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Fr. Mbaka exposes the shades of Wickedness in Nigeria; asked after the  MASSOB Igbo boys and assures all of  God’s Salvation. Exerpts:

“Mighty and ever living God, we present your children to the power of your salvation, to the power of your redemption, as we talk about Sotoria and Sozo.  Salvation and Liberty of the Children of God. Freedom of the people of God, Father be pleased to show us your mercy in this wicked generation for you are lord forever and ever.

Everybody here is an enemy of the devil. The devil hates and rejects you. Demons are wicked, treacherous, harmful, vengeful and unforgiving.

What Jesus did against the devil on Calvary, the devil and his children are still planning on how to avenge it against the children of God.


There is what Jesus calls in Luke 11:29 “this wicked generation”.  We have once preached a message many years ago titled, ‘This wicked generation.’ I am not the first to mention it, Jesus  was the first to mention it. Generation that hates God. Generation that hates the word of God. Generation that perpetrates the anachronism of anti clericalism.  A generation that seeks ways to defile the Lords anointed; a generation that would kill the Lords anointed if they see the means. The Bible says in Ps 105:15, touch not my anointed and my prophet do no harm.

Anti clericalism has to do with anything that will defile the integrity or the anointed and will attack the church. That is Satanism and hyper occultism. That is witchcraft at the crescendo of disaster and destabilization.

Anything I say in English, I would always explain but you wouldn’t realize when it is being translated.  If you do not understand it, you would not have been coming here. You come again and again because you understand it.  When I was posted newly to Christ the King, I spoke Igbo to the extent that people were complaining that I don’t know how to speak English. It didn’t take long and we took off in grammar and people now say that I need an interpreter.  I am an interpreter, I interpret what I speak.

As we are saying, in Luke 11:29, Jesus said that this is a wicked generation. The wickedness is not just what we call homolubus  i.e, man becoming a wolf to another man, that one is part of it. This is a Cain generation.  Are you a Cain or are you an Abel? I am an Abel but Cain cannot kill me. Cain cannot kill you. This is a wicked generation. In a  wicked generation,  wickedness is being perpetrated and celebrated; the seed of wickedness is being manured and watered . Wickedness is culture and tradition.  Wickedness becomes an unholy sacrament to be celebrated.

A time like this is a bad time where ones sees his bother prospering and became antagonistic.  Today I  am telling those who are having diarrhea and heart attack because you are prospering that they should be prepared to shit blood and intestines because what will happen is greater than what had happened in the past.  Do you catch the message?


All these happened at the time of Jonah and Jesus asked in Luke 11:32 Someone greater than Jonah  is here.    When I say that somebody greater than Jonah is here, point at the crucifix and shout Jesus.

I said that someone greater than Jonah is here. Tem tem tem to Jesus. Jonah was a creature, Jesus is the creator. Jonah was a man, Jesus was the man and God. Jonah was a prophet; Jesus was the Prophet, the King and Priest. Jonah was born with original sin, Jesus was born without original sin.   Jesus is the mediator between man and God. He came for the whole universe, Jonah came for the Ninevehites alone. Jonah entered into the womb of the whale because of his disobedience, Jesus went to Calvary because of obedience. In Phil 2:6ff and the Bible says, “Have you the mind of Christ Jesus who though he was God, humbled himself.” Jonah was proud and arrogant, Jesus was humble, meek, gentle and lovely. Jonah was unforgiving, Jesus is forgiving. This Jesus here has wounds all over his body; I have never heard about the wounds of Jonah, but I know of the wounds of Jesus.  Matt 8:17 and 1st Peter 2:24 quoting Isaiah 53:4-5 says he bore our diseases, he carried our infirmities, the chastisement that made us whole was upon him and by his wounds, we are healed. Last Sunday during the offertory, a man came to tell me that he was among those that came for Wednesday programme and received his sight. He said it was the time that we were shouting Jesus that something opened his blind eyes. His wife told me that God has removed a heavy burden on her as what she used to do was to lead this man around.  You don’t know what it means to be blind.  If you are told to choose between blindness and being cripple, which will you choose? I reject both of them for you. You shall not be blind, cripple, mad, deaf or dumb. Let the spirit responsible for all these be sent to Eckbacktnar in Jesus name. Amen.

