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War Against Disappointment- Fr Mbaka exposes the ugly activities of demons, with their divine solutions

War Against Disappointment- Fr Mbaka exposes the ugly activities of demons, with their divine solutions

Marriage is God’s perfect plan for man. But the devil is always out to oppose whatever God has instituted. In our society today, it can be deduced that many young men and women are experiencing a lot of disappointment in their efforts to get a life partner. This phenomenon can be traced to some ugly activities of demons that are at work in their lives, either the demon tries to prevent them for getting married or ensures that they do not enjoy a peaceful marriage if they eventually succeeded in getting married.
In this message, Fr. Mbaka exposes some of the ugly activities of these demons especially as it relates to people’s vocation with a view to providing divine solutions to this problem.
Are you demonically possessed? Which demon possesses you? Who is pulling your vocation down? Who is tormenting your life and keeping you miserable? Who is making you sick and giving you sleepless night? Is your vocation being paralyzed? Are you been attacked by the spirit of disappointment? Is there any satanic, ancestral demon that is at work in your own family. Stealing lives or manifesting itself in the form of what is called near- success syndrome in your family, vocation, business, marriage or career? If yes, then this message is for you.
Today, we wish to raise a war against disappointment. In the name of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, we are wagging a war against every spirit of ’Disappointment, because Jesus has sent His Holy Spirit to us, we therefore blow a trumpet sound of war against every Vocational and Marital collapse. We are here to make an altar clarion call for those who are under the hidden bondage of demon, to report your ugly situation to God and if it will please God, after reading this message to grant you a sudden miraculous deliverance.
Many young men and women are facing some ugly demonic phenomena, passing from one stage of disappointment to another. They may not even know that they are already demonically cobwebbed. A lot of strange things are happening in their lives that they cannot even explain. What is happening in their vocation and marriages are not pleasant at all, but don’t know how to handle it, or even who to talk to. As a lady, you might have been in a good relationship with a man and you people are about to get married but something unexplainable just happened and you could not continue with the marriage any longer. This has happened, not once or twice. Most times, it is not ordinary. Demon is always responsible for this kind of a thing
Let‘s use the story of Sarah in the book of Tobit as a case study, to demonstrate one out of the many dangerous activities of demons in the lives of the people.
In the city of Ecbatana in Media, a particular man called Raguel got married to a woman called Edna and they gave birth to a daughter whose name was Sarah. Sarah was exceptionally beautiful. Talk about a pretty lady, the model would be Sarah. She was so beautiful to the extent that every reasonable man wanted to marry her, But Sarah had a problem. Sarah was demonically possessed by a male spirit called Asmodeus. As a result of that, she could not get married in spite of her beauty and good behavior. She was almost passing the age of marriage, yet none had married her. Not that no man came to seek for her hand in marriage but that nobody succeeded in marrying her. It got to a point where the maidservants started making a caricature of her, calling her husbands killer. Sarah became an object and an instrument of caricature. This is because she had nearly married up to seven men, but all of them died on the eve of the marriage. The first man that came to marry Sarah was killed by that wicked and jealous demon. The second man came and the same demon killed him, till the seventh one which was the last one and that demon still killed him. This had caused her so much pain and agony that she cried out to God and God heard her prayers.
Moreover, in the city of Nineveh in Assyria, there was a man called Tobit who got married to a woman called Anna, and they gave birth to a son whose name was Tobias. Tobit was a good and generous man, but later became blind. He got blind by the droppings of Sparrows which fell into his eyes when he was sleeping that faithful night. When he could no longer continue with his business because of his condition, he became poor. That was when he remembered that he left huge amount of money with a relative named Gabael at Rages in Media so many years ago. He called out for his son Tobias and told him about the money. He instructed him to go out and look for a reliable companion who will accompany him to Media to get back the money, after which the person would be properly rewarded. That was how Tobias went out to do as his father had said and met with an angel of God ,Raphael who hid his identity from him and told him that he was one of his distant relatives and that his name was ‘Azarias’. Tobit brought him home to meet with his father and they both set out for the journey to Rages in Media to bring back the money.
