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F r. Mbaka moves into the prophesy of rainbow against the flood of destruction that looms on God’s Children. He says God will give Nigeria a leader of His Choice. Excerpts:

During the time of Noah, God was angered and he swore to destroy the land with flood. God gave Noah a revelation from the Oracle of the Holy spirit . “Go and prepare an Ark, enter the Ark with your family and assemble in every creature, male and female, for God will destroy the land. The males and females of these creatures shall start a new world.” A flood that lasted for 40 days and 40 nights came and filled the earth and the Ark rested upon the flood. After this, Noah sent out a dove that flew around, surveyed the earth and came back. He sent out the dove again and while it was returning, it came back with Olive leaf. This was a symbol of shalom. The bad time passed by and the calamity upon the land stopped.
As this one was happening there was a sign that appeared in the sky. We will take this message from two Biblical books that have the number 13. One is of the Old Testament and the other is of the news testament. The first is in Gen 9:13, the other one is Mark 1:13 . What Noah saw was a rainbow that appeared on the sky. It is from this rainbow that we are commencing this message.

In Gen 9:13, the Bible says, “I set my rainbow in the cloud and it shall be a token or a sign of covenant or solemn pledge between me and the earth. 14: and it shall be that when I bring flood over the earth and the rainbow is seen over the clouds, 15: I will remember my covenant between me and you and every living creature of the flesh and the water will no more become a flood to destroy and make all flesh corrupt. “
There is going to be a sign of a rainbow. It is called Egwurugwu. God said he is going to stand a rainbow as a sign that He will not destroy again. In the past there was something that was trying to destroy you and crush your family. In the past you are passing through a satanic experience.
In Mark 1:13, the Bible says that Jesus entered into the wilderness, that was the 40days of his Lenten season. The Satan followed him and tempted him

