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The Wind of Pentecost Testimonies from Fr Mbaka Adoration Ministry

The Wind of Pentecost Testimonies from Fr Mbaka Adoration Ministry

The magnitude of miracles recorded at Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria at the just concluded 2018 Pentecost programme of the ministry last Friday and Sunday have continued to be a subject of praise to God in the mouth of millions of worshipers at the ministry. This is happening at the wake of the reinvigorated acts of charity embarked upon by spiritual Director of the ministry Enugu Nigeria, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka which is geared towards financial empowerment targeted at not less than 30,000 persons from different states of the federation irrespective of their denomination,  sex and origin.

The Pentecost programme tagged “Be filled with the Holy Spirit” was attended by the worshipper in their innumerable measures both at the Friday Pentecost night and the Pentecost Sunday that followed. During Fr Mbaka’s ministrations on each of the programme many of the worshippers were seen manifesting the gifts of the Spirit in varied ways. As Fr Mbaka ministered without touching any of the worshipper, many of them fell down in manifestation of either the anointing upon them or their deliverance from satanic bondages such that the large space at the front of the altar stage in the Adoration ground were filled with people rolling on the ground and exhibiting different kinds of strange manifestations in practical demonstration of their encounter with the Supernatural Divine Power.

At the end of the programme each day, the stage was filled with uncountable persons who filed out to give testimony of the instant miracles they received during the programme. Some of those who testified include, Mrs Benedith Omeihe from Umunnechi L.G.A of Abia State who testified that she was healed of eye problem. According to her testimony,  “I have been suffering from eyes problem for a long time now. I went to the hospital and several eye glasses have been recommended for me, but even as that, I could not see properly with any of them. I could not even read written materials because of this problem. But after today’s prayers, Fr. Mbaka said we should check ourselves. I brought out my bible to read, and I found out that I could see the letters clearly unlike before. I can now read without straining my eyes, to the Glory of God”. Her testimony did not end at this as Fr Mbaka had to ask to read some verses in the bible which she did without wearing her glasses. She also gave a  second testimony that she had been having a burning sensation at her lungs and this used to  give her lots of discomfort. But after Fr Mbaka’ s ministration , the burning sensation was no more there and felt alright . She gave her phone number as 08024962770.

Healed from ear problem.

Ogbonna Rita from Obukpa Asadu Ideke Alumona, Nsukka  Enugu state who gave her phone contact  as 08130040772 testified  thus  “I was suffering from ear problem for a long time. Puss used to flow out from my ears as a result of the problem. This has caused me lots of discomfort and embarrassment because people around me always complain of bad odour that emanate from my ear, coupled  with the fact that I strain my ears a lot to be able to hear something no matter how loud  the person speaking with me   may sound. But I was surprise that the puss just dried up when I checked my ear after Fr Mbaka’s prayers. I also notice that I can now hear properly unlike before.”

Healed from migraine

Abigail Onuta from Aninri L.G.A, Enugu State with phone number 09064356311 testified that she was having migraine for so many years and  have gone to many hospitals and taken so many drugs but have not gotten any relief. She stated that the series of medical test that she had undergone indicated that she was suffering from typhoid, but even after taking the prescribed drugs, she would still not get herself. Most times, it was as if fire was burning her head and at that point she would not be able to think properly, look at any written materials, and will be experiencing some pain on her eyes, to the extent that would  find it difficult to open her eyes. According to her, “when the prayer was going on, I felt a cold sensation all over my body, from my head to toe. After a while, I realized that the migraine has stopped. I am not feeling any atom of the symptoms of the migraine again.

Healed from chest pain

Ogbodo Perpetua from Akpugo in Enugu State with phone number 09093218293 testified thus  “I use to have chest pain that has lasted for long. I could not shout and breathe properly. The chest pain has defiled medical attention, and I have resorted to prayers. I have been coming to Adoration and asking God for His divine healing, I was here on Friday Pentecost night programme. In the middle of the prayers, Fr. Mbaka asked us to open our mouth to breath in and out, and to start speaking in tongues after this. I did as instructed. At the end of the prayers, I could not feel the pain again. I am now healed”.

Healed from partial paralysis.

According to one Agnes Amaneche from Ezzagu in Enugu State “My right hand down to my left leg was partially paralyzed. I could not lift up my hands. I use to seek help whenever I want to wear my cloths. After the prayers, I realized that I can now lift my hands, and do what I could not do before.

Healed from bleeding

Romanus Ngeloha, from Eke in Udi L.G.A, Enugu State testified  “I was suffering from bleeding since childbirth. I have gone to several hospitals, and taken so many drugs, but to no avail. I have gone to several medical tests and most times, according to the medical result, they traced the cause of the bleeding to ulcer and pile. But after the treatment of the ulcer and pile, the bleeding would not stop. I have been coming to Adoration and praying over it. I came for the Friday all night Pentecost programme.  I was praying for His divine healing. God answered my prayers. When I got home, I check myself. I did not see any stain of blood until now, the blood is no longer coming out. The bleeding has stopped. My number is 08032405009.

Healed from mysterious itching.

Eugenia Obuero From Oji River L.G.A Of Enugu State gave her testimony in the following words:  “ I travelled to the village for the Christmas celebration last year with my kids. When we came back to Enugu, two of my kids started experiencing serious itching all over their body.  I was wondering what kind of problem it was. Once it starts, they will be restless and I will leave whatever I was  doing  to help them in scratching their bodies. Most times, in the process of scratching their bodies, blood would start coming out. To my greatest surprise, afte  a while I started having the same problem. That was when I knew that this was not ordinary. I started coming to adoration to pray over it. I did not go to the hospital because it seems it was spiritual. In my own case, sometimes I would use small knife to scratch my body because my fingers alone could not help. I usually wound myself in the process of scratching myself yet I would not feel any pain till blood would start gushing out from my body before I would realize what I was doing. I came to adoration with it and could not concentrate. At every minute of the programme, my hands were on my body scratching but I am surprised that  for thirty minutes now after the prayers, I am fine. I have been watching myself ever since Fr. Mbaka asked us to check ourselves but the itching has not surfaced. My contact is 08165333130.

Other who testified include Amaka Obaji from Efiom Ebonyi Staete with phone number 08060690824 who testified that she was healed of a chest pain she had been having for 8 years now, Eze Chukwuemeka from Ohaukwu LGA who gave his number as 07033539541 testified that he used to have constant urination such that he had to urinate  every five minutes and that after Fr Mbaka’s ministration he noticed that the constant urination had stopped and that for hours after the urination to time he was giving this testimony he had neither urinated nor had the sensation to do so.  There were many other testimonies too numerous to mention in this report and more testimonies were still being recorded at the ministry at the time of writing.

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