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It’s quite fortunate that evil are happening in various parts of the world in a time like this. I see this as the fulfillment of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and that is while everybody must accept Jesus as their Lord and personal savior in other to be saved in a time like this. In all this uncertainty, I want to believe that, it not true that chibok girls was kidnapped because a prophet could have seen where they are and how to apprehend the people responsible or is there no prophet in the land? It is time to accept responsibility in other to accomplish the gospel of Master Jesus Christ.

We are tired of being enslaved by the political for the Ernest expectation of the righteous waits for the manifestation of sons of God. It is written when the righteous man is on the throne the people rejoice. The worst that can happen to the children of God is fighting a prophet because he said the truth. When Rev. Ejike Mbaka said that Goodluck government has failed, people of Nigeria started lamenting negatively. Personally, am not party to that. I see the prophecy of Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka as what happened in Nineveh when Jonah was sent to proclaim the word of God because the nation sinned. At the cause of that the king and entire nation repented and God forgive them and they prospered again. Without a doubt, I believe in the words of his servant Fr. Mbaka.

God wants the government to sit up by the words of his prophet if only the nation and the leaders will turn away from wickedness and selfish interests, God will forgive us and heal our land. Besides Buhari have said it again that if PDP wins 2015 election, Nigerians will be worst than what it used to be. I know he is not God but what has the president done about that

The point is that the scripture can not be broken; many of the prophets consulted the leaders  privately based on what the Lord is saying concerning their nation. Then on the contrary, they will be exposed. My dear prophets, in Nigeria it is time to speak the truth. Nigerians have no problem if only the prophets will wake up and begin to speak the truth also accept responsibility.

Our master Jesus was born to save and to lead; I believe the church as one body of Christ has a great answer to the question many Nigerians are asking. Let us not allow evil to rule good, it is against the will and plan of God. For the , prophets are speaking by the spirit of the Lord, just be steadfast on right words and understand that evil shall befell you and who touches you touches the apple of God’s eye. It is written, the wicked will not always rule the land of the righteous, if they do, the righteous  might start doing evil. In Nigeria Jesus is the Lord and shortly his people will come on board.

Other Reactions

Chigozie Okeke Onitsha(08139546086)

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka is a true man of God and says the truth always.  I wonder why our clergy especially  our own catholic Bishops who are supposed to protect him are critisizing him  and calling  for him to be “sanctioned.” We respect your offices but you are trying to fight the truth and you are wrong. We need change and the truth shall  be revealed and never be covered.   Daddy Ejike Mbaka is more than a prophet and God shall continue to use him and he shall continue to say the truth. Remember (touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm (Ps. 105: 15) for those that threaten Daddy’s life.

Mrs. Okaume Mmesoma(08101210399)

Whoever that is attacking Rev. Fr. Mbaka is a coward.  Everybody is saying crucify him, crucify him.  What did he do? Big Daddy rides on because we are strongly behind you.

Blessed Ugochukwu (08033328833)

I read AMEN  Super News, and my contribution is whether hierarchy or no hierarchy body  who is against any message preached by the anointed man of God will have themselves to blame because as a  man of God,  he supposed to preach against evil.  Mbaka should not fear human, but God who sent him to speak for the poor.  May God guide and protect him.  Tem for Jesus.

Aneke Ikechukwu (08067009111)

If Labaran Maku former Information Minister can condemn PDP government, then Fr. Mbaka is speaking the truth.

Eze Bethel (07068025216)

Leave Fr. Mbaka alone.  He is a real man of God .  He speaks the truth.  May God almighty protect him forever.

Owokporo Pail Ekene (08154932944)

Holy Spirit is our power.  My names are Nwokporo Pail Ekene, popularly known as “blessed nwa Maka” from Ezza North LGA, Ebonyi State.   I want to tell the good people of Nigeria especially some people of Ebonyi State to mind how they criticize Fr. Mbaka saying that he is a politician or attacking his prophetic message because the voice is beyond their contribution.  Please if you don’t know what to say keep your mouth shut before the Holy Spirit strikes all of you down including the so called Bishop Chukwuma in Enugu State.  I am addressing you to go to Fr. Mbaka, and apologize to him before this year ends or you will have yourself to be blamed.  Then you go to NTA, AIT and tell the world that the allegation you leveled against Fr. Mbaka is not true before you will be saved. My sweetest Daddy Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka C., don’t lose hope ok,  Almighty God is with you.   Daddy, I am at Ebonyi State challenging them because I know after all this victory shall be yours.

Malachy Chijekwu (08096963284)

It is about my mentor said on the Passover day.  Since then I still don’t know what to say about that, because everybody knows that this is bitter.  But the reason why I made this comment is because I dreamt the collapse of Christianity in our country.  And President Goodluck Jonathan stood against Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and Jonathan was asked to stand for the Christians.  Please my mentor help me and look into this, thanks and God bless Nigeria, Amen.