On their way, they came across a river called River Tigris. Tobias had gone down to wash his feet in the river, when suddenly a huge fish jumped out of the water and tried to swallow one of his feet. Tobias let out a yell, and Angel Raphael told him not to let the fish go, but rather to grab it. The Angel instructed him to cut the fish open, and take out its gall-bladder, heart and liver and keep them. According to Him, they could be used for medicine.
When they had reached Media and were approaching the city of Ecbatana, it was already getting late in the night. Raphael advised Tobias, saying that it would be proper if they could spend a night at the house of one of their relatives, Raguel. Raphael continued, ‘’he has only one child, a daughter named Sarah, and since you are her closest relative, you have the right to marry her. You also have the right to inherit all her father’s property. She is sensible and very intelligent and her father is a good man. Tonight, I will discuss the marriage proposal with her father, and he will consent to give her to you as your bride.’’ Tobias then told Raphael that he had already heard about Sarah’s seven husband and how each one of them dropped dead on his wedding night, even before they could get to bed. That he heard that a particular demon called Asmodeus used to kill any man that tried to get closer to her. He tried to refuse what Raphael said about marrying Sarah, saying that he was afraid of the demon and that he did not want to die at that early stage , being an only son. Raphael told him not to worry about the demon that it would be expelled that night. He told him that it was certain that, that night Raguel would let Sarah marry him. But when they would get into the bedroom, he should place the liver and the heart of that fish they caught from the river on burning incense, So that the odor would spread throughout the room. When the demon smells it, he would leave and never come near Sarah again, but before he consummate the marriage, both of them had to pray to God to be merciful to them and to protect them. After listening carefully to Raphael, he began to fall in love with Sarah and looked forward to marrying her.
When they entered the house of Raguel, he gave them a warmed welcome. After introducing themselves, Raguel discovered that they were related, that Tobias was a son of his cousin Tobit. After they had bathed and were about to sit down to eat, Tobias said to Raphael, ‘’ when are you going to ask Raguel to let me marry Sarah?’’. Raguel overheard the question and told Tobias to eat and enjoy himself first, that he had the right to marry Sarah and he could not let any other person marry her, because he was his closest relative. ‘’I would give her to you just as the Law of Moses commands,’’ Raguel said but then he had to tell him the truth because his father was a good man and that he would not like to see Tobias die like others, he said. He told Tobias that he had already given her to seven men, all of them his relatives. Each one died on his wedding night, as soon as he entered the bedroom. Tobias insisted because of the assurance that Raphael had given him.
After wards, the marriage ceremony was conducted. Raguel took Sarah by the hand and gave her to Tobias and blessed them. When they had finished the marriage ceremony, Edna the mother of Sarah prepared the marital room as Raguel had told her. Then she took Tobias and Edna into the room. Sarah began to cry but her mother wiped away her tears and told her that this time the lord would make her happy. Tobias remembered Raphael’s instructions, so he took the fish’s liver and heart out of the bag where he had been keeping them. Then he placed them on the burning incense. The smell drove the demon away from Sarah and he fled. Raphael chased after him and caught him. At once he bound him hand and foot.
While still at the house of Raguel for the wedding feast, Tobias pleaded with Raphael to go to Gabael’s house in the town of Rages, so that he could give him the money, which Raphael did. When they all came back to Nineveh after the wedding feast, Raphael told Tobias to apply the Fish’s gall bladder on his father’s eyes so that he could see again. Tobias did as Raphael instructed him and Tobit’s sight was restored. It was When Tobit called out Raphael to reward him for all that he did for his son, Tobias throughout their journey to Ecbatana and Rages that he revealed his identity. He told Tobit that on the day that he and Sarah prayed to God, He heard their prayers. He revealed to them that he was one of the seven Angels of God, Raphael sent by God to come and help them ; to cure Tobit and to rescue Sarah , Tobias’s wife from her troubles.
