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You Need the Power of Resurrection

You Need the Power of Resurrection

What love; what power we celebrate! Every Easter, we commemorate the death and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ, which He experienced willingly to provide us with abundant life. Celebrated by Christians only once a year, we are meant to live and operate in resurrection power every day.

There is a purpose for which Jesus rose from the dead, and there are powers made available to you through His resurrection. You need to know   the purpose and the powers for you to enjoy maximally your relationship with God with the accompanying benefits in this world and in the next. All Christian have access to this resurrection power, but your duty is to activate it inside of you.

In this message, Rev. Fr. Mbaka encourages the people of God to always live and operate in resurrection power every day, rather than once a year in order to experience amazing transformations in their lives.

Father Lord, as we preach, pray and prophesy with your words, be pleased to move in your power of resurrection. Heal the sick lord, set the captives free, and perform your miracles among your people. St. Paul said in Philippians 3;10-11 ,’’ I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised Him from the dead. I want to suffer with Him, sharing in His death, so that one way or another, I will experience the resurrection from the dead’’. In  the same vein,  we pray  that we may progressively become  more deeply  and intimately be acquainted with you, to recognize  and understand the wonders of your  person and   in that same way, come to know the power  that is flowing from your resurrection and  also  share in your  sufferings as to be continually transformed in the spirit unto your likeness in Jesus Name, Amen.

 Who needs the power of the resurrection? I and you need this power.   I am here today to talk about the power of resurrection. Everybody needs this power, and every aspects of your life need the power of resurrection. ‘’I want to know Christ; I want to know the power of His resurrection.’’ This is Paul’s primary desire. This is what Paul wants more than anything else in this life. It is to know the resurrected Christ and the power associated with the resurrection. Paul was stating a personal preferences or truth that is central for all Christians. Knowing God is more important than wisdom, strength or riches. How do you know Christ? By studying the word and listening to preachers. Secondly,  having a relationship with Him by believing in Him, praying and following Him.

Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection were all part of the plan of redemption. What Adam gave over to Satan in the Garden of Eden by disobedience, was taken by one perfect mans’ obedience. God reclaimed the blessings that was stolen in the garden and got His family back. He brought back the dominion and authority that rightly belongs to His children.

When Jesus arose from the death after being crucified, Satan was defeated, conquered and under Jesus’ feet. Jesus triumphed. Col 2; 15 says, ’’Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacles of them, triumphing over them on the cross’’. Therefore, Satan has no power and authority over you unless you give him the power. Jesus did the final work on the cross and sealed his defeat, so that you can begin to live in the power of resurrection.

 Most Christians accept Jesus resurrection but have not fully comprehended its power and impact? What does Jesus resurrection really mean to Christians?

The resurrection of Jesus Christ was one of the most momentous events in history. By rising from dead to eternal power at the right hand of the Father, Jesus fulfilled a vital part of the plan of God that has paramount important to life and future of every human being.

The plan of God, which included both Jesus’ death and resurrection, was actually in place before the creation of man (Rev 13:18), but it is obvious from biblical history that men had a very limited understanding of that plan, even when Jesus began His earthly ministry. That was why when Jesus said in John 2; 19, ‘’destroy this temple and in three days, I will rebuild it’’, they did not understand that He was talking about the temple of His body. It was later that the apostles began to realize what Jesus said concerning His death and resurrection. Even when Jesus was saying He would rise up again after three days in John20; 6, they never understood what He meant.


 Most Christians stop at the cross and don’t take full advantage of all that Jesus provided. But you can start today even with these ways to live in resurrection power everyday.

Activate the resurrection power inside you.

‘’I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised Him from the death’’, (Phil 3;10). There is no Christianity without the cross and resurrection. It is the heart of everything we believe, receive and experience. Every Christian believes and receives salvation, but sadly most are not operating in the fullness of the resurrection power available to every one of us.

