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The Prophetic voice of Fr Mbaka in recent time is dwelling on words of encouragement to adorers, those about to despair and those languishing in utter hopelessness.In not too long a time he delivered a message he entitled ‘Try, Try and Try Again’.  He followed it up last week with another message he entitled “Don’t give up”. In this motivational-packed piece where he gives an exegesis of Elijah and the Prophesy of the abundant rain in time of drought, he preceded to give contemporary examples of Abraham Lincoln, Edison and President Muhammad Buhari as lessons for those that do not give up.  Excerpts:

“In the Book of 1st Kings 18:43, the word of God says Elijah said to his servant. Go up now, look towards the sea. And the Servant went up and said ‘there is nothing’. Elijah said ‘go again the 2nd time,. He went and saw nothing. He told his servant to go again the third time, the fourth time, the fifth and the sixth time. The servant would come and say each time ‘I saw nothing.’

If you read 1st Kings 18:42, Elijah bowed in prayers. He was in an agonizing type of intercession. It was at that time of intercession, waiting on the Lord that Elijah heard the voice of God that there was going to be an abundant rain in that time of the drought. As God was communicating this to Elijah, he was communicating it to his servant telling him to go up and see.


If you go to 1st Kings 18:41 Elijah said to Ahab, go up, eat and drink, for there is the sound of abundance of rain. Elijah heard this sound of abundance of rain in the spiritual. In the physical, there is no sign of any rain that is about to fall.  But Elijah heard the sound of it in the spirit world. Every good thing that will happen, every miracle, every sign, every wonder starts from the Spiritual. The sound must be heard in the Spiritual and it would manifest in the physical.

Remember in this story that for three and half a year, Elijah had locked up Heaven. Spiritual masters can lock, diabolical masters can lock. Politicians can even lock our economic gates. For some years, Nigeria’s economy is locked by of people’s wickedness and quantum corruption.  We are in a horrible economic quagmire. Our economy is locked up, but a time comes when the sound of abundance will be heard.  I have once preached a message titled ‘The sound of abundance’. Today I am telling you, don’t give up.


It was when Elijah heard the sound of abundance that he sent his servant to go and check. He heard the sound and started praying, 1st Kings 18:42. It was in this prayer that he sent his servant to go and see. The children of God shall enter into prayers. A time of manifestation of God’s miracles should be a time of prayer and fasting. There must be people on their knees when any miracle is about to manifest.  Gods own people, sons and daughters must be praying.

So I order for a prayer campaign, a prayer time and a prayer season now because your family is going to receive wonderful miracles very soon.  I am announcing a time of answered prayers; a  time that your heaven that is locked up is going to open; a time closed doors will not just be opened ajar, but will be widely made open.  What was lacking is about to be supplied. The rain that was not falling for many years in Israel had caused famine in the city because the crops were not growing and people could not farm due to the drought. It was in this situation that Elijah said “I could hear the sound of abundance of rain”.

Abundance of healing is about coming to you, abundance of miracles are about coming to you,  abundance of fertility and child bearing is about coming to you . For the unemployed, there is going to be a rain of job opportunities. You were passing through financial drought but I could hear the sound of abundance of financial rain in a season of economic buoyancy.  I can hear the sound of that which is lacking coming to you in abundance

After Elijah’s servant had gone and came back to tell Elijah, ‘I saw nothing’, Elijah did not give up. He kept sending his servant to go back again and see. The servant went and looked at the North, South, East and West and there was no sign of any rain coming. The weather was too bright. It was sunny. And he would come back and tell Elijah “Master I saw nothing”.


As I am speaking now, some of you might have been trying to see the manifestation of your prayers but you are seeing nothing. The Prophetic voice is telling you today that I can heard the sound in the spiritual whether you are seeing it or not. Faith doesn’t come by seeing. We live by faith and not by sight. Jesus told his apostles, ‘blessed are those who believe yet they have not seen’.

I know Elijah must have been encouraging his servant not to give up each time he came to tell him that he saw nothing.  The servant may not be seeing what the Prophet sees. My prayer is that you will start to be seeing in the Spiritual.  Many of us are blind spiritually. We do not see.

