from Udi. Phone number is 07066741506

My mom told me to book mass for the success of my grand mom’s burial which I kept doing till the day of the burial. After the burial that day, my uncle who is a medical doctor went to 9th mile to carry out some transaction and on his way back, he met a woman carrying a child, so he offered to give the woman a lift. As he was about to drop the woman at Nsude, kidnappers forcefully entered his jeep and forced him to follow their direction. My uncle tried to negotiate with them but they told him that the person that sent them wants him and not his money. After sometime, they made a call and told someone on the phone that they have caught my uncle. As God may have it, they got to a junction and my uncle managed to swerve around a corner thereby throwing everyone off balance. The car landed into a ditch. My uncle opened the door and escaped leaving his phone behind.  These people called my brothers with my uncle’s phone and told them that they are police officers on patrol and that they met my uncle’s car in a ditch and my uncle is nowhere to be found. My brothers decided to go to the police station and get the report proper, but the police denied having any of such report. Anyway, my uncle managed to climb a tree and spent the night there. The following morning, he came back to narrate his experience. Our God saves and protects.

Divine Protection Upon My Son

Okonkwo Chioma from Agbogwugwu in Agwu. Phone number is 07032764941

It happened that there was a man living in our street. He is feared by many because of his fame in diabolic activities. After sometime, my son fell sick and it was obvious that he was under the influence of attack because he gets worse with treatment. I rushed my son to Adoration here and after prayers, God delivered him. One day, the man came again and pretends that he wants to play with my son but I refused to give him a chance. He began to threaten me saying that next time; we will not escape from his net. It was then that it dawned on me that he was the brain behind my predicament. Immediately, I stood to challenge him in the name of God of Adoration ministry. I began to pray and always participate in Adoration prayers; God showed forth His grace and delivered us from his snare.

Grace To Deliver Babies Successfully

Ali Ifeoma from Ebonyi State. Phone number is 07030969550

I am thanking God who fulfilled his promises of safe delivery in my life. Since I started giving birth to children, I can’t remember going to the hospital. Infact before I could experience any labour, the baby had already come out. Same way, as a trained nurse, I help my fellow women to deliver safely. There had never been any case complication since I started practicing midwifery.

Spiritual Armed Robbers Defeated

Unugo Mary Ogochukwu from Ebonyi. Phone number is 08069670541

There came a time in my life when I was experiencing serious financial setback, I owed debts here and there despite so many efforts I was making to upgrade financially. I had so many investments that were yielding so many profits but I kept living the life of a pauper. Most times in my dream, I do have an encounter with arm robbers stealing away my resources and after each encounter, my financial challenges will be doubled. I came to Adoration and present my case to God. I received my deliverance, because after my encounter with God at Adoration ground, my story changed. God himself did away with spiritual arm robbers in my life. Right now, am seeing the evidence of my investments. Praise God.

He is The Great Advocate

Joseph Okonkwo from Nnewi. Phone number is 08066671816

I am a builder and I worked for a big man, after working for him, he refused to pay me. I came to Adoration on Good Friday night and told God my problem. The following morning, the man started calling me asking me to come and take my money.

Divine Healing

Izuchukwu Chinenye from Enugu State. Phone number is 08110068439

I had this unexplainable fever since 2015.  It got to the extent that I was slimming seriously without any explanation. No matter what I eat, I kept losing weight uncontrollably; this is also accompanied by other health challenges. On Saturday morning, as Rev. Fr. Mbaka enjoined adorers to praise God, the whole symptoms left and since then, I never had such health experience.

 Victory over Forces of Darkness

Nwezeh Ifeoma from Ebonyi State. Phone Number is 08060507112

After my second child, I began to have miscarriage in subsequent ones, especially when scan reveals that it is a baby boy. In one of the programmes, Fr. Mbaka prophesied that adorers should refuse to be defeated, then I keyed into the prophecy. Then one night, I fought with a demon in my dream and I defeated the demon. I got pregnant again and this time, I delivered successfully a baby boy.

Divine Healing

Abubu Chisom Emmanuella from Enugu-Ezike. Phone number is 08105316872

I was having pain on my legs for two years. On Friday night when father asked us to place our hands where we are having health problem, I did as we were told and I received my healing.