Resurrection power does not come from heaven.  It is in you right now. The anointing, the power of Jesus’ resurrection you have received from Him abides in you now and when you activate it, it removes burden and destroys yokes. The resurrection power of God is the most powerful force in the universe, but it has no power in your life until you activate it.  Believing is one of the ways to activate the power in your life. You activate resurrection power when you allowed Jesus Christ to come into your life as your lord and Savior. In order to receive full use of resurrection power, you must put faith into action. Again, you activate resurrection power when you speak faith filled words. The power of God is in faith-filled words. Every time you speak the name of Jesus or plead the blood of Jesus over a situation, Satan is reminded of His defeat. Claim the triumph Jesus won for you on the cross.  Don’t ever accept defeat in your life. Jesus paid a high price for you not to accept anything less than total and complete victory.

Live healed through resurrection power

‘’But if the spirit of Him who raised up Jesus from the dead  dwells in you, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your   mortal bodies by his spirit that dwell in you’’. Imagine that if that same power is in your body right now, do you think that any sickness or disease could even stand a chance? Of course not!  What ever is going on in your body today, put the resurrection power to work. Jesus died so you could live. There is nothing that can match the yoke destroying, burden-removing power of the resurrected Christ. You are not qualified to bear sin, sickness and demons any more. Jesus did all that so you don’t have to bear it. Your part is to resist everything that tries to come on you that Jesus already bore for you on the cross. Expect the same power that raised Jesus from the dead to operate in your life and live healed, healthy and whole in Jesus name, Amen.

 Live free with resurrection power Live free with resurrection power

‘So if the son of man sets you free, you are free   indeed,’ (John8; 36). Resurrection power frees you from the bondage of sin and from your past.  What you must do to walk in resurrection power is to forget those things that are behind you and reach forward to what is ahead for you (phil.3:13). If any one is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things have passed away; behold all have become new (2Cor5; 17). The old sinner you once were died. You have become a new creature. You are full of the resurrection power of God. Resurrection power set you free from sin, shame and living in the past. It also sets you free from fear, worry and anxiety. Jesus defeated fear and so, you do not have to be in fear over your family, children, finance, health or your future.


The freedom from sin and hope in Jesus that the resurrection produced should bring great joy into your life. If you allow your constantly changing circumstances to control your life, you can easily lose your happiness. But if you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, you will expect joy, which will remain constant despite your circumstances. Unlike happiness, joy is more than emotion, it is the ability to see beyond your circumstances to God who has ultimate control over them and always acts according to what is best for you.

Again, since God is on your side, you can be absolutely confident in His love and you don’t need to be afraid of what the future holds. Whenever you encounter trouble, trust God to lead you through it and accomplish good purpose in the process. Don’t place your trust in any things lesser than God like family, health, job, talent or your money. Give your allegiance wholeheartedly to God and you will experience confidence that cannot be shaken by changing circumstances. 


The resurrection is more than just an event that happened once in history. You can experience it in your own life everyday. The same power that brought Jesus from death to life is available to you and if you tap into it you will see an amazing transformation in your own life.

The power to have sins forgiven

When Jesus died, God laid on Him the punishment that all of us deserve for all our sins. You were slaves to sin, but Christ through His death and resurrection, frees you from the power of sin. Christ died as the necessary sacrifice for your sins, but He was being raised to life .As Paul says, He was raised to life because of our justification. Had there been anything lacking in Jesus sacrifice, if His blood had lacked the power to cancel the penalty for any ones’ sins, God could not have raised Him. The fact that God raised Jesus shows that God accepted His sacrifices and that it was fully adequate to pay the penalty of sin for all.

The power to conquer sin

But resurrection power does not end with your forgiveness. Christ resurrection also empowers you to conquer sin in your lives. In Christ you are new creatures because His spirit lives with you, you have a new self, and the purpose of that new self is to be conformed to the image of Christ, to become like Him.