If I ask you now to go to the bank and check your account that there are some millions in your account and you call your account officer and he tells you “Your account balance is twenty naira”. And I ask you go and check again and you enter the bank to make another inquiry. Before you know it, the account officer will warn you ‘don’t disturb me, you are not the only person I am handing his or her account here. Don’t come here again’. Then when you come back and  I ask you  to go and check again, some of you will give up.  You would say ,’why should I go back there, father just want to confuse me’. What you are being told today is ‘don’t give up’.

This message is mapped out for those who are about giving up.  There are some Christians and believers in God reading this  who are about giving up. I don’t know the situation you find yourself in. God told me to inform you “Don’t give up” . Any moment from now, you are going to see your blessings, miracles, healings and breakthrough made manifest.  God wants to shock you with goose-pimple arousing miracles. All I am telling you is ‘don’t give up’. We have preached a message titled, ‘Try Try Try again’ and today, the Holy Spirit is encouraging  you not to throw in the towel. Don’t give up, don’t surrender.


In the sixth attempt, I could see Elijah telling his servant to go and check again and the servant moving sluggishly. I could see the servant standing outside grumbling that this one would not work.  Remember this was happening not too long after Elijah prayed and fire down from heaven.  The servant must be grumbling saying, this one will not work, even though fire came down the other time, no rain will come down this time.  I have tried up to the 6th time, this one would not work.  Elijah would be waiting for him to come and tell him yes the weather is black but the servant would come back wobbling because there is no sign.

You may not see the sign but it is going to happen. How it will happen is not your business, when it will happen is not your business, from where or from whom it will happen is not your business. Your own challenge is don’t give up. Just keep on believing.  Don’t give up.  By this time in the time of life, you are going to stand up like Elijah and his servant and your job is to give God glory.

Then the servant after sluggishly moving about with lots of doubts and questions in his mind went up again and look towards the sea.

Don’t blame the servant of Elijah. If I ask you to go to your garage and see the Jeep packed there and you enter your garage and there is no Keke Napepe, bicycle, or even barrow parked there let alone any Jeep and  you come back and tell me that you saw nothing and I tell you to go and check again that I could see a brand new Jeep parked in the garage, and you entered and checked and there is nothing.  If I ask you to go and check again, many of you will give up. You  will say ‘I will not go to check again’.

But I am asking you, “Don’t give up”  2nd Chronicles 20:20 says ‘believe God and you will be established, believe His Prophet and you shall prosper ‘. When a Prophet of God, prophesizes believe his utterances, your own is to shout ‘Amen’.  The rain will fall for you; rain of miracles will fall for you. Rain of new joy will fall for you; rain of victory will fall for you.  I can hear the sound of abundance of rain of financial buoyancy, health buoyancy, faith buoyancy, a new season is coming. What you are lacking is coming with full force. Stretch forth your hands and welcome it, I can see your miracles on the way, welcome it now. Miracles from the North, East, West and South welcome in the name of Jesus.


Now join me to decree and declare these words:
‘Lord I will not give up, no matter what. Whether it is good or bad, I will not give up. Whether by day or by night, I will not give up. Even if there is no sign of your visitation I will not give up. Even if my prayers are delayed, I will not give up.  Even if I knock and the door is not open, I will not give up, because in Matthew 7:7 in amplified version your word says ‘ask and keep asking’. Even if I ask and you have not answered immediately, I will not give up. And your word said ‘knock and keep knocking’.  If after I have knocked and knocked and the door is still closed, father I will not give up. Jesus I will not give up. Holy Ghost I will not give up.  I will keep knocking. I will knock and knock and will not get tired until the door is opened in the name of Jesus. And your word says ‘seek and keep seeking’. Even I have searched and I found nothing, I will keep seeking. Because you told me to seek and that I shall find, to ask and I shall receive and to knock and the door will be opened for me.  My God I knock now and seek. Please don’t allow the mouth with which I ask to get tired, don’t allow the hand with which I knock to pain me, don’t allow the eyes with which I see to have problem. Bless me in your power. Give me the perseverance. I want to persevere. Give me the grace of importunity. I want to be dynamically importunate.  I want to be fervent in intercession; I do not want to be tired. I don’t want to give up. I don’t want to lose hope. Oh Lord fortify me, energize me, recharge me. I don’t want to give up in Jesus name.”