Divine Protection

Nweke Blessing from Ebonyi. Phone Number is 08119047880

I am thanking God for saving my daughter from a motor accident. She survived without sustaining any injury.

Marital Favour

Nwankwo Cynthia Oluchi from Ebonyi State. Phone number is 07033024628

In 2014, I came to Adoration to pray for marital favour, academic favour and employment. As prayers were going on, Rev. Fr. Mbaka asked us to make a pledge to God. With faith I made a promise of #50, 000 believing that God will bless me with a husband who is capable of taking care of my needs and even the money I pledged. All that I asked God started coming to fulfillment the following year. I successfully passed out of law school, went for service and came back safe and sound. Then, by divine connection, I met my husband and in November, 2016, we tied the nuptial knot. God answered me just as I prayed. I asked for a humble millionaire and that is who my husband is. I am forever grateful.

Divine Healing

Nebo Oluchi from Udi. Phone number is 08167228145

For two years, I have been suffering from fibroid. I have gone to the hospital but there was no positive result. I have been bleeding for the past 5 days. During prayers on Good Friday night, I began to vomit and that was how the symptoms stopped.

Divine Healing

Mr. Fredrick Madubuko from Eziagu. Phone number is 08038882461

Since 1993, I have this boil at the lower part of my abdomen and it kept pushing up as if it is alive. When it starts to move, I will become unconscious. Secondly I happened to lift up a heavy iron and it affected my spinal cord. It has been giving me a lot of pain. After prayers on Good Friday night, every symptom and pain left me.

Divine Healing

Chinedu Sunday from Nsukka. Phone number is 08037191466

I had a serious heart attack for more than one year. Several medical diagnoses showed nothing. During prayers, the pain stopped coming and up till now, I have not seen it again.

Divine Healing

Okenwa Ebere from Nkanu. Phone number is 08145221957

I had this infection for many years. Encouragement was not coming neither from the hospital nor traditional herbs. During prayers here on Good Friday, I began to have a serious stomachache, I rushed to the toilet to stool. After the toilet, the pain disappeared.

Divine Healing

Alicia Tochi Adamma from Udi. Phone number is 07031662541

My baby who is a year and 6 months was diagnosed of heart failure. Hospital recommended a surgery in far away India. I brought him to Adoration on Wednesday taking the medical test with me. After prayers on Wednesday, there was a significant positive change in his health. After prayers on Good night, the whole symptoms disappeared.

Secondly, I had this abnormal growth on my breast. I was asked to go for surgery and that will cost me #50, 000. I came to God of Adoration in one of the Sunday masses. It was really hot that day. Afterwards, I went back to the hospital and they said that it was just an inflammation. I was given a drug to take but before I could take the drugs, it opened up by itself and pus began to come out. After that, the whole growth disappeared.

Divine Healing

Igwe Ann from Ebonyi. Phone number is 09034668935

I had a constant fever for more than 1 year. Medical test showed ulcer but despite all sorts of medical treatment, my health kept deteriorating to the extent that my bones were affected. Most times, I had this feeling of ghost following me. As prayer was going on Good Friday, I felt a sense of freedom and that the spirit has left me. That was how the fever also left.

Divine Healing

Nnamani Chisom from Nkanu.

When Chisom was little, she developed a hearing problem. Medical diagnosis revealed damage ear drum and recommended a hearing aid. We were still thinking on how to handle the situation when I brought her to Adoration, immediately we got here, she ran to the alter and after prayers, she came and told me that she can hear very well.

Divine Healing

Uzorigwe Gloria from Ebonyi. Phone number is 08132121220

I matched on poison in my place of work and since then, I began to have pains and itches on my left leg. Rapha oil was the only pain relief that has been helping out but during the healing prayers at the early hours on Holy Saturday, the leg began to itch me and from there, the pains and the whole symptoms disappeared.

Uroko Patience from Udenu. Phone number is 08130193764

I have been suffering from stomach pain for 3 years now but during prayers on Good Friday night, father asked us to hold our hands were we are having health challenges. I did so and the aching stopped.

Divine Healing

Mgbaji Loveth from Ezeagu. Phone number is 08175115818

I was having chest pain for more than one year now to the extent I couldn’t pick anything from the ground but I came to Adoration on Good Friday and I was healed during prayers.

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