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Uncommon miracles in amen

Uncommon miracles in amen

The echoes of the uncommon miracles that trailed the 2017 Holy week Celebration at Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria still fill the air as the Easter Celebration continues with the expectations of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Pentecost Sunday of  4th  day of June 2017

The Ministry was thrown into awe and joyful galore in praise and thanksgiving to God for His miracles recorded at the ministry during the just concluded Easter pascal mystery celebration officiated by the Spiritual Director of the ministry, Rev Fr Ejike Camilus Mbaka. No fewer than three hundred (300) worshipers of the ministry filed out to give testimonies of the healing, deliverance and many other species of miracles they received during the Holy week programme of the ministry held from Wednesday to Sunday this week.

The Wednesday Programme which was dedicated for fertility prayers witnessed a large turnout of barren couples and pregnant women and men, who came to seek God’s intervention in their situation.

The Holy Thursday’s programme of washing of feet preceded the Friday all-night adoration dedicated for healing and deliverance. The programme continued all through Saturday night that ushered in the resurrection Sunday. A report of some of the miracles recorded in the ministry are here under reproduced.


The good Friday programme of the ministry this year which coincided with the Friday all-night programme of the ministry was not only a good Friday but also a testimony Friday to the family of Dr John Onyebueze, the President of the National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria whose dumb house help by name Miss Esther was miraculously and instantly healed of her mysterious dumbness during Fr Mbaka’s ministration ant Adoration ground.

The story of Esther’s healing  miracle is that Esther who is about twelve years old woke up from sleep after a terrible nightmare  and  became dumb when she was about to divulge what she saw in the dream. Story had it that Esther had in the past confessed that during her days in primary school, her classmate had tried to initiate her into a spiritual cult. The hope of her regaining her vocal organs rolled from seconds to minutes. Minutes rolled into hours and hours into days without any sign of her recovery. She had mastered the art of sign language which was the only thing she could use to pass on information to people around her.  This incident happened while Dr. Onyebueze was on official engagement in Abuja. Medical Experts and specialists from University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital and other known specialist hospitals had tried to restore Esther’s speech organs all to no avail.  The medical diagnosis could not detect anything wrong with Esther yet she was confirmed dumb.

It was at this juncture that Dr. Onyebueze put a call across to the Lawyer to the National Association of Resident of Nigeria, Barr Ike Maximus Ugwuoke, who coincidentally is the legal and media adviser of Adoration Ministry and sought for his help to bring Esther’s situation to the attention of Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka.  Esther was brought to the Adoration ground on Thursday but Fr Mbaka asked that she should be brought back the next day Friday when he had fixed special prayers for the sick. On Friday, Dr. Onyebueze came back to the prayer ground with Esther. During Fr Mbaka’s ministrations titled “Wounded Healer,” which he ministered with the cross of Jesus in his hands the anointing exuding from the power packed message took over the arena as many who at the ground began to manifest some strange behaviors obviously as result of their encounter with a supernatural power.  Barr Ugwuoke led Esther to the Fire front of Fr Mbaka’s ministration. Face to face with Fr Mbaka, and without any touch on her, Esther began to stagger.  In that ministration Fr Mbaka raised 7 points of prayer along the line of what Jesus said on his journey to the cross. When Fr Mbaka got the seventh point of the ministration which he tagged “It is finished” Esther fell down and stood up with her speech organ fully restored instantly.  Dr. Onyebueze, Barr Ugwuoke and indeed many adorers who witnessed this couldn’t believe their eyes.  Esther was led to the altar after the ministration where the trio, Esther, Dr. Onyebueze, and Barr Ugwuoke narrated the story of Esther’s miraculous healing amidst hilarious hullabaloo of the worshippers.

Other testimonies

Esther’s testimony prompted many other worshippers who filed out in hundreds to give testimony of the instant healing they received at the prayer ground with each of them giving out their phone numbers for all who care to confirm.

Some of them were Odo Celestina who testified that she was healed of two years partial stroke, Agbo Chidimma from Nsukka who was healed of migraine headache, Maria Ugama from Eziagu who testified of the healing of her eye problem and heart burn. Others were Mba Camelius Friday who was healed of Madness, Pascal Onuora from Anamabra healed of breathing problems, Ani Kelvin Nnamdi healed of constant passing out, Ekwuemeh Ngozi from Udi healed from drug addiction, Oweh Solomon from Ebonyi state healed of heart pains that has lasted for 6 years, Regina Erondu from Imo State healed of blood hemorrhage. Others were Ozommadu Innocent from Ezagu healed of Epilepsy, John Ogechi from Eziagu healed  of Epilepsy,  Onuoha Peter from Ebonyi healed of mental infirmity,  Ogbu Ifeanyi from Ebonyi healed of strange tongue ailment and blood hemorrhage, Igwe Ebube from Ebonyi State healed from sour throat, Okere Tochukwu, from Imo State healed of nose bleeding and others too numerous to mention.

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