I am blessing the next attempt you are going to make. Elijah and his servant made the next attempt, which is the seventh time. The servant must have gone just to fulfill all righteousness and try the luck. As the servant was busy grumbling, Elijah was busy connecting heavens and the supernatural for the impossible to be made possible. When you see a miracle happening you must know there is somebody agonizing in prayer. It may be that the person locked up him or herself in prayers and fasting. Miracle doesn’t happen if there no one interceding.  It may be the mother or the father   or the Children or the entire family that is prayers.  It may be your priest or Rev Sister who is interceding, it can be anybody. All I am telling you is that at the time of miracles, there must be someone or some people in agonizing prayer. I pray today that you receive that type of prayer anointing in Jesus name. Children of God be fervent and persevere in prayer. Even if the situation appears impossible, once there is someone standing in the gap praying, it will be possible.


And the Bible says in 1st Kings 18:44, at the seventh time, that was the final stage, the servant went out and the Bible says that the servant said that a cloud small as a man’s hand   is arising out of the sea.  You may be looking for your miracle of rainfall from the sky but it is coming from the sea.  You are looking at the sky and the miracle comes from down. That is why it is said that what you are looking for on the top is on the ground. ‘ Ihe I na cho na uko elu, di na uko ala’.    In 1st Kings 18: 45 the Bible says “In a little while the sky was covered with dark clouds, the wind began to blow, and heavy rain began to fall. Ahab got into the chariot and started back to Jezreel. ”Only don’t give up. Don’t say that you are tired.  Don’t give up. And Elijah said “Go up say to Ahab take your chariot and go down lest the rain stops you. In 1st Kings 18:46, the hand of the Lord was on Elijah and he gathered his loins and ran ahead of Ahab all the way to Jezreel ” . The hand of the Lord is upon you.  There is a type of rain that will fall and your wiper cannot wipe your windscreen.  This is the kind of rain of blessings and miracles that will come upon your life and you will not be able to contain it.


Let nothing human, diabolical or carnal challenge your faith. Keep believing. Even if the doctors tell you that you cannot make it, I tell you don’t give up, you can make it.

The prophetic voice is telling you today, do not be tired. Keep on waiting for the Lord. In Isaiah 40:28ff , the Bible says those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they will mount on the wings of Eagle, they will walk and run and will never be tired. Elijah was not tired, Elisha was not tired. Moses was not tired. Joshua was not tired. Caleb was not tired. Othneil was not tired. Shamgar was not tired. You are not going to be tired.

No matter what you are passing through now, I am encouraging you. This is a message of Barabbas, a message of encouragement to someone who is almost giving up his or her faith. In Philippians 4:6 the word says ‘Therefore my brethren, my delight, my crown of victory, thus stand firm in the Lord, do not have anxiety or faint about anything  but in every circumstance and in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving continue to make your wants known to God”. Don’t say you are tired of praying. Let me tell you, your next prayer may be the one that will attract this miracle. Do not give up.


I take you to Ezekiel 47, the valley of the dry bone. Where God asked Ezekiel can these dry bones be alive and Ezekiel said God you know. And God told him to prophesy to the dry bones and he prophesied and the bones came together. I could hear the bones coming together, Ezekiel Prophesied and flesh came upon the bone and Ezekiel prophesied and life came upon the dry bones.

Abraham Lincoln of America was an Example of a man who never gave up.  He ran election to be a counselor and  he failed. He ran for Local government Council chairman and failed. He ran for the national Assembly and he failed.  One day he decided to run for the presidency of America  and God gave him the victory. He never gave up.

Look at Mohammadu Buhari. How many times did he go for Presidential Election? He failed the first time and kept failing until this last one. The APC people brought him out with a broom in his hand and he tried again and now he has won. My children I say to you go and try again and don’t give up.

Even those days that we were persecuted over the prophesy of Buhari’s victory, we did not give up despite all the attacks, threats of sanctions and assassination plots. We kept declaring the message and the prophesy of his victory every time we gathered on Wednesdays and Sundays, We did not give up until the victory came.

Edison, the manufacturer of this electricity bulb did it for the first times and failed. He continued to try and try. I don’t know how many thousand times he tried. But at the last attempt he succeeded. Go and try you will succeed. Let nobody compel you to give up.

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