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Child of God, stop being afraid. Your Keeper knows the way. Do not be dismayed. Do not be disheartened. In Judges 6:23, the Bible says: “The Lord said to Gideon: “Peace be to you. Do not be afraid, do not fear, you shall not die”. This message is to you. Nothing is impossible to God. There is nothing Jesus cannot do. Be courageous even as you take healthier risks. Do not be afraid.

You are unnecessarily and necessarily agitated. You are under a hot panic. You are tensed up. Fear has engulfed your own life. Your entire personality has been crushed by fear. You are worried over what you don’t know, and worried over a lot of things you know. There are hidden issues that only you know which you are afraid of. Every human being has a hidden secret. You are afraid of one of these secrets. Fear of the unknown, fear of the past, fear of the present and fear of the future.

Probably, you have heard some news, like the case of Gideon. The people resolved that he must be killed because he debaalized the city. He pulled down the tree of baal and he was marked to be killed. And the Angel of God told him in the midst of his fear: “Peace be with you. Do not be afraid. You shall not die.” I decree this same Holy Trinitarian message upon you now: “Peace be with you. Do not be afraid. You shall not die”. Call yourself by your name and decree these words upon your life.


The voice now is telling you to fear not, for you shall not die. It means that the word: “Fear not” is addressed to death. Fear of death is one of the worst fears. When you are told that you are going to be killed (for example)  if you receive a text message telling you that if you don’t keep one million naira at so so place you are going to die.

As you are entering your compound, you open the door and see blood with a broken egg and a lizard turned upside down and a dead vulture beside it. Fear will grip you. You will draw back and begin to look for who will pray over it.

What of if you open your car and about to sit on your seat and you notice one red cloth and a black one tied with thread, with pin all over it, with one padlock locked inside another padlock. Will you just drive off?

Many people have seen themselves died or dying in the dream and the memory of that dream has not gone out of them.  There is someone that will always call you to tell you that he dreamt of where you died. Such a person has never dreamt where you are alive and each time he dreams of it, he will tell you. He should stop telling you that dream. Since he was the one to whom the dream was revealed, he should as well, be the one to pray the prayers associated with it. O lotaraburu.


How are you sure it is that person you saw in dream that is about to die? Dream is a phenomenon with its own language. You can dream of somebody with another person’s face. So, if you don’t have the gift of interpreting a dream, don’t give that dream a name. Stop putting fear into people. You will call someone and tell him/her: ‘Don’t go out today; I saw where you died’. So, you have decided with certainty that it is that day that the person shall die?  Don’t exhibit the gift you do not have.

Many people here are under fear. You will tell a young woman: ‘Don’t marry that man you want to marry because as I was praying in the dream, I saw him died, and so don’t marry him.’ You may have been praying for a job for many years and God decides to answer your prayers and gave you a meeting appointment for that job only for somebody to call you and tell you that he saw you in a dream going for a meeting and you died on the way. Fear will grip you. Another will tell you that he saw in a dream where ten people died in your family and that he will have to come for oruezinulo.  They will begin to tell you to bring this and that to prepare for the prayer. Prayer is good depending on how it is done, any prayer that has to do with bring this and that is questionable.

Many of you listening to this voice are involved in this rubbish. People will be hovering, extorting money from people and call it oruezinulo. This is robbery.  You see these false prophets hovering around many altars and think they are real, they are fake, threatening people’s lives, instilling fear into people’s nerves and veins,Collecting peoples phone numbers. Do you want to be another Holy Spirit to say what God has not said? . There is one they call ‘Holy Ghost marking’ which is fake. They threaten people with “The Lord says”. Be careful of how you use that word “the Lord says.”  It can destroy.


Fear is the issue here. What of if the treat is real? People are after your life.  They have killed your father and mother and now have slated you as the next target.  As I am speaking to you, one lady came last time and told me that in her family, they had family land issue and their family opponent went and brought  a charm from the next community and killed  her father and her mother, then, three of her sisters followed, were now in the mortuary, and they said she is the next person. The lady was panicking. Fear was all over her that she was earmarked to die next, no matter where she ran to. So, she ran to the Praying ground in Christ the King, Old Adoration ground. If you are in this lady’s’ shoes, will you not be afraid? Fear is a spirit, upon that spirit of fear, we raise the Holy Ghost fire.  Remember Job 3:25. Job says: ‘Whatever I fear will come to me.” Therefore, turn the fear into faith. Stop fearing; instead, have faith in God. The information you got may be real but challenge it with faith.  Have a high supernatural optimism. Don’t be pessimistic.  Even if this person has died and that person has died, God can keep you. That is our focal point.


