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Woman whose breast was diagnosed to be removed receives healing as chains come out of her breast

Woman whose breast was diagnosed to be removed receives healing as chains come out of her breast

It was a hilarious moment for this woman when she spoke with AMEN Super News during the Wednesday “E no dey again” programme of Adoration Ministry Enugu of 20th August 2014. Her voice rang out reverberating as she gave her testimony at a corner of the Church, amidst a listening crowd that gathered at the scene.

“My name is Chinedu Eboche. I hail from Ngwa but married to Benin. Few weeks ago, I touched my breast and noticed a stone-like object; it was little but as days went by the stone began to expand. Within three days, the stone has covered my breast. I went to Kolu Medical Centre. The doctor asked me to undergo medical test, that the stone is breast tumor and had to be removed. Then my son, Destiny, told me that he didn’t like Kolu Medical centre and that I should go to St Joseph Catholic Hospital as that is where I normally take him for medication.

The next day, I went to St Joseph Catholic Hospital, the doctors there examined my breast and began to rebuke me that I have had this problem since last year but I refused to go for medical treatment. I told him it just started few days ago but he didn’t believe me. He told me that what I had was cancer of the breast and that it had covered everywhere and that my breast had to be removed as a matter of urgency. He told me that they don’t do the operation there but that he would direct me to where it will be done. I went to where he directed me the next day and met the Yoruba Doctor there, by name Dr Oja. The doctor’s diagnosis was same as the former, that I had cancer and the only way out was to remove my breast. He gave me appointment the next day. When I left there, I went to another hospital, the Word Hospital at Ojuelegba, there I was told that the operation will cost me N130, 000.00 and that my breast has to be removed.

My mind told me to go back to that catholic hospital and have the surgical operation there. I went there and the doctor started the surgical operation. In the process, I had severe pains that I kept shouting while the nurses pinned me down on the bed. I noticed strange movement of an object in my breast as it moved and hooked me by the chest. The doctor asked the nurses to start pressing my breast and prayed it wouldn’t degenerate into heart problem.  He said he would have to remove my breast, but I told him that by mere looking at him, he was Dr Oja, but in the Spiritual he was not the one carrying out the operation but Jesus was the one doing it. I told him to remove whatever may be in my breast but not to cut off my breast that my God gave me. I told him to give me one week to go and tell my God who gave me my breast that the breast he gave me for child bearing and I gave birth to only one child since 10 years ago, was about to be cut off. I told him that if my God ask  me to remove the breast, then I would come back for its removal. So the doctor told me that he didn’t know what I was saying and that I should  go and come back in one week so that he would remove the stitches.

I returned there a week later and he loosed the stitches. After that, I could not move a distance as I began to bleed profusely from my breast. I went back to the hospital but the doctor used cotton wool and spirit to clean my breast and asked me to go home and bear my cross as I wouldn’t allow them remove my breast and save my life, instead I kept telling them that the creator of my breast had not given them the authority to remove my breast.

When I went home, I bought LCP with Dettol and started using it to clean my breast. In any pharmacy I went to, I would be told to go to a doctor. This condition made me uncomfortable. I could not put on cloth and I used to hide from people that came to my house. It got to a point that I began to pray and ask God to have mercy on me as the appointed time has come.

Then a spirit spoke to me to go to Lagos trade fair and that there are people there selling Fr Mbaka’s anointing oil and Recharge Cards. I managed to use cloth and tired my breast and went there.  I searched for Fr Mbaka’s stand there but saw nothing until I met some Igbo people and inquired from them where I could get Fr Mbaka’s products. They directed me. When I got there, I bought Adoration Recharge Card and Rapha Extra Virgin Oil.

The next day, my phone rang and when  I picked it up, Fr Mbaka spoke to me “ Child of God it is somebody you showed some kindness that tied your womb for many years and while this was on, he gave you a charm and you became sick and started moving from one hospital to another spending  the money you should have been using for your feeding on medications to the extent that your breast is about to be cut off such that after your breast is cut out  you will die. No, in the name of Jesus, I cancel all this! That chain in your left breast I command it to come out of you before the count of three:  one, two, three, get out; be gone Satan. Child of God, start rejoicing, you are freed; that chain has been removed. All those people attacking you, I saw them and God saw them but don’t go to native doctor. You are having double mind in being kind to people, child of God, continue in your charity; don’t put your hand in evil. It is well with you, now begin to rejoice and say Tem for Jesus”

The call dropped at that point and immediately my breast began to give me severe pains. I was feeling hot internally. I robbed the Rapha Oil on it and it began to bleed all over again. I kept cleaning it and all of a sudden I saw an iron chain come out of my breast. The Chain was tied with rope and wire.  This is the chain. My son used olive oil and cleaned the blood that stained that chain and also cleaned my breast.  Immediately, my body calmed as if I was poured Ice water. I went to my parlour and bedroom shaking my breast to know if I would see blood, but I saw no blood. It stopped flowing. Since then I started wearing cloths, here I am now, I am wearing breast tube, bra and cloth.

So, my son told me that  I should go to Enugu and see Fr Mbaka and testify that his two minutes prayers has healed me and show him the Chains. Since I was born, I have never been to Enugu, so I started looking for Fr Mbaka’s address in Enugu. I went for another test and was confirmed tumour free and lump free. These are the results of the medical test.”

The woman basking with joy told AMEN Super News that she arrived CKC parish GRA Enugu on Tuesday night being the eve of the Wednesday programme and since then she and her son were filled with joy that they couldn’t feel hunger for any food. She was determined to see Fr Mbaka and had with her numerous Adoration Recharge Card and Rapha oil that we wondered if she plans opening a business center for it in Lagos. However, in reply she said “if two minutes prayers could heal me, all these are for my personal use.” She gave her phone number as 08097100568.

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