Continuing with my analysis on Jesus and Jonah, Jesus rose from dead on the third day. In Matthew 28:2, the angel sat on the grave and the stone rolled away. In, Mark 16, the question was who will roll away the stone? But on the third day, before they reached the grave, the stone has been rolled away. In Acts 2:24, the Bible says that death cannot hold him captive. I pronounce upon you that in Jesus name, death cannot hold you captive.

It was at the command of God in Jonah 2:10 that Jonah was vomited after three days. Jonah did not die before he was delivered from the womb of the whale. Jesus died before he came out.  Follow this theological explanation.  Jonah did not resurrect because one has to die before one is acclaimed to have resurrected. Jonah was vomited, Jesus resurrected.

What I am telling you is that someone greater than Jonah is here. In Philippians 2:9, God has given Jesus the name above every other name. In Matthew 1:21, his name shall be called Jesus and so Phil 2:10 says that at the name of this Jesus, every knee shall bow; the knees of those in heaven, on earth and those under the ground will prostrate and fall at the mention of this name Jesus.

The Angels shall spread their wings and prostrate at the mention of His name. Both the demons and your sickness will bow. Forces of darkness will bow at the Mention of His name. And the Bible says in Phil 2:11 that every tongue must confess to the glory of God the father that Jesus is the Lord.

What I am trying to say is that the name of Jonah will not save, but the name of Jesus will always save. For there is no other name given unto man by which we shall be saved except this name JESUS.

His hand has held me and you firmly and there is nothing the wicked and demons can do.

The whale was never afraid of Jonah but swallowed him. One day in the days past, in John 4, Jesus was in the boat sleeping while the sea was being stormed.  For someone to be sleeping under a turbulent sea , that person must be extra ordinary. A storm is different from ordinary water wind. The Storm can carry the boat to one side and hit it there with a thunderous sound, yet it was under this condition that Jesus was sleeping.  By this Jesus was saying “Hakuna Matata, don’t worry, I can handle it”. Severally what could be the root cause of such wave is the action of whale in the water. It may be that same whale that swallowed Jonah that came to swallow Jesus. Jesus woke up and told his panic stricken disciples not to worry, “Nothing mega”.  I say nothing mega to that storm that has risen against you and your family. I say nothing mega to that thing that is making your heart to skip.  I could envision Jesus calming the disciples. The whale had swallowed Jonah in the past and has now come to swallow Jesus and his disciples with the erroneous impression that whatever that starts with the letter “J” was meant to be swallowed. It didn’t know that Jonah was a grass cutter but this one is an Ebi. E ji aka anwude nchi ma na ejighi aka anwude ebi.  It didn’t know that the one in the boat was God himself who created the oceans and the whales. It didn’t know that Jonah was a water body it could swim but this one is fire itself. Deut 4:24 says for the Lord your God is a devouring fire.  When he stood up he lifted his hand on the sea and commanded the waves to be still.


If we continue to give the distinguishing characteristics and analysis between Jesus and Jonah,  a whole day will not be enough for us. Let us just  go back to what I was telling you that someone greater than Jonah is here. That water where they keep your name and did some incantations against you is the water that Jesus had commanded to be still. No evil power from this water can prevail against you, child of God.  Some critics continued to say that Jesus was in the boat and that he never touched the water nor allowed it to touch him. Then when he came to Matthew 14, after he fed his multitude with fish and bread, he went  into prayers and his disciples departed in a boat. The whale came back again to torment them with the water waves. You know the devil is never at rest, but God will keep on conquering and destroying the power of darkness any time it rises up.


The disciples’ boat were at the verge of being capsized , they thought they have come to the end of their lives and were about to give up the ghost. It is in this situation that many of you are now in, you have cried to God and it seems He doesn’t answer, you are tired of the world and your conditions, but God answers. It may be at that point when you have done your best, reached the end of the road or finished all your bullets that you can do nothing again, then will come the power of God. At that moment, whatever happens will be miracles.

If God should intervene all the while you are making these efforts, you will take the praise by thinking that it was by your effort that you prevailed. God wants you to be exhausted; at that point, no one will doubt that it was God that saved you.


