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Ukehe town situated in Igbo Etiti Local Government Area of Enugu State has never had it so fortunate as Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria led the teeming Adoration crowd to the arena of the Celebration of the first mass of Rev Fr Dr Lambert Ejionueme who was ordained a catholic priest on  3rd April 2016 by the current Bishop of Nsukka Diocese, Most Rev Prof Godfrey Onah after 19 years of deaconate . The first mass of Fr Lambert at his hometown also witnessed a great number of priests and other dignitaries who came to witness the reality of the historic mass of the historic Fr lambert who made history of being the longest deacon in the Catholic Church in this part of the divide.  Not less than fifty Canopies all filled to the brim with crowd adorned the school arena at Ukehe where the mass was celebrated.

The climax of the events of that day was the message of the Spiritual Director of the Ministry who delivered a sermon titled “Lambert is a miracle”,   In delivering the message he said,

“I came to join the entire Ukehe to thank God for what  He did for their son Rev Fr Dr Lambert Kenechukwu  Ejionueme. I join the entire Nsukka to rejoice over the good deed of God in Nsukka land . it is a festival of joy, celebration of joy . Our Psalm today says make a joyful noise. We are here to rejoice and make a joyful noise with Fr Lambert.

‘I thank all those through whom God made Lambert what he is today, even the unrecognized. We praise God. I am  not here to talk about Lambert’s journey. I am not here to criticize, I am here to share my joy with you people. God is good .

“I thank in a special way our emeritus Bishop, Okobo, who delayed Lambert without laicizing him.  It is a serious issue. If he was delayed and laicized, we couldn’t have been here. Lets clap for God  for him. That was the commencement of the miracle because for me, Rev Fr Dr Lambert is a miracle. Lambert you are a miracle. I have been seeing miracles to the extent that I am used to it but this one touched me. It is a tear-shedding and goose pimple arousing miracle that after 19 years of consistent  and prayerful deaconate life with sufferings, patience, endurance and waiting on God, God crowned his patience. I have never seen a patient person like Rev Fr Lambert.

“I praise the Bishop emeritus who delayed without laicizing him because he  had the authority to delay his ordination and authority will Lambert wouldn’t be ordained at  all.  But Okobo didn’t do this. He left him as we waited for the will of God. Lambert in turn refused to walk away.

While we praise the emeritus Bishop we are waving our hands to God upon Rt Rev Dr Prof  Godfrey Igwebuike Onah, our father in the Lord Bishop of Nsukka dioceses through whom God scored this goal with the ball at the eighteen yard box. So all participated in the goal scoring, even those at the goal post, the defenders, the attacker and the person who scored the goal. We thank God for them all. Even the people who for one reason or the other caused why Lambert  was delayed, we thank God for them.

“This is the first time I am setting my feet on the land of Ukehe on a prayer mission. It is a thing of joy. Ukehe is good. It is renowned town. A political city with political juggernauts. You cant talk about the politics of Enugu land or the Wawa land in toto without talking about Ukehe. The home of the Nwodos,  the home of the Itanyis. The home of the Odos (Nwodo and Odos). Even as at today, Ukehe is still in government. The Enugu territory is still manned by Ukehe. So you cant count Ukehe out of the history, of Enugu land, Old Anambra land and in fact Igbo land. It is an old political city, old religious city and old traditional city and old cultural city. And it is still ancient and modern

‘That is why I praise God for Bishop Onah who in this year of jubilee of mercy prophesied in Lev 25, decided out of mercy, not by merit, to ordain Lambert eventually as a priest. It is not meritorious, it not by I.M, no buttons were pressed for it,. 19 years is not 19 weeks. I don’t think there is any Deacon in Igbo land that waited this long. May God bless Bishop Onah for us. Our Lord , Onah, it shall be well with you. Okobo it shall be well with you. Lambert relatives who eventually said he should be set free, may God bless you all. It shall be well with the family of Ejionueme. I thank in a special way the adoration children. God placed lambert in the hands of you and I and all these while you were keeping him like an egg. He was loved. He didn’t feel he was not ordained a priest. God will bless you for  all your support and prayers for him. That is why today this whole placed is filled with crowd of adoration worshipers, we brought out over ten buses that will keep conveying them to this place until Ukehe is filled up. We had no mass at adoration ground today, the mass we have is here.

Rev Fr Mbaka went on in the sermon to admonish Fr Lambert to be stronger in prayers and double his praying weapons to sustain him from future challenges and attacks which were bound to come to him by his elevation to the order of priesthood.

Fr Mbaka took the gathering by surprise when he on behalf of the entire Adorers  presented  a Brand Toyota High Lander to Fr Lambert as his ordination gift. Fr Lambert who least expected such present could not control his emotions as he shed tears of joy in reception of the gift.

The  crowd was lavishly treated to niceties, delicacies and drinks provided by Fr Mbaka as many cultural troupe including the Umuiku Adoration cultural Troupe took the stage to perform in turns  to entertain the guests as the event came to an end.

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