Upon the Spirit of God, we raise the Holy Ghost fire seven times. If you are the person that is afraid now, be delivered from fear.  Peace be with you; do not fear. You shall not die. What a good news. When people had gone to native doctors and visited some babalawos and came from idle temples and inform you that you will die and the angel of the Lord came by your side with a prophetic word, hitting you, saying that you shall not die, which will you beleive?  I bring a report of the book of Numbers 13 in the case of the people Israel sent to spy the land.  They came back, some with positive news, others with negative news. The people of negative reports said:  “These people are sons of Anark who come from the giants and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers and so, we were in their sight” .Numbers 13:13.  Do you see yourself before those that are making you to be afraid as a grasshopper?


In a particular yard at Obiagu last week, I was handling a case of a particular abode where they said that there was one old person living there threatening the people in the whole yard. And all of them were afraid. They said sometimes, they will see shrew (Nkapi) in the yard and any person it bites will have problem. They said the shrew had bitten one person the other time and he died and the old person told a particular lady that brought the report to me that it was her turn. Sooner or later, the shrew bit the lady and all her bone was swollen. She was taken to so many places for medication, all to no avail.  I took her to the sanctuary and she was healed. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is greater than that shrew rat and that old person. I wanted to go to the yard and see that person and the lady began to beg with fears that I shouldn’t go because if I do, it will be known that it was she who brought me there.

In Ajali land last year, one young man came for prayers here and told me that there is a woman in his compound who is in a wizard cult and that she monitors the movement of everybody in the compound and that once you come back she will tell you where you went to.

If there is anybody projecting mirror or any gadget or monitoring spirit against your life, let that mirror or that gadget burn to ashes now. Upon everything that is putting fear into your life, we raise the Holy Ghost fire.  Isaiah 7:7 says: “Their plans shall not stand.” The plans of the Remalites and the Ephraimites shall not stand; none of their purposes shall come to pass.

So as I was saying,the young man from Ajali came down here complaining that the people in his family are almost dying off. He came with one Francis who returned from Brazil over the matter. They came to adoration ground here and that day, we ministered on prayers against death. After the prayers he went back and reported that as he was stepping into his compound, be beheld a mighty shrewd rat.  People started running and he too joined them and there was fear everywhere while the shrew pursued them. According to the young man, he said he remembered what I said that day in 1st John 4:4 “Little children fear not; you have overcome them for greater is he who is in you than he who is of the world.” He said that the moment he realized that greater was He in him, he turned back and started pursuing the rat. People were telling him to come back but he told them ‘no, am I not from Adoration Ground? I will not fear this idiot again’ He said he located the shrewd rat and matched on it and blood came out of it.  Because I had told him that anytime the shrewd rat would come out again, he should not just kill it but should make sure that blood comes out of it. So, after they had killed the shrew and was about to bury it, they started hearing a noise in the

There was this event that happened at the Holy Ghost  Cathedral. People came in numbers  one  day  in  my  office to complain  that  one  grandmaster,  whatever    be    his    kingdom   I   do   not compound and they rushed in.  The noise was coming from the room of that woman. They broke her door and found her struggling between life and death.   Before they could rush her to hospital, she was dead. When they opened the box of the woman, they saw bundles of keys locked and locked.

Enough of that rubbish! How can the children of God be put under perpetual fear. Almost every family has somebody they are afraid of. How can I be hearing such stories like ‘in the midnight, somebody will turn into a vulture, threatening people’. If some people be come pregnant, they would do one thing or the other and miscarriage will occur. How can someone say that he will not be alive to see you breastfeed your child or even rejoice over the children God has given to you or threaten that he will make sure that you bury all your children. Will you continue to just sit-down and watch such episode?