If any Asmodeus is threatening the dignity, integrity and worthiness and honor of your marriage or vocation, may it please God to deliver you the same way He delivered Sarah from this demonic attack, because He has not changed.
If you look around today, you can quickly discover that, there are some young men and women who ought to have gotten married, but are not. Some of their mates have even finished giving birth, and raising their children. Some of their mate’s have wards who are already in the university, but they are still praying for husbands and wives. Their mothers might have done all she could for the daughters to get married, but no suitor would come. Some have even visited native doctors. Some have even performed some unhealthy immoral rituals so that they will get a suitor but to no avail. They are getting tired of this promise and fail. They are even ashamed of themselves, worn out and downcast. Even when a suitor comes around, they get scared because of their previous experience. People have started mocking them saying that despite their dedication to God, their vocational story has not changed. Some People are even laughing at their parents, saying it is not all about having many children, but it’s about ripping the fruits of their labour. The sense of inferiority complex that this situation has landed them into is overwhelming them. Imagine planning to be a nanny to a person you know very well when she was given birth to. Some of you are in this kind of shameful situation, but God can deliver you and your children too. You shall not labor in vain. You will enjoy the fruits of your labor over your children because Isaiah 65; 21 says, you will not bear children unto calamity; you will build houses and live in it.
Nowadays, some men of God believe that there is nothing like demon, that 100% of the bad situation we experience in life are been caused by wicked uncles, aunties, neighbors or even enemies. That is why any little thing they blame the people around them for been responsible for their calamities. This is not true. In fact 99% of our afflictions are been caused by these demons. Most times, they even enter the lives of people, causing them to harm us. That is why sometimes, after someone has misbehaved and later came back to his senses, he/she will begin to apologize saying that he did not know what came over him. So, anybody telling you that there is no demon, may be possess by a demon. This is because the fact of such denial is enabling these demons to continue their dirty work. You cannot cure a disease you did not diagnose. Such a person may be blindfolded.

We are not saying that wicked people are no longer in existence, but Most times, spirit of disappointment can be linked to any of these evil spirit/ demon; Incubus, Succubus, Asmodeus.
Incubus is a male evil spirit/demon believed to have sexual intercourse with a sleeping woman. This Incubus would marry somebody in the spirit and celebrate the marriage in the satanic altar. The ring would be exchange before a satanic priest / goddess. Then in the physical, the victim finds it difficult to get married. They attack any man that comes around to marry the person because they are too jealous. They can even kill any man that comes around just like the case of Sarah. The spirit will want to kill anybody that will come to interfere with their marriage, because it has already culturally inaugurated a marital bond with the person. That is why they can also be called the spirit of death. There is always an existing bond between the demon and the possessed. Any man that wants to marry the person would start having one problem or the other; either his business fails, or he is imprisoned or he may even die. The moment the spirit notices the person, he enters into a covenant with the person. The possessed may not even know that such a spirit is at work in their lives. They are too jealous a spirit and envious such that if a man unknowingly marries any woman that is possess with this spirit, they would start having problems in their marriage, if they have succeeded in getting married in the first place. If not, they will not let the person get married at all. After getting married, sometimes, they would be having miscarriages, stillbirth, or Sometimes, would even give birth and the child would die. In extreme cases, the person involved will even give birth to children in the spiritual so that they find it difficult to conceive, and give birth in the physical. The demon can even bring acute hardship and difficulties in the marriage; just to make sure that the couples does not enjoy their marriage. Sometimes also they will inflict the man with pains and different kinds of illnesses just to punish him for marrying their bride. They would make sure that the marriage lack peace and understanding in a bid to frustrate them. The couple will be fighting and quarreling all the time. In fact, their wicked activities are numerous. Think of it! How many young men have come around you for marriage, and how many of them have succeeded in marrying you?