My annoyance with Satan is that it cannot be killed. It cannot die. That same Satan that lived during the time of Adam and Eve is still alive till date. It doesn’t share immortality with God, yet it doesn’t die. It is only God who is and who will continue to be. The Satan will be down some time but for now, it is still alive. What Jesus said was that we shall cast out demon. When you cast it out at Itukwu, it will go down to Amogugwu. When it is cast out at Amogugwu, it will go down to Ogbaku. It may have even given birth while it was still at Amogogwu such that what you are casting out is its child. It may be that the child is pregnant and will give birth to multiple children. When you cast it out at Anambra it will enter Onitsha market and can possess about a hundred persons one day. You cannot kill the Devil, what you can do is to bind it. Many of us are not aware that the Scripture says we should bind the Devil. In Matthew 18:18 the Scripture says that whatsoever we bind on earth is bound in heaven.
Many a time we devote our time in casting out the Devil shouting “Demon, out in Jesus name.” When you cast it out remember to bind it. When you cast it out without binding it and it comes to the road, the next thing that will follow will be road. accident.
Last week, a priest called me and informed me that one man living abroad had a brother in Nigeria who was looking after his wealth for him. One fateful morning, the man’s brother in Nigeria who happens to be a friend to the priest came to the priest’s house to pass the night so that he can go to the airport and welcome his brother that was to fly in the following morning. In the morning, the young man boarded Father’s car and drove to the airport but on the way he had an accident and died. His brother continued waiting for him at the airport.
Yesterday, there was a couple that was traveling for a traditional marriage, they had an accident and both of them died at the spot. Where do we start to talk about what Satan does? Many of these happenings that we cannot trace the source are from the Devil. Satan enters into human and uses human to work. You may be a careful driver and on the road you may try to overtake a tanker driver possessed by demons and he will use his tanker to knock you down. One Thursday during this lent the Priests from Awgu Diocese were going for prayers and one of the priests had an accident after Mpu. He was rushed to annunciation Hospital and around 10am he died.
You can see two couple that love each other only to suddenly begin to quarrel. It may be that the man is the only son and the wife is barren; it is the work of Satan. A lot of cases of infertility is caused by Satan. You can see a doctor performing an operation, instead of admitting that he is not a specialist in a particular medical case, he would damage one or two things in the woman’s womb; that is Satan at work. There are cases of infertility here and there. Many are caused by what we eat that would go and damage the fallopian tube and the uterine walls. Satan lives and is resident in hospitals. You know that corpses are kept at hospitals, the demons usually stay wherever corpses are kept.
Sometimes, one evil spirit will cry like a bird and fly pass your home and you will begin to shout Fire! As you are firing and casting it, where are you telling it to go? You can fire it at the township and it will go your village and hit someone there
There are cases of cancer everywhere; this Satan is in the air spreading cancer everywhere. In the beginning, it is hard for you to hear that someone has cancer.
There was a time it came in form of Ebola, and it was alleged that such ailments are usually found wherever there are dead bodies. Monkeys and bats after feasting on such corpses will metamorphose into some ailment like Ebola. That was why they said that monkey meats and such should be avoided. That is why I said that something has to be done about all these killings and deaths here and there. A situation where they will bomb a church and kill as many as they can and it will end like that. When a priest speaks, he would be told to keep his mouth shut and face his priestly work. Any priest that cannot protect lives should retire.
A demon of unemployment may enter a leader and make sure that there will be no job so that you will continue to suffer. There are people who are worshiping the devil. Have you forgotten that there was a time, Church of Satan came into Enugu? There work was to defile what is in the Church and blackmail the Priests and Bishop. They were in Trans-Ekulu and Abakpa and wanted to have a branch at Coal Camp. Church of Satan is attended by those that handed over their souls to Satan, the same way you gave yours to God. The world is terrible. They want to have members just as you Christians want to have members. Every body should wake up and find out if what you are passing through is from the camp of devil. It was the Satan’s work that made God angry and he used flood to destroy the world. Let me not speak so much on this point of the work of Satan. Why I had to touch it is for you to know if the devil is at work in you. Find out if that your incurable sickness that has been taking you to hospital is still something that can be handled medically. Satanically engendered diseases can never be medically cured. It is those that are working for Satan that make charms and poison. Ones they see that this young girl is going to do well, they will take her picture. They are found where traditional marriages or weddings are being performed. It may be that someone who goes to church with you is the one that is working for Satan because there are some people that eat with double plates. There are those that go to church but they are in Satan’s house such that if this one doesn’t work, the other might work for them.
When you mistakenly talk about the good thing coming your way, you will be messed up. Some of you youngmen that want to build houses, stop advertizing that house, these Satanic agents would strike you or stop the progress of work in that house if you are not strong in prayers. Sometimes they may wait for you to finish the house and you would not enter it alive. They know how to do it. And at times God would ignore them. You can imagine why God allowed the Satan to follow Jesus to the desert. Jesus left the World for Satan and went into the desert to pray yet Satan followed him to the desert. Please warn this devil. What did Jesus do to him?
There are some young women that the Devil follow to their husband’s houses as they get married. There are those it follows to Labour ward. Last night someone called me and told me that she is in the labour ward because she is having acute bleeding. In some cases, the Satan that follows a pregnant woman to labour ward would kill both the mother and the child. In some other cases, the child may die and while the mother lives and vice versa. Demon? Holy Ghost fire! I cover you with the blood of Jesus, I protect you with the Blood of Jesus. I mark you with the blood of Jesus.

The best instrument of the devil is the human instrument. The devil may enter your best friend and his work would be to be making you annoyed at all times. You can’t tell what you did to that person. In the yard where you are living, one possessed by devil may make sure that you will never smile or laugh. You that is possessed by God, how do you handle such situation? Someone possessed by God should be greater than someone possessed by Satan. There should be no point in your life you will relax and say now, everything is okay for me. When the devil comes the way it did in Job’s house, it can wreck havoc in your house. Those your children that you are boasting with, you can lose them one day if you are not careful. Once we are in this world, know that the whole world is in the power of the devil. That was why Jesus said in John 16:33 “in the world there is tribulation but in me there is peace, be of peace, be of cheers I have overcome the world” . I recommend cheers for you people of God within this season. No matter what is happening and what you are hearing be of cheers. Smile over any one you meet. That person that is making you angry where you are living, I want you to go before him/her and laugh. That person that you don’t talk to, you are the one drinking the poison .if that person succeeds in making you angry that person has already possessed you. So don’t be angry again.