Josephine (08033017072)

Thanks be to God, long life to Fr. Mbaka and Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria.  At least let our leaders know that we have a prophet in our time.  Ps 91:7 says “A thousand may fall dead beside you, ten thousand all round you but you will not be harmed.  I was there on 31st night. You only said the truth; their distractions will not take away my blessing.

Clement Awoke

My name is Clement Awoke (Onyeze nwa ikuku) from Uyo zone.  My question  to the so called Bishop Chukwuma , those Catholic Bishops and hierarchy is will Goodluck Ebele Jonathan remain in that seat forever?  If no, why all these attack on our new age prophet?  I want to let Nigerians and  those business shops that are called Bishops know that that prophesy “change” must come to pass.  So let them leave that mouthpiece of the poor masses(Fr. Mbaka) alone or else the God of Umuikuku will arise to fight those that fight him. Ps 35: 1. Bigger daddy fear not for God will continue to be with you till the end of time. To you my beloved Bishop of Enugu Catholic Diocese, I pray for more wisdom and understanding so that deceivers will not terminate God’s work in your Diocese.

Mary Rose from Onitsha (07036428291)

Big daddy, I heard  your talk of 31st night, though I was not present there.  All you said is true.  The word you proclaimed is not your word  so don’t mind those that are criticizing you because (odighi ihe eze oke ga eme ite ona, ozo, onweghi ihe mamiri ngwere ga eme ikpa ngwa, dade mu you are microphone in the hand of Almighty.  Carry go.

Onwuka Nkemjika (08067082258)

My name is Onwuka Nkemjika.  What people should understand is that the truth is bitter.  All this people that one planning for the sanctioning of Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka all your plans will never work, even those that are planning evil things against him, I stand to tell you today that all your evil plans shall turn to be good things in his life. Tem tem tem for Jesus.

Eze Assumpta (08069458290)

When will Catholic Church change and have strong faith in God? Why did some catholic turn against Rev. Fr. Mbaka on the prophetic message that he released on 31st night? Please let me ask people, can you catch air? In itescine way, you can never catch Holy Spirit let alone Fr. Mbaka, because he is the apple of the Holy Spirit.  Let the people who plan to sanction him delete the word in their medulla oblagata because it can never happen when Holy Spirit is awake.  I want to encourage Fr. Mbaka to fear not that God is with you even that 31st night you preached that message. Your message was from the Holy Spirit, so take courage, Holy Spirit will give you the power to win all your enemies.  Psalm 91, will give you all the maximum protection, Amen.

Nwafor Ezekiel from Okigwe (07034394934)

How can a Pastor, Bishop and even Catholic Priests or Bishops rise against Fr. Mbaka’s message?  Which means you like Jonathan because of his money?  Onwekwara ka odi.  But I want to  tell anyone that is against this message, is against evangelism and equally Fr. Mbaka’s enemy. Be you catholic priest or whatever you may call yourself.  I cover my daddy Mbaka with the blood of Jesus Christ.  Yes you can’t see him, AMEN.  He is the voice of the voiceless.  Had it been that we have four Rev. Fathers like him in Nigeria things could be better.  Daddy carry go.

Michael  Onitsha (08101051458)

My beloved in Christ, I am Michael from Onitsha taking time reading the SuperNews, people’s reaction about Fr. Mbaka’s message “change”.  If I should be Fr. Mbaka, I would have said something worse.  Please tell Fr. to be courageous that God is with him.  I love Fr. Mbaka, adorers, and the Holy Spirit as well.


Holy Spirit of God please hear my cry.  I no follow be say I no follow!!! Those people attacking Fr. Mbaka should know very well that it is the Holy spirit  who gave him the message they are attacking and when the holy spirit strikes, hmmmmmm……..n,  I wonder who will survive.  My prayer is that those people who are not against Daddy Fr. Mbaka should be spared. Whether you are a man, Bishopoo, or woman Bishopooo or whether you hide yourself in the name of the mediaoooo, none of you will escape the impending doom as a result of your attacks on Fr. Mbaka.  Why such attack? He killed any human being or despises God? My fellow Catholics that joined in the attack must be very shameful because they will see who and what to attack and leave them to the person that is saying the pure truth. The Pentecostals that are despising the Blessed Virgin Mary to what extent have the dirty teeth attackers attacked them? If Patience Jonathan was among those people that were killed, as the Commander-in-Chief of Armed forces, will Jonathan not know what to do eh?  Okayooo, no problem, even if he remains quiet till eternity my assurance is that the same God who gives life will secure the life he gave with nobody’s help, not even Jonathans.

As for daddy Fr. Mbaka, my prayer for you is that the fire of the Holy Ghost should not be out in you because of the persecutions and attacks.  He who wants to tamper with your life will teminate his life with his own weapons.  Daddy, you must live to ripe age and attain heaven at last in Jesus name, Amenooo!!!

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