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More often than not, we come across some scriptural verses without realizing the potency of the words therein. Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria revealed the secret power of Rev 12:11 where he identified the two most powerful weapons against the enemy.

This mind-blowing revelation equips war-faring Christians for the endless battle against the devil and its antics. Here are the excerpts of the message:
“Look up at the altar, Jesus is at the altar. Our Lord is on the altar. The Miracle worker is on the altar. We have the word of exhortation with which we will go today. The operational verse is in Rev 12:11. It contains the two most dangerous weapons: Blood of Jesus plus testimony equals to victory.
Our exhortation is titled two most dangerous weapons. The bible says in that verse that we have conquered by 1. the blood of the lamb and 2. The word of our testimony. It means that with the blood of the lamb (Jesus) and our testimonies, victory is assured. With these two weapons you will conquer the devil. You will conquer that power that used to defeat you.
Many of us are specialists in calling the blood of Jesus but forget the other weapon called testimony. When I was meditating on this, an inspiration came that the blood of Jesus is like a very big gun, while the testimony is like the bullet. The gun without the bullet is almost functionless. The two have to come together.
Put it the other way round, the blood of Jesus is like a jet fighter up there with bombs fighting somebody inside the water. In that case for you to record a significant success in that fight, you need a warship. Two of them are meaningful but you need the two to win. So it is with the blood of Jesus and the words of our testimony.
So let us talk about the power the blood of Jesus and talk about testimony.
I am a member of this family that believeth in the power that is hidden in the blood of Jesus. The inherent dunamics and exotia in the blood of Jesus. So I cover you with the blood of Jesus. I seal you with the blood of Jesus.
There is something I found out. Most times someone being pursued by death doesn’t know that he is being pursued by death. All we used to hear is that someone is dead. As you are here, I want to tell you that you are a target .The devil hate you. 1st Peter 5:8 says, be calm and vigilant for the devil, your enemy is sprawling like a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour. Many of us , Christians, don’t believe that devil exist. Whether you believe or not that devil exists means nothing. If Jesus believed they exist and will be dealing with them, how can somebody just because he did quasi theology and lame philosophy, because you can quote the Aristotle’s philosophy or whatever, you would begin to challenge existential realities.. Now Jesus has the victorious blood. This is a revelation, a secret given that if you want to conquer, you should use these two most dangerous weapons. The blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.
This child of God that they are about to defeat, we decree today that you have conquered with the blood of Jesus and the word of your testimony. They are like the two hands working together. The combination of the duo will give us the victory that we expect. When the blood of Jesus and your testimony meet together then there would be commotion, (o na-afio, o naada; )
Like I said earlier, when somebody is pursed by the Spirit of death, he would not know. What we used to hear is when somebody has died. So we want to get victory over that satanic power that used to defeat you. The heaven wants you to start winning them all for in Romans 8:37 the bible says in all these, your are more than conquerors. By the fact of this message, you are not just going to be a conqueror; you will be more than conqueror. Your back will never touch the ground. You will be called champion in battle. (Odogwu abro guy name ).
We call on the power in the blood of the Lamb. The blood we are talking about is not the blood of a cow or hen. It is the blood of the Lamb of John 1:29, John said “behold the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world”. It is this lamb that is in the altar and with the power of the lamb we claim victory over that satanic power following you about, we have defeated that sickness that is pursing you about. We have defeated that barrenness that is taking you to different places .we have defeated the curses following you about .we have defeated all that has been defeating you in the blood of Jesus.
I anchor in the power that is existing in this blood in Heb 13:20 and cover you in the blood and claim victory for you in the blood of Jesus. In Rev 1:5 the bible says “We are redeemed with this blood of Jesus. Rev 5:9 says “He has purchased us with his blood”. Mark 10:45 says, He came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. This blood is ransoming blood. In 1st Peter 1: 18-19 the bible says that we are purchased with nothing that is perishable rather we are purchased with the imperishable blood of Jesus Christ.
If you are a debtor in the spirit, or if your ancestors and progenitors are debtors, with this blood, the debt has been cleared. This is our dogma and believe that the blood of Jesus Christ is imperishable, priceless and invaluable .And we are purchased with this blood. It is our scriptural theology. Before any evil hand would touch you, it will first have to deal with the blood that is covering you.
There is what we call bride price. In both Jewish and Igbo tradition when a woman is given out in marriage, her bride price would have to be paid. Before that woman marries another husband, her bride price have to be returned to the former husband otherwise if the woman should give birth in the latter man’s house, the child belong to the former. So there was a pride price paid on your head and mine and that is the blood of Jesus. It is in this blood that you will stay and be winning.
The devil might be accusing you that you are a sinner. The fact of this message emanated when the dragon was trying to destroy a woman and a child. As it was pursing them then in Rev 12:7 archangel Michael came and the battle definition changed. When you hear about Arch Angle Michael coming, he doesn’t come alone. Michael is not just the leader of angelic armies; he is a champion in battle. Whenever he moves, the whole heavenly generals, field marshals, brigadier generals, naval marshals and air commodores would move with him. He goes with a sword and the blood and where ever he goes, O nafio o na-ada. Then in Verse 10 the bible says that the accuser of the brethren has been thrown down. Which means the devil has been accusing the woman and the child by day and by night before their God?
Is there any one that is accusing you before your God? He is standing before God counting all your sins as if you have never done anything good. You have done a lot of good things, how come someone will just be seeing only the bad things you did? Fault finders. They are satanically censorious. The Heavens say that the accuser has been thrown down. This is was the case before the word of God said in Verse 11 that you have conquered with the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony.
Let this blood of Jesus never depart from your mouth, even if you are too tired to pray before you sleep just be calling the blood of Jesus. Even if you can’t say it out just be saying it in your mind “I cover myself with the blood of Jesus, I use blood of Jesus and cover this house. I use the blood of Jesus and cover my children, blood of Jesus, blood Jesus, blood of Jesus…”