Fear not my people. You are greater than the people you are afraid of. They are only threatening you because they know that you are afraid. Any moment they realize that you have the courage to withstand them, they will run away. Have faith in God; have courage. Do not be dismayed, don’t be a coward. In Exodus 13:14, the Bible says: ‘Fear not.  Stand your ground, for the Egyptians you see today you shall see no more. Upon every demon of fire, we raise our hands up and shout ten Holy Ghost fire. Upon their kingdoms Holy Ghost fire. Fear will make you to do what you don’t want to do.   Fear can make you lose your job. Fear can take away your life. Fear can induce sleepless nights in your veins.know, has sworn that people must continue to die in their yard.  They said that there was something he used to do and someone will die and that he did that the previous day. So, all his neigbours ran to Holy Ghost Cathedral with fear and trembling.I told them no trouble. After this office tonight, we will celebrate Mass and hand it over to God.  They were afraid. They were sure he can kill. I told them enough of this nonsense. They continued to count for me the people he had killed. I told them not to worry, for tonight, I am going to consecrate them to the power in the Eucharist. I told them: ”After today and if you hear again that that man threatens you again, you will know that what I am doing is not real. It is either what I am doing is real and the man is fake or the other way round. But I am sure my own is real and his is fake. Tonight is the day the battle line will be drawn.  Fear not. I called some prayer warriors at Holy Ghost Cathedral.  We started the prayers and set the Mass, targeting 12 midnit.   I was still lifting the Blessed Sacrament up  saying: “Behold the lamb of God who take away the sins of the world, happy are those…”  All of a sudden, a fat vulture struck itself upon the altar and wined.   The feather started coming out. Then we started praising God saying: ‘O Jesoonye no na Eucharistian no’.  I held the Blessed Sacrament firmly. I have never seen a thing like that.

Within the same moment, cries and wails were heard from the street.  Some came in to tell us that same moment if we didn’t hear the sound of the ambulance moving away. How can people put themselves into what they don’t know. How can you be so occultic that you can turn into a vulture and when Angels of God will jam you, they will lock you up and mess you up.

That is why I said you shouldn’t be afraid of them. He who is on this altar, Jesus in the Eucharist Heb 7:25 says he is able and more abundantly able to save. In Rev 5:5, He is the lion of the tribe of Judah who is able to open the scroll and to unseal it. His name is Jesus.  When in Mathew 26:26, He said: “This is my body,” he didn’t say: ‘this is like my body’.  John 1:14 calls him the word that took flesh and dwelt among us. He said that he that will eat my body and drink my blood shall have everlasting life. John 6:51 prophesied about him. We can’t be beating our chests when we have a drum a beat.

Why do you allow yourself to be deceived? They will tell you that there is one idol they will take you to or one occult grandmaster they will take you to and solution will come. Na lie. Instead of bringing solution, your visiting them will bring more problems for you. Don’t follow them.  The solution is on our altar, the solution is in the Eucharist. He who is a war farer over the spirit of fear is on this altar; His name is Jesus.

Ask anybody from Abatete what happened when we went for crusade there. The community, even the town union, Catholics, Anglicans and Pentecostals all came together for that crusade. They said there was a demon at work in that community which performs in form of birds. By midnight, such birds should be sleeping. But in this case, the bird will get up and in any house it perches the following day, somebody will die there. So, after prayers and fasting and basking of ourselves under the rays of the Eucharist, we got ourselves ready.By the time we arrived there, it was late in the night and the people were patiently waiting. I apologised and we started the Mass. I told them: “Today in this mass, the battle line is drawn, I command this vulture, wherever you are, come and show yourself”. Hardly did I finish this when we heard a winning noise and behold, the vulture came, struck itself on the ground and flew up again. I commanded the vulture “Be weakened now in the name of Jesus, a mighty name that is above every other name. In Phil 2:9-10, I subject your knees under this name, bow now. In Matthew 12:29, I bind you satanic idiot. You cannot threaten the children of God anymore.  You cannot threaten this land anymore. Today, you are banished out of this community. Fly, the evil.   The King of glory has come and the great lion of tribe of Judah has taken possession of this land in the name of Jesus.” At these words the power in the Eucharist at the Chapel in the Parish house dragged the vulture down; supernatural magnet. That was the end.


So, if you are still afraid, I want to assure you. I want to guarantee for you and promise you that we still have this Jesus who is our Lord and master. In Heb 2:9, the Bible says: “We do see Jesus”. Do you still see him? Unfortunately, during consecration and the priest says: ‘Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world’ many will close their eyes , others will bend down and begin even to speak in tongues. Wherever the priest asks you to behold the Lamb of God, that is a time you should lift your eyes and see Him. We do see Jesus. That is not a time to pray your chaplet or read your prayer book. Leave everything you do at such moments and at look at the Lamb. The reason the Altar Boys used to ring the bell at such time of the Mass is to reawaken our consciousness to behold the Lamb.  2nd Cor 3:18 says that those who look unto the Lamb without covering their faces with veils are constantly transformed from one to another glory until they become like He, Jesus, whom they behold.  The more you look at Him the more you are transformed. At that point, if the sick beholds Him, the sickness will vanish and he is transformed from sickness to healing.  As the barren continues to behold Him, she would be transformed to conceive.

I lift my hands up to God.  What is making you to be afraid? Our God will make that to be afraid of you. Heavens will cause that which is causing you fear to be afraid.