What we are saying is that this someone greater than Jonah in this wicked generational time and season knows what to do at all time. That whale that swallowed Jonah came to swallow the disciple of Jesus since Jesus was not in the boat with them. The devil has looked and observed that at the other day, Jesus was with the disciples in the boat and this situation, he was not there. The devil is an opportunist. The devil is the King and queen of wickedness.  The hand of devil is everywhere you see wickedness.   A generation where a child kills his mother for money ritual. A generation where a husband would kill his wife for money ritual  and use the money to build mansions. A generation where a wife would want to kill her husband to claim his assets without taking his liabilities- this wicked Generation. A generation where someone kills his son to become opulen.  A generation where children organize to  kill their parents for money rituals. Children use their mother’s parts after killing them, some eat their mother’s liver, all in money making ritual bid; a wicked generation.

If you trace the cause of death of many people who died today, you will be shocked. Satanism is the order of the day. A generation can enter into covens to render someone barren, they enter into the mirror to kill a woman at labour ward. A generation where one is projected to be perpetually pregnant.

One young man was doing well academically and a diabolic man threatened him that he will render him perpetually pregnant. The young man challenged the Diabolic man that a man does not get pregnant. The diabolic man went in perverse ways and the young man’s tummy began to protrude. Unfortunately for the young man, he went in search of solution in the diabolic way and idolatrously by going to the native doctors and he died in the process. It is only Jesus that can save; native doctors and deities cannot save you.  What the native doctors do is head for head. It is only in the house of Jesus that when you are freed, you are free in deed.

In this wicked generation, there are wickedness in the water, air and the land. They can project to pull down a moving aircraft by their satanic power in the marine universe. Remember the Malaysia air line, up till now no one can tell what happened.

In this wicked generation there are reasons why you are being attacked.  It may be because you bought a car, or because you dug a house foundation, or because your business is doing well or because someone is seeking your hand in marriage.

Anybody that is wicked is a friend of the devil. Every government that is wicked is embraced by the devil. They will tell you that nothing will happen, but when God would come, things will happen. The will of the father must prevail. That was the way the devil was dealing with Peter and the disciples. They were about to be drawn, lo and behold someone walking on the surface of the water. Ogadagidi. Peter and co thought it was a ghost and they became afraid the more. But Jesus kept walking on the water and advancing to them.  Someone greater than Jonah is here.

When he drew nearer, Peter told him lord if it’s you, let me walk up to you. I am telling you that the ocean that swallowed Jonah cannot swallow you, because someone greater than Jonah is here. If your success and prosperity is locked and the key thrown into the ocean, be unlocked today in Jesus name as Jesus moves on the waters. Jesus is the master key. Let the power of any whale, the marine powers, the power of Mama iwota, Papa iwota power, ikoroiwota power, Okoro iwota power, baby iwota power, grandma iwota power, grandpa iwota power, president iwota, governor iwota, party iwota, whatever be their iwota powers, be consumed now by the Holy Ghost fire.

Now be unlocked in Jesus name. I don’t know who locked you, but I tell you to be unlocked in Jesus name.

As this was happening, Peter asked him Lord if it is your command that I walk to you and he told peter to come. Peter walked on the waters but when he saw the waves, he became afraid and began to sink that he cried, “Save me Lord” and Jesus stretched forth his hands and saved peter, he said you man of little faith, why do you doubt? Matthew 14:29-40.


Fear can cast you into the water. Don’t fear the wicked generation; don’t fear the evil men, they cannot destroy you. They cannot harm you.  The hand of God will deliver you as he delivered Peter. Let this hold you, protect you, sustain you, protect you and embattle for us. This hand will give us healing, deliverance success, signs and wonders. In this hand we shall have victory in the name of Jesus.


There was peace on the sea, tranquility and stillness, that is the way peace will prevail in your life and mind. You shall prevail over this situation you are crying for; the situation is going to cry for you. This condition you are running away from is going to run away from you. Even the blessings you are looking for are going to  look for you very soon. the Miracles that you desire are going to desire you.     How it will happen I don’t know but you will be in that situation and Jesus shall walk up to you. My prayers is that Jesus will come in this situation.