What do you testify? Do you know you are born to testify? I bless your tongue unto testimony. If you have not been testifying, you are going to testify. When the Bible says in Psalm 118:16 that the right hand of God has conquered, it is the testimony of David. David was testifying the omnipotent power in the hand of God. By saying that the right hand of God has conquered, what David said is a testimony. It is in the same way that all the evil powers militating against you will be defeated.
Today God gives you the holy oil, the anointing unto testimony. Testimonies will never lack in your tongue again. By Morning you will testify. By afternoon you will testify. By evening you will testify. By night you will testify. You will testify even in the midnight and early morning because the bible says in Psalm 30:5 that sorrow endureth in the night but surely joy cometh in the morning. In the morning, you are going to give testimony.
In Psam110:3 the bible talks about the womb of the morning, in Psalm 45:14 the Bible says, in the morning, He gives us dominion. You are going to have dominion in the morning and what do you do? You will give testimony.
The testimony of Genesis 1:28 is go and increase, multiply and have dominion. Win that which has being winning you. Rule over that which has been ruling over you. When you receive victory, make sure that testimony shall not lack in your tongue.
I stand in Luke 17 and bless your tongue unto testimony. When Jesus saw one of the lepers that was healed he asked him, “were ten not healed where are the other nine? Are you the only one that came to give testimony?” You going to be a testimony candidate. Never you take the glory of God. When that thing you have been asking God for comes to fulfillment, don’t take the glory of God. (A bukwanaeri ago).
In Psalm 118:17 David made another testimony that he shall not die but shall live and testify the wonders of the Lord. If you are alive and you are not testifying the goodness of the lord, your life is useless. Your life is like a pap that has rotten. You are like the dung of a vulture that is matched with feet. Your testimony is going to be a magnet of souls. You are going to draw souls to God through your testimony. Your testimony is unto salus animaru. You shall testify the goodness of the Lord. The devil doesn’t want you to be an authentic child of God. He wants you to be a pessimist. He want you to always keep complaining; “Nna, fuel is too costly that we can buy it again. We can’t buy rice any more. Garri is too costly, etc”. So, there you are complaining about garri and rice while we are talking about someone that died on the cross. You are more than conquers.
Jesus himself is a man of testimony. In John 11, Jesus gave testimony in the tomb of Lazarus. He said “God I thank you because you have answered me”. That testimony was coming while Lazarus was still in the grave and has not yet been raised. Remember that in verse 39, it was said that by now he must smelling. Jesus started thanking His father even before the miracle. He then turned to Lazarus and said to him,”Lazarus, come out.” And Lazarus came out. I am joining Jesus to thank God and to give testimony because He has answered me upon my prayers to the Adoration worshipers.
2nd Corinthian 1:18,19 ff says, “He is the YES of the father’s promises, all our prayers made has been answered in Him”. That is why in Rev 3;14, His name is the AMEN. To all the prayers that you have said in Jesus name, we say, amen. You shall start to testify the good deeds of the lord to you because when you appreciate a champion for what he did, he would do more. We must learn how to be appreciative, remember tour message “APPRECIATION IS AN APPLICATION FOR MORE. ”
When you appreciate what has been done for you more will be done for you again. You will receive more and more. Appreciation is a supernatural magnet. Through testimony we appreciate God. Through testimonies we celebrate God. Come on celebrate God.
My testimony is that Jesus has died, Jesus has risen and Jesus shall come again. Testimony is not only when you are healed. Whether you believe it or not I am testifying Isaiah 53: 4-5 that “He bore my diseases, he carried my infirmities, even the chastisement that made us whole was upon him amend by His wounds we are healed.”
In Job 22:28 the Bible says “If you make God your gold, you will decree a word and it shall come to pass”. This is another testimony, that Jesus is my gold. What are we decreeing what are you testifying?

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