You are worried at times that very soon you will enter menopause. Yet, you have not had a baby for your husband. You are worried whether your husband will send you home.  That is fear for you. Do you know that fear can attract other sickness? Whatever you fear will come to you. So if you begin to fear barrenness, barrenness will become your portion. Do use fear as a protect wall around yourself, banish fear. Every wall of fear should fall. Don’t be afraid again.

You are afraid you have not gotten married and all your mates are married. You are afraid that nobody is going to train you in school.  You are afraid that other people have built houses and you have not built your own house.  Somebody told you that nobody ends well in your family and you are afraid. You are afraid of the unknown. You believe you will not end well. Who told you? You are unique. Stop being afraid.


Like the case of the Israelite spies who brought the bad news, they are like grasshoppers in their own eyes.  I wonder how someone can in his own eyes (not in the eyes of the enemies) say that he is like a grasshopper.  Many of us do likewise. Often time, you say: “I am too poor, I am too wretched, I am this and that.’ You have already given yourself a name. Remember Num14:28 says, whatever I will hear you say to my hearing, be sure I will do it for you. When you, on your own, call yourself a grasshopper, you have made yourself a prey to the birds. Are you a grasshopper? Grasshopper mentality is from the devil. Every grasshopper mentality is a phobic mentality. I warn against the spirit of fear.

When you want to start a business and you begin to fear that it will not succeed, just be sure it will not succeed. Fear is like a garmline poured in a fish pond. It will kill the whole fish. You are pregnant but you are afraid that your child will not make it. That child will make it but with a deformed organ.  Why are you afraid? Begin to build courage my people. Today is a day you will make up your mind and say: ‘I will not fear again. I will begin to take healthy risks. I will begin to take giant risks. I will begin to learn the lives of planet shakers. I will begin to take the world changers as role models.’ These are the people who dare situations. Be like Moses who will stand in the face of Pharoah and tell him: ‘let my people go’. People like Joshua and Caleb, who would say that our God will fight for us we can will them no matter how tall they are.  Be like David who will stand in the face of Goliath and tell? Him: “look at you an uncircumcised Philistine.  Who are you to challenge the army of God?  You are going to confront what has been confronting you.  No matter how huge Goliath is, David must kill him. Goliath is representing what is putting fear into your life. Be the David of our time with Davidic anointing. You will see how it will end. Just believe that you can conquer, believe that you can win. Remember what the Bible says in Romans 8:31 “If God is for us, who can be against us? Under the power of the most High God, I say, fear not. You failed at the first time; you failed at the second time but this time around, you are going to win.

The downfall of a man is not the end of his life. Failures are not those who fail but those who failed and refuse to stand up. Get up and try again. You are going to win this time. Remember Romans 8:37: “In all this, we are more than conquerors.”


Who is making you to fear? Who is threading the path of lions? Do you know that a child of God is a child of a lion? You are a lion. In Genesis 1:26, God created us in His image and likeness. In Revelation 5:5, He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  So you too are a lion. How can a lion be running away from goats? Can fire be afraid of a housefly? Do you know that you are a child of fire? He created you in His image. In Deuteronomy 4:24, He says: I, your God, I am a devouring fire.  In Zechariah 2:5, He says: “I will be a wall of fire around you and the shekinah inside the fire”; so you are a child of fire.

They told you that they saw something in the dream. God is mightier than that dream. We cancel every negative signs about you.  We cancel anything that is not of God concerning your life. We war against fear. I stand in Joshua 1:8 and tell you to fear not. Be of courage in Jesus name. In John 14:1, Jesus says: “Let your heart not be troubled”.  Fear not. Believe in God. God is here for you. Now start to praise God over that situation you were formerly afraid of. I love what Jehosophat did in 2nd Chronicle 20:20ff. In the face of the enemies, instead of him being afraid, he started making music unto the Lord. We are praising God in this situation. That, which you think is impossible is easy for God. That person threatening you is just a boaster. Don’t be afraid. God will fight for you. God is going to bet your enemies. No one bets with God.  Common, give Him glory and praise the Lord.


It is only God that you shall fear. Fear God and don’t fear any other person or thing. Only God you fear by keeping His commandments and His words, loving him, by obeying him. That is Holy fear. Don’t fear demons, evil men and diseases.

I stand in Ps 111:10 to bless you; Ps 115:11 and call on the fear of the Lord to take over you.  When you begin to be afraid of God, God will destroy that which is making you afraid.  What is that thing that you used to be afraid of? Stop fearing that you would not be able to marry and that you don’t have money. I bless your destiny and I stand here to cancel every negative pronouncement against your life. I use my priestly, kingly and prophetically anointing to liberate you in Jesus name.

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