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The enemy has done this- A prophetic message from Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka

The enemy has done this- A prophetic message from Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka

The enemy, the devil is a destroyer and a planter of bad seeds from time immemorial. After the creation, the Holy book recorded that everything was in a perfect condition but shortly after that, the devil came in to destroy all that God had made. He is not happy whenever the children of God are happy. He will always find a way of inflicting pains on the people of God. In this message,’ who has done this, Fr. Mbaka pointed out that the enemy is responsible for any kind of ugly situation we experience in life. He encouraged the people to always watch out for the different tactics the devil deploys to plant his evil seed on their lives, family, carrier, business, marriage and even in the church and the society at large, in form of sickness, barrenness, disappointment, failure, disunity and acrimony, in order to device an appropriate action of faith to oppose the work of the devil.

Once upon a time, a farmer went to his farm to sow good seeds but while people were sleeping, his enemy came and planted weeds on his farm. As the servants went back to the farm, they noticed that the wheat in the farm where growing alongside with weeds of the same kind. The wheat and the weeds were alike. The servants came and reported the matter to their master. They said,’’ did you not sow good seeds in your field, where then did the weeds come from? The master responded, as recorded in Mathew 13:28, ‘’the enemy has done this’’. This forms the theme of this message. Father Lord, as this message is coming forth, let every seed that is not planted by God in our lives be removed by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name, Amen.

Yes! The enemy is a liar. His plans have failed and will continue to fail in your life. The intention of the enemy is for you mistakenly root out the wheat while trying to remove the weeds. That is why, when the servants asked their master if they could go and remove the weeds, he objected saying that they may destroy the wheat while trying to remove the weeds. But rather they should leave the two to grow together till the harvesting period, and on the time of harvest, the weeds will be gathered together to be burnt , and then the wheat will be taken into the barn.
Mathew13:39 says, that enemy, the planter of the weeds is the devil. Jesus did not mince words. The devil has done a lot of things in our lives. Think of any ugly situations, the devil is responsible. He is always on the move to destroy the beautiful hand work of God. That is why the bible says in 1Peter 5:8, that the devil your enemy is prowling round like a roaring lion, looking for some one to devour. We have to stand firm in faith, and use the weapon of victory to destroy the plans of the enemy. 2Corinthians 10:4 says, the weapon of our warfare are not carnal, they are spiritual and mighty unto God, to the pulling down of every stronghold because in Ephesians 6:12, we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of darkness.

That someone planted good seeds but the enemy came and planted weeds shows that the devil is a destroyer. It is like someone planting an orange tree, and he does not know that the enemy has gone to plant lime along side with it, such that sometimes later when he wants to pluck the orange he will realize that there are limes among them. In John 10:10, Jesus said ‘’though the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but I have come that you shall have life, and have it more abundantly. The devil is at work, but God’s power is supreme. The seeds that God planted will surely be better than that of the devil. We stand together and come against the devil that used to plant evil seeds in our lives. The devil shall not continue to plant weeds in your wheat farm in Jesus Name, Amen.

In your marital life, pray for the supernatural Holy Ghost Discernment.
There are so many things that happen in your marriages that you do not know the source. Today, Jesus said the enemy has done it, and that enemy is the devil. The devil is responsible for different crisis you experience in your marriages. That is why you should always pray for a supernatural Holy Ghost discernment to know which one is the wheat and the weeds, so that you will not make mistakes in your marriages. By the time you as a young lady will be planning to get married, you need the gift of discernment to know whether your suitor is from God or the enemy has sent him/her to destroy your life in the name of marriage. This is because the enemy can send you into a lifetime crisis or premature early widowhood in the name of marriage. After few weeks of marriage, and the man dies while you are pregnant. What is the essence of the marriage? You may even have children, your husband is still alive but the family you entered is full of weeds. The enemy has done that! But thanks to God that Jesus is out to destroy the works of the devil. That is why 1John 3:8 says that the reason why the son of man is revealed is that He will destroy the works of the devil.