The opposite of Incubus is succubus. This is a female demon/evil spirit believes to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men. This is the demon that attacks the men. When the spirit could not function either as a male or female, it would function as a neutral spirit called Asmodeum. Some young men are equally passing through this kind of ordeal, like their women counterpart. To get married to a young lady is always a problem. They will be experiencing bad luck in their effort to get a life partner, which can be traced to this evil spirit. Whenever such people want to get married, is either they fall sick, their business collapses, they are imprisoned, or they become financially handicapped. One problem or the other must come up in order to prevent them from going ahead. Think of it! How many young women have you gone to marry, and how many of them have you succeeded in getting married to? As a man, how many of your businesses are blossoming? You will start well and before you know it, you will fall back to square one. No matter how many millions of naira you injected into your business, it will keep on crumbling. You don’t know that a particular demon may be attacking your finances. At the end, you can’t finish the house you have started building, nor even get married because there is no money. Until that demon is dealt with, you will find it difficult to succeed. Philosophically it is doubtful, but spiritually, it is real. When all these things begin to happen to you , you may start blaming the people around you, probably saying that someone has bewitch you or used your money for ritual. It is not true. You are blaming the wrong person. These demons are responsible.
Some demons perform physical activities. There was a lady I know very well that Incubus was disturbing. Whenever this woman is eating and leaves the food to go to get a cup of water, the food would disappear or would be eating half. Sometimes, she would bring out the clothes she wanted to wear, but the clothes would disappear, only for her to find it somewhere else. This lady would be struggling the bed position with this demon. She was not able to get married and things were not working out fine for her because of this demon. She has been experiencing this kind of problem for a long time. Don’t doubt this, It is real. Imagine a demon having sexual relationship with a human being , is it food that he can’t eat?
So are you been attacked by Asmodeus, Incubus, and Succubus? Which one is at work in your life? Which ever it is, let the fire of the Holy Ghost set them ablaze in Jesus name, Amen. I am here on this altar of God, standing in the gap for you, in the presence of the Most High God, to report your situation to God. Whatever be the satanic agenda against you , to manipulate your vocation, marriage, destiny, profession, health and business; to obsess or possess you by such ugly spirit, may the lord grant you deliverance , such that from this moment, you shall be free from every whims and caprices of the devil. The bible said in 2Corinthians 3:17 that wherever the Holy Spirit is, there is liberty. The Holy Spirit is here, so I declare liberty for you in Jesus name, Amen. Let the yoke of satanic bondage break now in Jesus name, Amen. In Jeremiah 29: 25, God says He will reverse your captivity. You shall no longer be under the bondage of the devil. Be delivered from this satanic captivity. The bible equally said in Isaiah 49:25, that even the captive of the mighty shall be delivered. Are you a captive of Asmodeus, Incubus and Succubus? Be delivered from this yoke.
Furthermore, any person who is been possessed with this demon will be having sexual relationship in the dream; sometimes with a fellow man or woman. This shows that they are already married to a demon. Most times, they eat and drink in the dream, swim in the dream, always see dangerous animals like snake and crocodile in their dreams, see their old classmates in the dream and so many other strange nightmares. When they wake up, they get tired and worn out, fall sick with strange illnesses. Whenever they have these kinds of dream, they would start having one problem or the other in the physical; their blessings may vanish, their businesses may collapse and may start having issues with their partner, if any. That is Asmodeus, Incubus or Succubus at work in their lives. Upon such ugly spirits, if they are at work in your live, Holy Ghost fire.
Even if you are already married to any demon, and a satanic ring has been exchanged, let that ring melt and vanish now in the Holy Ghost fire. We render such demonically established marriages null, void, and invalid. We stand in Isaiah 7; 7 to declare that it cannot stand. Mathew 18;18 said that whatever we bind on earth is bind in heaven and whatever we loose on earth is loosed in heaven. Therefore, if you have been held captive by these demons, be loosed in Jesus name, Amen. Even those who are already married, but are barren, having miscarriages, are not doing well or lack peace in their marriages due to the attacks of these demons, may God deliver them. They shall begin to do well, and enjoy their marriages in Jesus Name, Amen. Even if there are animals like serpent, crocodile or any being resident in you, be delivered in Jesus name, Amen. The lord who delivered Sarah can deliver you.