Why you should not be angry or worry again is because there is a rainbow. Rainbow people , that is what you are. We are going to operate on the rainbow power. People of the divine rainbow, God is assuring you today that once the rainbow appears, there will be a sign of irrevocable covenant. All the plans the devil has against you must be negated, invalidated and rendered illicit once the rainbow appears in Jesus name. Every agenda of the devil against you must be nullified once the rainbow appears. Even the anger of God against you will be assuaged once that rainbow appears.
If the devil has earmarked you for destruction, with the sign of rainbow, we are standing in Gen 9:13 upon your head and life and decree that all the mouth that spoke ill against you shall later speak good of you in Jesus Name, because there is a rainbow prophesy. There is a rainbow upon your destiny; rainbow is coming out upon your family, and rainbow is coming out upon your vocation. In your family there is a rainbow, upon your family there is a rainbow. All the members of this your family should get ready to dance with Noah because the flood cannot destroy you anymore. In Isaiah 59:19 the book of life says, “When the enemy comes against you like the flood, do not be afraid or panic. Stand firm.” I don’t want you to start lamenting over what is happening in your life; the devil is doing its work but God will surely take glory upon you in Jesus name.
Do you see that thing you are passing through now and that thing that is passing through you? You will crossover all these under the power of the colorful rainbow.

Upon Nigeria there is a rainbow. This is a country that God loves so much. I don’t know any country in this world that God loves like Nigeria. If you have ever traveled around you will understand what I am saying. If you are in America during volcanic eruption, natural disaster, you will hate America. If you are in the Europe during winter or any of these natural disastrous moments, you will hate Europe. They have the dollar, the Euro and the Pounds yet they cannot stop these.
Nigeria is a country where we have wonderful people with different colours; some are fair, some are dark, some are tall, some are short, some are fat while some are slim yet the brain that God gave to everyone is like a generator house. Everybody is wise and ready to work. Nigerians are breed of people who can survive mosquito bites. Do you know that when a Whiteman is bitten by mosquito, he will be taken care of the way Ebola patients are treated here in Nigeria? How many mosquitoes have bitten you? But is it means nothing to you.
Some of us here eat soured cassava, if a white man eats this, he will have diarrhea for one year. We drink Soured Pap and yet we are healthy. Go to hotels, Mama put and even in certain homes and see where Nigerians feast on housefly infested food. If a fly perches on a Whiteman’s food, he will no more eat the food. Tem for Jesus.
Nigeria is a blessed country. You can see us with hoes and cutlass farming, can a Whiteman do this? I am praising God for this flood that is looming in Nigeria with which the devil wants to destroy this country. But Isaiah 59:19 says we should stand firm when this devil comes upon us like flood. This is because, there is someone called the Holy Spirit, he will lift a standard for us. The Standard I am talking about today is the rainbow standard. The Holy Ghost will lift the standard. In the Old Hebrew version, the Bible says, that the Holy Ghost will lift a standard like a mighty ocean. The other one is coming like a flood but the Holy Ghost will lift a standard like an ocean. When the ocean comes it will sweep off that water that is flooding your house.