In this evil and wicked generation, the leaders are not concerned about the condition of those they are leading. They don’t care whether they live or die. In the days of Jesus, when he was walking about, he preferred to die to save all of us, but the leaders of our generation wants us to die so that they will live.


In Jeremiah 23, the Bible says, I am going to give you a shepherd after my own heart. He will care for you. God will send for us, Presidents, Senators,  Governors, House of Rep Members and House of Assembly members, Chairmen of various Local Governments, Igwe of various autonomous communities, Priests in various Parishes, Bishops of various Dioceses, good parents in different families, that will care for those they are leading in Jesus name.

You may be a House made or servant today, but God will make you the Madam or Master tomorrow. Don’t join the wicked generation.


This is a generation where thousands of our unemployed youths are asked to purchase immigration forms and they contributed so much millions of Naira, then they assembled them at a field brought  few answer sheets and threw it to them to scramble for it. There was uninvestigated stampedes that lead to the matching of people to death. Today nobody is talking about that one.  Those killed by stampede and those that were hospitalized no one knows which are greater. Today where is the money? Today where is the job? This is a wicked generation. Tufia.


This is a generation that is perpetrating an anachronism of wickedness. Over there when our Niger Delta boys started protesting and doing what we call in our street slogan “swaga”, they began to vandalize the Pipe lines and protesting that they were not taken care of. Really they were not taken care of, their waters were polluted, no jobs for them whereas they were the real people that have the oil. Even up till today, their case, has not been handled. How many refineries are working in Niger Delta? I don’t know what the Niger-Delta people did to this Saul. They used guns and every sophisticated weapon to protest. Eventually the President under Yar’Adua summoned them and Nigerian government knelt down for them begging them, and it was called amnesty. They were settled.

Sometimes you will see Yoruba people coming out of the street to demonstrate, and no body will touch them. They will be settled. In the Northern part, the young men their will roll out their anger and government will call them and pacify them. But our young men, the Igbo boys will come out of the streets without guns, bullets, catapult in the name of MASSOB and government will give order for their arrest. Many of them wouldl be jailed and imprisoned; some were imprisoned for 25years. These are Igbo sons. What has the Igbo done? This is a wicked generation that kills the Igbo children, and we don’t have a say. Go to prisons and see our children there. Unfortunately those who should speak for us are also wicked, because they have gotten their own portion from the government and eaten to their satisfaction. I know that very soon this message will become another problem but we must continue to say the truth. Where are the Igbo sons? Where are our MASSOB boys? Where are they? Sometimes ago at a river in Anambra, hundreds of unidentified dead bodies our young men were seen and a report came that they were the bodies of the MASSOB boys. This is a wicked generation, wicked generation will not endure and wicked persons will not continue to rule over you.


Evil will not continue over you. I am praying for a generation Godly men will rule and evil men will be under their feet. I am praying for a time Godly people will be on the horses and on the platform of administration.    I am not talking of Church goers, I am talking of those that have the fear of God in them. Was it not in the church that Jesus was betrayed? If as it is said that out of every 12 we have one Judas, then how many Christians have we now? Divide the number by 12 and then you will be shocked how many Judas we have.

I lift my hands up for the Igbo young men who are protesting that the Igbo nation is being maltreated and they are being accused of trying to pull down Nigeria. How can they be accused of pulling down Nigeria when they do not have any gun? Why can’t there be amnesty for the MASSOB Igbo boys?

Many lives were lost in Anambra as people defend the government they don’t know and deny their own brothers. Come to Enugu here, in Imo, Abia and Ebonyi , many of our youths are gone.

I am praying for a time children of God will begin to have compassion otherwise you are also wicked and it will never be well with the wicked. I am also asking for the power of God in this wicked generation for the unction for charity, unction for righteousness and unction for peace. That we shall be like Jesus. We should not say that because wickedness is in vogue, let us join the bandwagon.  I raise my hands of Prayer onto God. In this wicked generation, their plan in the terminus ad quo is to put you in the grave yard, but because we have someone greater than Jonah here whose name is Jesus, we reject everything from the domain of wickedness and say no to the agenda of this wicked generation. We say no to the religion of this wicked generation and say yes to the religion of Jesus Christ.  We say no to the name of any occultic grandmaster, we say no to the rulership of any occultic government, we say yes to the word of God in Jesus name.

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