The bible said in Isaiah 59:19, even when the evil one comes like a mighty flood, the Holy Spirit will lift a standard against them. The lord, who delivered Paul and Silas from the prison, will deliver you. God will grant you the glorious liberty of the children of God (Romans 8; 25). Have you forgotten the glorious testimony recorded in the book of Act 12; 17, when peter was held in prison with chains all over him? But when the angel of God came, there was light every where and He led Peter out of the prison. For that reason, if your vocation has been covered by these demons, let there be light. Let no demon prevent your vocation from shining again. If these demons have planted any sickness in your life, we stand in Mathew 15; 13 and decree that any tree that is not planted by the heavenly father must be uprooted. Every weed of the devil growing in your life must be rooted out. Every shadow of these evil spirits following you must go. Every satanic Amalekites over your life must fall and loose their battle. Every temple where this demonic marriage was held must be set ablaze. Every iron gates covering your vocation, and standing against your vocation, must break in Jesus name, Amen.
The demon came to steal, kill and destroy your vocation. He has come to kill your vocation, your opportunities, husbands, wives, but he will not succeed. Thank God that Jesus has come that you shall have life in abundance. May be your vocation has been wallowing in the part of death, don’t worry anymore because Jesus is here to bring your vocation back to life. This time, there will be no more ugly stories, rather their will be testimony. God will strengthen, and heal your vocation in Jesus Name, Amen.
In the case of Sarah, it was the liver and the heart of a fish that expelled the demon from her life. If the liver and the heart of a fish through the angelic intervention can bring solution to Sarah, what more when a priest is celebrating mass, during transubstantiation prayer, bread and wine change into the body and blood of Jesus. So the supernatural solution is the Eucharist. The mass is being celebrated specially for you, for your radical deliverance, for your vocation and marriages to be healed, So that in spite of what you are passing through, there is still hope for you, because 1Peter5; 10 says, after you have suffered for a little while, the lord Most High God will establish and secure you firmly, He will make you who He wants you to be, He will complete what is lacking in you and He will settle you.
Ephesians 6; 12 says, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the principalities and powers of the forces of darkness. That is why the bible said in 2 Corinthian 10; 4, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual and mighty unto God to the pulling down of stronghold. It is now time to pull down satanic stronghold in your life. Is there any satanic lion, crocodile, whale that is on assignment to swallow your vocation, destinies, opportunities, health or business? May they be destroyed now in Jesus name, Amen. If you are a victim here, Zephaniah 2; 20 says that God will reverse your captivity. In Jonah 2; 10 God commanded the whale to vomit Jonah. If its your wedding ring or any property of yours that have been swallowed, I pray that the same Arch angel Raphael who delivered Sarah will fight for you, because He said in Exodus 14;14 that He will fight for you.
Remember what happened in Mathew 12, when the Jews came with a question to Jesus. They told the story of how seven brothers got married to a particular woman in a bid to have a son for the first brother but they all died leaving no issue for the family. Almost a replica of what happened to Sarah. Am sure it is this same demon that did that. The Jews asked Jesus, ‘’who would be the husband of this woman in heaven’’?. Jesus told them that, in heaven there would be no marriage or given in of marriage, for all would be like angels of God. But that is in heaven. While we are still here on earth, God will help us with any vocation we have chosen. God will not let any demon to destroy any vocation you want to go into.
You need the power of God for your deliverance. God is faithful and He will certainly deliver you. This demon can’t kill you or your vocation. You shall not die but live to recount the goodness of God in the land of the living. . Your deliverance will be like a dream, because the day the Lord delivered Zion from bondage, it was like a dream. I cover your engagement ring with the blood of Jesus. I stand in Exodus 12: 7 and cover the lintel of the houses that you will be married into with the blood of Jesus, so that when the demon sees the blood, he will pass over you. You will conquer them by the blood of the lamb and the words of your testimony.
O lord, I commend these sons and daughters into your hands; bless their vocation and marriages. Henceforth, let no demon trouble them for they have the mark of Christ.

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