The symbol rainbow has our new testamental representation. In 1st Peter 3 we talk about our baptism. We talk about Jesus in whom we are baptized into his life and death. So when we talk about the rainbow in the context we are preaching about it, we are not just talking about the rainbow that we see on the sky, we see somebody hanging on the air in the middle of the cross. We are talking about Jesus. We can say that Jesus is our rainbow. In so far as Jesus lives, every wound in his body represents a particular colour of the rainbow and by this wound we are healed. By this wound, no demon can conquer you.
The Holy Ghost is going to spit out something that will sweep off that your adversary and his or her deeds. They will be on the run very soon in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. So whenever you want to cry, remember that there is a rainbow. Whether it is happening here in Enugu or in your own state, or in Nigeria what gives me joy is that God has released the prophesy of rainbow.
There is a rainbow. Anybody threatening to intimidate and deal with you or boasting that you must cry and that he is greater than you, “By the time I finish with you, when I win election I will give you the chair you will stay, I will do this and do that,” tell that person that there is a rainbow. Somebody shout Rainbow. I stretch my hands towards your families, so that the rainbow shall stand. When the anger of God comes and this rainbow appears, his anger will be assuaged. When this rainbow appears, barren women will conceive.
This Church of Christ that is in tears somewhere, once this rainbow stands the gate of hell shall not prevail against the church, Mathew 16:19.
That man or woman that took your picture to the house of native doctors, I am here presenting you and your family before God so that He will preserve you for me. No hand can reach where the rainbow is. This sign that will deliver you, human hands cannot reach where it is positioned. He that will destroy you shall first have to destroy the rainbow. Because in Jeremiah 29:11, God has plans for you for the future and a hope.
I bless the good plans of God for your life. I stand in Jeremiah 31:17 to bless this your life. Nobody can stop the plan of God for you from being made manifest. It must happen; it is a matter of time. No matter what the devil is doing or where it has followed you or your family members to, it will not succeed.
This problem that is making you to visit the native doctor’s house for solution that is idolatry. When I was in Secondary school, there was one House that went to make football charm from a native doctor so that they will win a competition. The person whom they will use for the charm has to be painted with whitewash all over his body and all he would put on was his pant. They said that once he moves at the back of the opponent’s goal post, they will score goals. The native doctor gave him something like a flag to carry about and all other Houses became afraid of him. When the football match started, he moved behind his opponents goal post and instead of his team scoring, the other team scored against them. He did this twice and the other team scored them. His team felt that may be the native doctor made some mistake and so they told him to move to their own goal post. While he was there another goal was scored against them bringing the number of goals against them to three. After their defeat, they went to the native doctor and told him what happened and the native doctor asked them, “did you talk while you are rubbing the man with the whitewash?” They told him that he didn’t tell them not to talk and he replied them that he said it with charm language and maybe that was why they didn’t understand it. They paid him for the charm language and took his advice.
Two days later they had another match, they painted the same man making sure that no body spoke at that point. When they finished, they positioned him at their own goal post. Two minutes into the match, the other team scored two goals against them. Out of annoyance one of them went and collected the flag from the whitewashed man and broke it. They were defeated again and when they went back to the native doctor he told them that the two goals against them was just at the commencement and that if not that the flag was broken, they would have won the match. That is the native doctor for you. When to asked him why should there be a goal against them at all even when they didn’t talk while whitewashing the man, the native doctor replied him that may be they had something in their minds at that point and they were speaking with their minds. Native doctor? They are mostly patronized by ladies who think that their time is passing. If your time is passing, is God’s time passing too?