The power to be God’s agents

Christianity is not only about forgiveness and overcoming sins. God has a positive purpose in your salvation. He wanted you to be his agent of change in this world. God empowers you not only to defeat sin but also to share and display his loving messages to the world. Jesus says, ’’You are the light of the world’’. God shows His power by working through you, even though you may be weak and unworthy. Therefore, Make use of the authority you have as a Christian to lead other people to eternal life. The greatest power on earth is to see a person become born again. So, as valuable as it is to minster to peoples’ physical needs, don’t stop there. Share the gospel message with other people as often as you can.

The power to conform to His likeness

Resurrection powers’ greatest accomplishment is conforming to the likeness of Christ.  2Cor.3; 18 says, ‘’we are being transformed to his likeness with the spirit’’. Think of everything about yourself that you do not like, all the habits, all the negative character, the things you have wanted to change, and have tried to change. God can deal with every one of them. You are being made into a perfect creation. You are becoming like Jesus- spotless, blameless, loving, kind and strong which means being transformed into His likeness.

The power to overcome the devil and his kingdom

It was through His death and resurrection that Jesus was given a name that is above all other names, and this means a power above every power (Phil.2; 5-11). Jesus gave you this power to tread upon serpent and scorpion and over all the powers of the devil. Knowing that you posses this power will make you exercise your rightful authority over the powers of darkness and you will not be afraid of them.


I am in the presence of God praying for you to come back to life, from every ugly condition that you have been into in Jesus Name, Amen. In John 11; 25,’’Jesus said,’’ I am the resurrection; I am the life, whoever believeth in me though he dies, he shall rise up again. If there is any where you have fallen, you too are going to rise up. During His earthly ministry in Mark 5, He encountered the dead daughter of Jarius. He shouted ‘Talithacum’, the girl was brought back to life.   If there are any dead organs or systems in your body or any aspect of your life that is dead, Jesus will bring them back to life in Jesus Name, Amen. If you are lacking   power and strength in your spiritual, social, economic life, the secret to getting them back is in the power of resurrection. Even if you how been killed spiritually, you no longer pray, and your business, vocation, career is dead, it is going to rise back to life. You are getting older and you are confused, you no longer feel happy, the joy and peace in you died, and some organs in your body died, I pray for the resurrection power to revive you. In Mark 16, the women who were going to anoint the body of Jesus were asking; who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?  Before they reach the tomb, the stone has already been rolled away.

I call upon that power that raised Jesus from dead to come and do wonders in your life. Romans 8; 26 says, ‘’if He who raised Jesus from the death is in you, He will equally raise your mortal bodies’’. In Rev.1 ;17-18,’’He is the first and last, I was dead, I am now alive and am living in eternity of eternities and am holding the keys of hell and death’’.

When you possess this power, divine favor, Joy, peace, good health, and success will be your portion; and poverty, failure, sickness and other works of the devil will flee from you.  It is the power of life of ps. 91; 16.  Resurrection power is the power for Holiness, power for prayer, power for favor, power for break through, power for fertility, power for vocational and marital blessings, power for prosperity, power for success, miracles, longevity victory and power to become a child of God. It is the power against the spirit of death.  

 The resurrection power will enter your body and life and bring back to life every dead organ and aspects of your life. With the resurrection power, you shall no more be disappointed; you will be more than conquerors, victorious, joyous and prosperous in Jesus name, Amen. With the power as stated  in John 10;10, even when the devil comes to kill and destroy, Jesus will give you life in abundance, and satisfy you with long life; this power will satisfy you with more anointing for your spiritual life.

You need this resurrection power in your vocation, career, profession, temperament, health, marriages, and in all areas of your life. 2cor 5; 17 says, ‘’those who are in Christ Jesus are new creatures, old things have passed away, all things have become’’. New life, new personality new   visions, new vocation, new joy, new peace, new love, new holiness, new Success and new victory will occur through the resurrection power in Jesus Name, Amen.

O lord, your people need this power. Let your resurrection power descend upon their lives, families, career, vocations, businesses and marriages, and upon all the people of God in Jesus, Amen. Fill them with your resurrection power and May the power abides on them and strengthen their faith every day of their lives in Jesus Name, Amen.

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