A woman told a story of how she used to lose her male children. She had six girls, each time she gave birth to a male child, he will die, and the surviving ones are the females. The husband has given her a divorce notice. He said that the family will not close, and that he wants to marry another woman who can give him male children. The enemy is responsible for this. Whatever the devil is doing in your family, disclose it and destroy in Jesus name Amen.
According to the parable, Jesus told the servants to allow both the wheat and the weeds to grow together till the harvesting period. But you know the danger of allowing both the weeds and the wheat to share the same nutrient in the soil. Most of the times, the wheat which is the wanted seeds will suffer growth and the yield will be too poor, where as the weeds grows taller and bigger. Don’t you notice that in our society today, non Christians are doing better than Christians most times in all ramifications, and the devil is responsible for this kind of scenario? This is the strategies that the enemy has deployed to divert the attention of the people of God from the spiritual matters in order to plant dirty and harmful seeds into their lives.

By the wounds of Jesus, let every seed of sickness and infertility be healed.
Is there anyone here who has been planted with the seed of sickness into his / her life? The enemy is responsible for your poor health conditions. Our lord Jesus has planted the good seeds of health and life long time ago when He paid the prize for us on the cross of Calvary. He was wounded for our transgression; He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and by His stripes, we are healed (Isaiah 53:5). But the devil has come to plant sickness on the lives of the children of God Such that you have spent so much in the hospital trying to cure a particular sickness that has no medical solution, but all to no avail. The enemy has done this. Whatever the enemy has done, by the power of the blood that has been shed on the cross of Calvary, today we reverse it in Jesus name, Amen. We claim divine healing for you by the power of the wounds of Jesus. Some have been planted with the seed of bareness such that the medical report has made you so worrisome. When you are looking for the fruits of the womb, you need a divine touch so that you will receive the power and miracle of fertility to counter the seed of infertility that the devil has planted inside of you. Remain calm! The God of Elizabeth, Rebecca and Hannah is still alive. Be set free now, because in John 8; 42, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. In John 8; 32, when the son of man sets you free, you are free indeed. Remember that the reason why Jesus came is to destroy the works of the devil as recorded in John3; 8b

Some parents have suffered to train their children, and now are about to reap the fruits of their labor but the devil came in form of untimely death to snatch them away. This is the work of an enemy, and whatever the enemy has done, whether recognized or unrecognized, we pray that divine solution will emerge; that God will provide a surprise immediate and lasting solution to these ugly situations. The end to the works of the enemy has come in Jesus name, amen.

Even in our country Nigeria, the enemy is responsible for our predicaments.
The enemy is responsible for the problems the Nigerian society is experiencing today. Many excellent young men and women with moral probity, integrity and sound spirituality will enter into politics but once they win election, most of them become hooligans, wicked and occultist. Many of them were good before they occupy political positions but thereafter, they become corrupt and start decaying. Why? The enemy has done that. Worst still, the person who used to be your best friend will also change automatically, once they occupy political positions.
In the situation of Nigeria, change which is the political ideology of this country has for long been kidnapped. Buhari came with the good intentions, but the enemy has thwarted his good intentions. He could not control himself watching Nigeria in this mess of unquantifiable, voluminous corruption. Nigeria is ranking high position in the whole world when it comes to corruption, and Buhari emerged claiming to change such, forgetting that when you fight corruption haphazardly, the same corruption will fight back. It was like an old man who entered the water to catch crocodiles, thinking that the crocodile will be sleeping, watching him to catch it. In the democratic government, corruptions are not fought like that. The power belongs to the people; people can make laws and can even impeach the president.

Nigeria needs powerful men of God with high anointing, who through prayers can destroy all that the enemy has done against this country, so that Nigeria can move forward. That Nigeria which is a country that is blessed with high solid and liquid mineral resources is experiencing this kind of economic recession, and over 90% of its citizenry are living in abject poverty, is not a normal thing. The enemy the devil has done this. It appears the people of God are hypnotized. They could not act. We are living as if to say that by the next hundred years, that is when we will begin to act. Where will you be by that time? Now is the time to act to correct whatever the enemy has done. We are all spectators watching the president to do something whereas he could not handle the situation all alone. All hands should be on deck. Young men and women who graduated will go to service and come back looking for job. Do you know how many oil blocks are in this country! Who and who are controlling it? Nigerians or who? Nigerians are the owners of this oil. If we are not benefiting on what belongs to us, why are the youth silent? I am not saying the youth should do revolution, but all I am saying is that the youth should stand up and fight for their right. If these senators are the instruments of the devil, the youth in all the states can forbid them from coming home until they change these laws. It is possible. In any state that kidnapping and other political vices are still going on, the youth should stand up, and attack the people of the house of assembly. If it continues, they should forbid them from entering that house, and impeach the governors. This is because the Governors have the security votes to ensure security of lives and property. Security votes are not for personal aggrandizement so that the leaders should become opulent and then the poor masses should be suffering. The youth are silent because the devil is caging them; this is also the devil’s hand work. The devil is at work. How many years do you think you have to be a youth? Do you think you will be a youth forever? Time is coming when you will expire as a youth. How can old men be occupying seats that are meant for the youth? Our leaders are the ones building mansions and you keep on being a slave. During another election, you come out as a thug, a graduate like you. Refused to be used again and understand that the enemy is doing this. Say no to the works of the devil.