    He that is above has a rainbow above. and this rainbow has seven colours
    Number one colour is Red, this reddish color has what we call in Rev 1:5 and Col 1:14, power of redemption. In Zech 10:8, He will redeem you. Psalm 130:7 for in Him there is plentiful redemption. Luke 1:77, He will bring you redemption. There is redemption upon your head under the power of rainbow. I scatter whatever the devil has done upon your life. The Colour is red and the blood of Jesus has the color red and in this blood you will be redeemed.
    The other colour following it is Orange. Orange has the meaning of Omnipotence. In God we enjoy the attribute of Omnipotence. No one is mightier than God. Job 23:13, says for you are the almighty and you cannot change. Nobody can change God and nobody can change the rainbow colour. Nobody can change this blessing coming to you. No native doctor, charmer, occult grand master can change it. The Lord remains omnipotent. All these that the devil is doing is what we call tutu gaga. They are boasting in vain.
    This rainbow has the yellow colour. There are some of you that the Heaven is going to make colourful. Very soon you are going to dance with colours. In Mark 1:13, what touched me was that when the Lord Jesus Christ entered the desert and the Satan followed him to tempt him, something happened; the angel of God followed him as well to attend to him. The devil cannot be attacking you without the omnipotent God sending an angel to assist you. My people there are an angel waiting to take care of you. You are colourful and you are angelic. It doesn’t matter what the evil wants to do, once the devil sees the angel of God, it will run away. I don’t know the devil that is trying to destroy your life, marriage, vocation or any part of your body, womb, kidney, liver, etc, I am reminding you and the devil that both Jesus and the Angels are for you. Jesus entered the desert for us; with the angel following him for us. That is why in Rom 8:31 the Bible says that if God is for us, who can be against us? In 1st Jn 4:4 the Bible says little children fear not, you are of God, you have overcome them for greater is he who is in you than he who is of the world. You are a radical over comer. Before now they used to see the colour of what is coming to you, but this time around, somebody is hidden inside the colour and will never understand your colours any more. If they see that you are red, you will begin to be like Orange; if they want to see the Orange colour, they will see yellow. In this yellow we have the Yes of 2nd Cor 1:19-20 where the Bible says that all the promises God made are fulfilled in Christ Jesus and in Him we have the Yes. I say yes, that it shall be well with you, that in 3rd John 2, you shall prosper even as your soul prospers. That in Hab 1:12 you shall not die, you shall live; that in Psalm 91:16, he will satisfy you with long life and give you salvation: That in Exodus 23:26 no woman in this land shall be barren and non shall miscarry. That you will never miscarry your blessings, your favours will not be miscarried, your good opportunities will not be miscarried; this goodness coming to you will not be miscarried.
    That when in the book of Psalm 145:16, God fills his hand with favour and satisfies you with it so that when the favour come upon you, no demon can miscarry it against you. That in 1st Chor15:57, you are conquered in Christ Jesus, you are victorious in Christ Jesus. You are victorious in Christ Jesus. In Deut 28:12ff you shall no longer be a borrower, you shall be a lender. Do you believe you will be a lender? That in the year 2015, God will give Nigeria, the president of his choice. That in 1st Peter 5:10 after you have laboured for a little while, the Lord will settle you, and will establish you and complete what is lacking in you. Do you believe in Gen 22:17 ? That in the time of blessing God will bless you and in the time of multiplying, he will multiply you. Do you believe in John 10:10, that the thieve comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus had come that you may have life in abundance? Do you believe in Zechariah 10:10 that God is going to grant you liberation and fill you with children that will keep coming until there is no room to contain them? That you will keep succeeding until there is no space for success. This bad situation shall not last forever, a time of divine change is coming.
    There is another colour in that Rainbow after yellow which is green. The Greenish colour will be wonderful for you. There is what is called greatness. In Gen 12:2 the Bible says, “I will make you great.” Greatness is coming to you. I am claiming and prophesying it for you under the power of rainbow colour. The days of misery will be over, the days of sorrow will be over, your rainbow will appear. It is not only greatness with the G, in the power of Jn 1:16, the Lord says, he will lift you from one glory to another glory. God will lift you from your bad condition and take you from one glory to another glory. In Jn 17:1 join Jesus to cry “father, the hour has come, glorify me, my family, my vocation, and glorify Nigeria in the name of Jesus. God will make you greenish and you shall flourish like the palm tree and be like the Cedar of Lebanon. I stand in Psalm 90:12 and bless you, that it shall be well with you. In Psalm 92:10 -13 when this my God will begin to make you to flourish, you will be greenish. Even your bank account that was red will be greenish. That’s why Psalm 92:12-13 says that you will be planted in the House of God and that’s why you shall bear fruit even when you are old. In Psalm 23:2 you shall see yourself by the green pastures under the colour green.
    There is another colour after the colour Green, it is the Blue colour. The Blue colour is blessedness; God will bath you with his blessings because the Lord is with you in Gen 39:2. Once He is with you, blessing will be your portion, prosperity, success, victory and favour shall be your portion. In Gen 12:2-3 after the Lord had said, “I will make you great, he said, ” I will bless you and make you a blessing and whoever will bless you, I will bless and whoever will curse you I will curse, I pray that God will never revoke your blessings. As the rainbow stands, so shall your blessing stand.
    After the Blue colour, we have the I- Colour called the Indigo Colour. In that indigo Colour we talk about the Image of God. We pick Gen 1:26 where the Bible says that we are created in the image and likeness of God- imago dei. When this devil comes to embattle you, the face it will see will be the face of God. You will wear the face of God like a mask. That demon that you are afraid of will begin to be afraid of you because it will see the image of God in you. Amen. In Col 1:27 the Bible says that Christ Jesus in you is the Hope of Glory. Amen. Col 3:3 says that you are hidden in Christ and Christ in God. Col 3:4 says that our life is in Christ. Think about this.
    After the Indigo colour, the last Colour is Violet which stands for victory. You are going to enjoy and partake in the victorious exercise of the redeemer, Emmanuel. In this length, I can see you walking in victory. You will walk in dominion and in victory. Stand up and walk in victory, don’t allow the devil to intimidate you. Jesus Christ is our rainbow. He is sign in the sky, the sign of the old and new generation. If the rainbow of old could save the people of Old, Jesus Christ in our own testamental moment will save us more. In Romans 8:37 in all these we are more than conquerors. No one can defeat you, demons or native doctors cannot win you. In Act 2:24 the Bible says that death cannot hold him captive. No one or demon can hold your destiny captive. Whoever tries to kill you will kill himself.

You are going to move in colours. God will beautify you. Remember Ecc 3:11, “He beautifies all things in his time.” God will beautify you, and make you colourful. In Isaiah 61:3, He will turn your ashes into beauty.

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