The church is not left out of the activities of the enemy but the power of God reigns supreme. In the church, not only in the political scene, the enemy is doing a lot of things. If you look at the kind of politics that is being played in the church nowadays especially among the Christian Women Organization, you will realize that the enemy is at work .What are the people struggling for in the church? Some Christians are ready to go to the native doctor just to acquire a position in the church. Why should you as a Christian be an instrument of the devil? So bad! The church is really in trouble because the enemy has penetrated it using the people. Moreover, many catholic dioceses are in crisis because the enemy has planted some bad seeds. The church which is suppose to manifest the fruits of the Holy spirit that are stated in Galatians 5; 22 to include; love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness and faith is now filled up with enmity, wickedness, jealousy and envy. Today, disorder and acrimony is now the order of the day among the body of Christ but the gates of Hades will not prevail against the church in Jesus name, Amen (Mathew 16:19).
The enemy is out to stop you from enjoying your inheritance as a child of God, but you can say no to him.
In your spiritual walk with the lord, the devil is out to pull you down. He does not want you to be at peace with God. That is why he will make sure that you always commit sin and never be in a state of grace so that you will not enjoy your inheritance as a child of God. Henceforth, you got to say no to the devil. Begin to get serious with your creator because you will not regret it.

You use to be joyful, but nowadays, a little thing provokes you. You are now highly irritated and aggressive on a little provocation. The enemy has planted the seed of sorrow and anger in your life. Whenever you are angry and tensed up, your magnetic pole that attracts miracle, blessing and favor will be pulled down. So don’t allow the enemy to take away your joy no matter what.

Even in the family setting, the enemy is out to put an asunder.
The enemy is responsible for the disappointment and failure that our young men and women are experiencing today. Some of them ought to have gotten married by now, but they are not. . Even in the family, the enemy has always being planting the seeds of disunity and acrimony between husband and wife. Couples that loved themselves so much have suddenly started living like cat and dog. The devil has been fighting tooth and nail to ensure that the plans of God for instituting marriage do not come to pass. Let’s beware of this and join hands to oppose the work of the enemy in our families.

All the activities of kidnappers, arm robbers, assassin, and prostitutes are the evil seeds of the enemies. Laziness and idleness are the handwork of the enemy. You want to be rich, but you don’t want to work. How is that possible? Have you forgotten that the bible says, he who does not work, let him not eat in 1Theselonian3; 13. Also Galatians6; 7says, ‘’whatever a man sow, so shall he reap’’. From today, begin to look for something to do no matter how small it is, so that God will bless the work of your hands.

Whatever the enemy has planted inside you be it sickness, barrenness, hardship, disappointment, failure, let them be rooted out now in Jesus name. In Psalm 119; 126 says it is now time for God to act.  It is only your prayers that can move God into action. Whether the devil planted weeds in your wheat farm, you have to pray to destroy that evil seed. I therefore, call upon the holy archangel Gabriel, Michael and Raphael to come and do the discernment and the harvest. The bible says that at the end of time, God will send down his angel to destroy the weeds.  We call upon holy arcangels of God to come to uproot and destroy the weeds of any kind in our lives, be it curses, infertility, failure, death, disappointment and sickness. Let them come to join us in this weeding and harvesting time, to be able to discern the good and the bad seeds such that any seed that has been planted against us will be destroyed, and the good seeds in our lives will grow and bear fruits that will last forever in Jesus name, Amen.  I bless your lives today, and decree that the enemies will not continue to plant his weeds in your live. Your entire farm- career, business, life, marriage etc be covered and protected with the blood of Jesus. All the evil seed that the devil has planted in your life is hereby removed and God himself is planting a good seed that will produce joy, blessing, favor and miracles in your life in Jesus name, amen.

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